Gargoyle Leader columnist David Kranz just can’t bring himself to telling his readers where John Madigan works. On Friday he let us all know that Madigan switched his registration from Rep to Dem, but never went into detail that he was recruited by Pat Kirshman, a pro-life Democrat. On Friday we were also told that Kirshman worked for Sara Lee and is a labor organizer, and that Vanderlinde is a nurse and takes care of her elderly father. No mention what Madigan does. Then today he lists the candigates again; Kirshman; Sara Lee (retired), Vanderlinde; nurse, Madigan; Church Business Manager. Why the reluctancy to mention who he works for. Are you protecting a ‘fellow Catholic’?

If the other two candigates jobs or former jobs are listed, you should list all of their jobs, or not at all. I take issue with Madigan’s employment because I don’t think an administrator for one the state’s largest churches should be in the state legislature. I’m a strong believer of Separtion of Church and State.


I debated posting this for a couple of reasons. First off, I hope Martha cleans the floor with the other two Democratic(?) opponents in the primary, secondly, not sure if she wrote this, so for her sake, if someone is out there posting on talk show blogs using her name, she better find out who they are. I changed my mind, because for the past week or so, I have been trying to point out to people what kind of blog this is. I’m not political fantasy site like Sibby, I’m not a Republican advocacy site like Dakota War College, I’m not even a Left of a Left site like SD Watch. My site is dedicated to political satire, and trust me, I laughed when I read this. Most of what she wrote is true, but there are some parts I question (thus the humor).

Hi Ellen, You are absolutely fantastic and I adore you. I find myself in a pathetic situation. I am running for a State House seat in the legislature of South Dakota, district 15. I am a honest, hard-working nurse, mother, wife, and currently taking care of my elderly father. I am running with issues of teacher pay, economy, and woman’s rights. There are two positions open with three democrats running. My two running mates are Right to Lifeers and using the Catholic church against me. They seem to have funds and I am in a poor, single parent district. I am a Catholic but believe in a woman’s right to choose, gay marriage and right to contraceptive freedom. (Just passed in SD, a pharmacist can choose not to give the morning after pill due to his conscious) Give me a break. What a hardship for young girls in the middle of nowhere SD!! I don’t know what kind of help or boost you can give me, but I feel lightened just watching your show. Please keep on keeping on. Thanks, Martha

The Gargoyle Leader finally reveals Madigan’s flippy-flop, tells us Kirshman used to sell snacks, but no mention that Madigan works for the Catholic Church. So telling people someone used to sell snacks is important, but not mentioning a possible conflict of interest with separtion of church and state is not? Same old games at Janklow’s favorite alternative press.

Don’t take my word for it, listen and read this interview done in 2017;

After the priest council got her letter, Matt Althoff and Diocese Attorney Dan Fritz called for a meeting with Cindy, which she also secretly recorded on her phone. 

“You are the victim of sexual harassment,” Althoff said in the recording.  “And you are the victim of somebody that crossed professional boundaries.” 

“And Matt said to me if I sent another report, I lose my job,” Cindy said. 

“Let me tell you… I don’t like to be threatening. But because it’s an employee situation. I think now that we have this established arrangement or understanding, you need to understand (Cindy) that that complicates the church’s ability to employ you if you disobey that. If you continue to send things out,” Althoff said in the recording.  

Besides Althoff clearly defending the abuser I have heard he has taken similar stances while defending the current mismanagement of the Bishop Dudley house, unfortunately I can’t get anyone to go on record to verify these accusations but it seems people need to start recording convos with this guy.

This isn’t the first time the SD Catholic Diocese has attempted to infiltrate state government. Back in 2008 they recruited John Madigan to register as a fake Democrat in District 15 while trying to keep his profession as the Diocese employee a secret. They failed.

Maybe Kenneke can make a guest appearance and refresh the memories of KELOLANDERS and Althoff’s past guidance in the Diocese. Not sure having a person who defends sexual predators is the best person to run DSS. What’s next? Appointing Ravnsborg to run the DOT?