UPDATE: Sioux Falls School Board continues to be more worthless by the day

UPDATE: If you watch the above video you will hear Mr. Vik talk about the district’s low levees while waiting later to say that the district valuation is very high ($11 Billion) but said that is because they have a lot of students. I can tell you that our valuations are very high. I had some friends build a brand new home in Brookings a couple of years ago. They told me that if they would have built the same home in Sioux Falls it would have cost them $100K more. Also, I can tell my mom’s home in a small SD town would probably be worth 3x more if it were in Sioux Falls. Vik can boast all he wants about our ‘low’ levees but our valuations are thru the roof.

Don’t we elect these people to effectively monitor the administration when it comes to policy and budgeting? The citizens of Sioux Falls are tired of the continued tax hikes that get closer and closer together each year.

The Sioux Falls School District’s fund balance is at its lowest point in 25 years, and it can’t be relied on as a savings account to balance the budget in the future.

That’s one of several reasons the school board is eyeing a long-term opt-out financial strategy for possibly the next 10 years, school officials said during a school board work session Wednesday afternoon.

In the past year we have seen another water increase (and more to come) multiple opt-outs from Minnehaha County, the city increased property taxes, the school district suckered us into a $300 million dollar bond to build schools they have no money to staff. We all knew this was coming. Instead of constantly raising our taxes how about some cutting and I am not talking about student’s education. I think it is time the SFSD laid off administrative staff we don’t need and no raises for them until they equal out with teacher pay, you know, 49th not 26th. It’s so easy to spend other people’s money and who is protecting the taxpayers? Certainly not our school board who do virtually nothing except slobber on themselves during the meetings.


#1 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 06.07.19 at 10:45 pm

With all of these opt-outs, Janklow must be rolling in his grave. Can’t we solve all of this just by taking a bigger piece of the video lottery take? It’s not the perfect answer, but it worked back in ’95 for BJ.

Or, I have a better idea. Maybe it’s time to tax the rich more in this state, huh?

The irony of all of this, however, is that our Republican leaders in this state will end up having us all selling our homes and living in Soviet style apartments to avoid the direct property taxes…..(“Maybe that’s what the developers want, huh?…”)

#2 Erica on 06.09.19 at 3:24 am

Speaking about the schools….

Does anyone have any clue as to why we are building new schools as the ones already here are very overcrowded, but then there was a blub on the news about how SFSD wants to consider annexing in Lennox or part of it which they state could possibly bring in another 2k students? Seems like just another reason to say they need to increase property taxes AGAIN.

#3 Taxpayer on 06.10.19 at 8:55 am

Each year, 68% of all SF taxpayers’ property taxes go to the Sioux Falls School District.

At this most recent work session, Dr. Maher said something that is all I need to know…



BTW, Minnehaha County is also sending signals that they will also be asking for an opt-out.