Since the collapse of the train bridge in Sioux City I have been enjoying the sound of NOTHING. Granted, living Downtown Sioux Falls is noisy, traffic and airplanes even without the train whistles, but it has been so pleasant. I have been getting the best sleep of my life because I am not hearing a train whistle every hour from Midnight to 6 AM. The trains are still moving cars around in town, but the major traffic at night has ceased for now.

This is what we could make our downtown, less noisy, if we would just force the trains to put up quiet zones in every road crossing downtown. There is absolutely NO reason those whistles need to blow non-stop all night long.

I’m kind of hoping it takes 5 years to fix the bridge, but my guess is it will be fixed by next year. So enjoy the sound of silence. It is nice.

By l3wis

17 thoughts on “What’s that sound? Nothing.”
  1. “…I still say, this graffiti found on the sides of train cars is not being done by vandals, but rather by the same aliens, who are responsible for the crop formations..”…. “Because, have you ever noticed how they never get caught?”….

  2. Trains quiet perhaps, but gunshots and sniper rifles at the get n go no one heard eh?

  3. Silence will be the city of Sioux Falls on July 4th. There was rain in the forecast so the city cancelled all 4th activities. Then, NO RAIN. Proof from God that the city is not democracy.

  4. Train station or gravel pit are final punishment whether it’s TenHaken or Noem.

  5. Dyslexia: Perhaps the Mayor saw “Parade” as “Pride”.

    Climate change has cancelled a July 4th celebration. Do you remember when storms used to “parade” across the state and you could predict when they would arrive in your fine city? Now, storms are called “Popcorn Storms”. Our existence has become beholden to a game of Hammer Heads where the snipers are not only at your local convenience store, but actually all around you, and our weathermen have smoke forecasts, too. Perhaps, the next time there is a smoke forecast we should all inhale, unlike Clinton, and call it an end as if Jimmy Jones was our savior.

  6. I love the trains coming through Sioux Falls. people who move into Downtown Sioux Falls need to stop complaining about the trains when the trains were here first, and are one of the reasons why this city grew so big so fast, let alone created a conservatively, profitable city as we know it today. Every day I hear the train, I think of our history, our culture, and our way of life. Only people complaining about trains are democrats cause they hate our history and culture. Where the train runs, economic development blossoms, and generates huge profits for a group of people.

  7. Everyone’s upset at the .mayor for no parade but really it’s don the con who wants to have days off to go on fishing trips and his rec manager and assistant director and other staff that don’t want to work nights, weekends, or holidays

  8. TenHaken canceled the Fourth of July. Trump claims he saved Christmas. Biden wants to take a nap. Stormy has gone mainstream. Post Malone has gone country. Cricket and the goat are dead. The Right is winning in France, while the Left is winning in the UK. Maybe Jill will debate Melania. I’m not sure what this all means. But, it could be the first true signs of climate change and/or further proof that we are all just fxcked. #McDonaldsHasA$5Meal!

  9. DYK that one year salary of parks director could pay for 8 years of city-paid fireworks shows?

  10. Luke doesn’t seem to know much history, the western expansion of the railroads was bought and paid for the birth then growth of the republickan party. It is simple to see how the republickan simpletons continue the march toward less education to keep you from learning your history.

  11. Luke Skyrocker’s reply showed in sarcasm font on my screen.

    But, be careful Mr. Ehrisman. Complaining about train whistles is gonna’ get you grouped real fast with the bougie crowd in the Scherschligt & Lloyd condos. Before you know it, you will have Nancy Halverson on speed dial to remind her that The Foxies played 11 minutes too long at the Levitt tonight.

  12. What did Star Trek really mean by “transporter”. Were they ahead of their times in more ways than one?

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