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One of my pet peeves I have with Democrats is that they never go for the jugular. Why go half-way?

Sen. Scott Heidepriem blamed years of irresponsible spending for the current hole in the state budget, saying South Dakota has not been governed by fiscal conservatives in the last seven years.

Okay, he is right – but go in for the kill, and explain to the voters what that ‘irresponsible’ spending is (campaign contributor no-bid contracts, unneeded FTE’s, airplane fleets, etc.) What do you have to lose? You haven’t held the governor’s mansion in almost 30 years, obviously your pussy foot approach is not working. Tell the voters of SD straight up – Republicans suck and they are bleeding the working class of this state and getting rich from it. Take the freaking gloves off already!



This is great news, but I have a feeling this has more to do with swinging indies towards their candidates then anything;

South Dakota Democrats are opening their primary elections to independent voters, as the state’s minority party reaches out to a growing segment of voters with increasing ballot clout.

And how are those NEW Republican registrations coming?

The state Republican Party currently holds a registration edge of more than 35,000 over the Democrats. But the gap has been shrinking in recent years. Democrats gained more than 13,000 registered voters between general elections in 2006 and 2008, ending that election cycle with 204,413. Republicans gained about 1,400 during that period, ending up at 241,528.

Looks like people are flocking to the party of NO . . . BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Famous South Dakota liberal and all around great guy, James G. Abourezk, writes a great column about AIG;

America’s downfall began in the 1980s when Democrats in Congress started taking money from corporations for their election races.  Before that, they took only labor money and money from ordinary citizens who had no ax to grind.  Since the 1980s there has been almost no criticism from Democrats of the excesses of the corporate world.  That lack of questioning and of criticism has led to more and more deregulation of the financial industry, which has led us to the condition we face today. 1941