There is a story in the Argus today (I can’t read it because it is for subscribers) but the headline suggests that Rounds may not run for re-election due to his wife’s illness.

I have felt for awhile that he would NOT run anyway, even before his wife was diagnosed. I have heard from several Republican insiders that he doesn’t like Washington so much, and secondly, six years is a long term.

I have been suggesting for awhile that he will choose NOT to run and Dusty Johnson will run for the seat. This is the gossip going around, and one of the reasons he is so upset with Borglum.

As for money raised, both Rounds and Johnson can easily move those funds.

So who would run for Congress on the Republican side? I think it is Paul TenHaken, who I don’t think has the appetite for another term as Mayor.

I think this will open it up for a special election (if TenHaken wins) for Sioux Falls Mayor, which we will see Huether return, but I could also see other opportunists like Greg Neitzert looking at running.

This of course is all speculation, and just some early predictions.

In the Trumpist sphere, I agree with a letter writer Cory Heidelberg scrounged up. I have been thinking for awhile that the reason Romney is supporting impeachment is so he can be the GOP’s presidential candidate in 2020. Think about it, he has ran before, he has name recognition, and he is a moderate (more like a corporatist). He will still lose, once a loser always a loser. I’m still on the fence whether or not the Senate will kick the bum out of office, but that political circus changes by the day. If the polling is 55% or higher with American support for resignation, the Senate will remove him. Guaranteed. And our Nightmare maybe finally over with . . . for awhile anyway.

8 Thoughts on “Will Marion Mike Rounds run for another term? DaCola says NO.

  1. Very interesting speculation. Good article though.

  2. Thanks. I needed a good laugh.

  3. "Very Stable Genius" on November 3, 2019 at 4:13 pm said:

    As far as Rounds, it is odd that he hasn’t announced yet. If you remember right, he announced his 2014 Senate campaign in November of 2012.

    If Rounds is out, then it will be Dusty and Paul. All the more reason that Democrats shouldn’t be “Liking” Dusty and Paul’s stuff on social media….. And I hope the pages don’t get Paul and John mixed-up in D.C., too.

    If you remember right, Romney was against Trump before he was for him, and now he is against him again. Romney probably does want to be the 2020 GOP nominee, but that ain’t going to happen.

    I have no faith that the GOP Senate will remove Trump from office, but I still support the impeachment effort.

    Democrats should drag this impeachment proceeding throughout 2020 so as to give the American people an opportunity through the election to use it as a referendum as to whether Trump should stay in office with the caveat to that being: “Do you really want to go through a Senate trial in 2021?”

  4. "Very Stable Genius" on November 3, 2019 at 4:40 pm said:

    I might also add, that if we have the Senate trial in 2020 with Trump surviving it – because I really don’t think 20 GOP Republican senators have the guts to remove him – it will make Trump look like a winner to the electorate and allow him to defuse the issues surrounding him just as he and Barr did to some degree with the Mueller Report findings.

    We must keep the impeachment, and the issues surrounding it, above Trump’s head for the entire election cycle.

    Plus, Moody’s has already projected a victory for him in 2020 and we do not need to give him an other victory (the impeachment trial) as further reason to re-elect him.

    Keep in mind, that a majority of Americans support impeachment, but that is not true in those key
    Democratic states, which Trump carried in 2016. So it is imperative to soften up that particular electorate with continual facts, but not result in giving Trump an impeachment victory in 2020 for that particular electorate.

  5. Conservative Here on November 5, 2019 at 2:02 pm said:

    VSG – I think we agree on something, I too want to see Donald Trump Impeached!!! Our reasoning is different but, in this country, or it used to be, Innocent until proven guilty. An impeachment trial will stop all these gas bags Schiff, etc from running their mouth and it will be a trial where you have to answer questions and not pontificate and talk sh!t. The president will be allowed to cross examine/confront his accusers, introduce evidence, etc, as it should be. I mean are we not sick of the constant Trump this, Trump that, blah blah blah. Doesn’t the news have anything else to report on. I guess it would not be good for ratings if it wasn’t 99% Donald Trump

    The sad fact of the matter is YOU and many others like you have convicted him without any proof and just letting Main Stream Media guide you. The media lies over and over, why would we trust that. If you actually think we should be convicting people this way then your part of the problem. I am guessing you don’t and we should never allow anyone, regardless of if you like them to be treated this way because if they do it to the president they will do it to you easily.

    The Democrats hate him, half the GOP hate him, the media hates him, Hollywood, and the Globalists despise him. With all these powerful forces aligned against him a fart in the wrong direction they would have had him out on his ass 3 years ago. So SHOW me one action that is against the law and before you bring out the phone call with Ukraine the treaty Bill Clinton signed with them specifically states cooperation in criminal cases. Joe Biden APPEARS to have been the one with the Quid Pro Quo, said so on television but, no one wants to talk about that of the son who is getting rich off his fathers position. Instead of talking about that or even just investigating it we brush it off and blame Trump.

    I think you are all going to be very disappointed and I think this fiasco gets him reelected handily. Any one want to take any bets, if so let me know. Heck I will even take you out for a round of beers on me if I am wrong but, I don’t think I will be.

  6. "Very Stable Genius" on November 5, 2019 at 9:30 pm said:


    The “truth” is that there is an emoluments clause. Trump owns a hotel just blocks from the White House. He never established a blind trust for his financials upon becoming president, thus, he has been impeachable from day one with or with out the media.

    Could Trump win? Absolutely. His polling right now is lot more like Reagan, Clinton, Bush43, and Obama’s, then Carter or Bush41’s at this point in his presidency.

    But the Republican Senate will never remove him, so it’s imperative for the Dems in the House to slow walk this with growing and damaging evidence thru November of 2020…. Plus, the women’s and minority vote needs to be maximized in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to defeat this orange mess…. That, in my estimation, is how you defeat Trump in 2020.

  7. Conservative Here on November 7, 2019 at 10:25 am said:

    VSG – BS on his violation. Renting a room from a Trump hotel is not a violation. Your homegirl Clinton would be the major violator where the Clinton Foundation raked in millions from Foreign entities in Cash donations. This is a huge scandal on the left and you all never want to talk about how she and her husband should be in Hanging from Noose for Treason. I love how you all never even look in your own backyard for issues. Democrats on the national level are a complete disgrace and represent nothing the party was in the 70s and 80s. These people are perverted and crooks. The Clinton Cash books, articles, etc show tons of evidence that this family has sold influence around the world. Its amazing that after the 2016 Election the donations dried up!!! How you can you all not look at how these leaders who NEVER worked in the Private Sector and became multimillionaires. How can a guy who was worth next to nothing (Obama) before he became president now be worth over 40+ Million. No one wants to read his book that dame bad. Pretty interesting in my opinion and love how you all gloss over this yet rail on Trump who made money as a Private citizen long before he ran for office. If you Howard Schulz would have ran I bet no one would bitch if some foreign leader got a Latte from Starbucks. I guess what I am saying is when are you going to rail against the gross unabashed corruption in the Dem party. Your just obsessed with Trump and just because he is a Republican. If he was a Dem you would brush everything aside, just like you a did for your Messiah Obama and Clinton’s. Hypocrisy at its finest

  8. Conservative Here on November 7, 2019 at 10:29 am said:

    Another Note – This is even more interesting that Obamas have cashed in on over 115 Million on Netflix deals and 65 Million on a book deal. 65 million on a book deal. No way anyone really wants to read her book that bad. Nearly have the country would probably need to buy her book for the publisher to make money. Horseshit

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