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Stehly, Starr & Herseth-Sandlin bunk out in tent


Community leaders slept in the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House parking lot last night to raise awareness and support for the homeless.

Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin, Pat Starr and Theresa Stehly were joined by others who were willing to get a”taste” of what the homeless might experience. This event was also a fundraiser for the facility.

I try not to take birth control advice from chaste people

“I don’t believe in the use of birth control, of course I don’t have sex either.”

Nothing like watching a Bishop and a Nun fight over the use of birth control;

The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls has sent a letter to clergy saying he isn’t endorsing a nun’s speech at a private Catholic college in Yankton.

Sister Simone Campbell is speaking Thursday night at Mount Marty College. She is the director of a Catholic social justice education and lobbying group, and an outspoken supporter of the new federal health care law.

Campbell said in comments published in the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan newspaper that many Catholics have misunderstood the law’s mandate that most health plans have to cover birth control for women as a preventive service, free of charge.

Bishop Paul Swain says in his letter that the law doesn’t protect religious liberty, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops opposes it.

Hey, Pauly, it’s a healthcare law not a religious freedom law. Just saying.

America is a secular nation; Deal

Franklin, one of our greatest founding fathers was a diest

This letter writer tells Catholic Bishops where they can go when it comes to dictating legislation to our newly elected president.

In a secular society no one religion or moral view is given any special legal status or constitutional grounding. Christianity is not codified in our legal system or laws.


In a theocratic society (as is the case in the current Middle East and our own Middle Ages), theological beliefs and dicta are codified in the legal and institutional foundations of the society. As history amply has demonstrated, such societies are the source of rampant bloodletting, violence and discriminatory practices.

But, do you think the theocrats will get it?