ILUSTRATION; The Late Great Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth

The End of an Error

In all seriousness, it really doesn’t matter who wins the presidential race today, one thing is for sure, NO MORE BUSH.

I think he has been the worst president our country has ever seen. I still like the bumper sticker I have seen on several cars around town; ‘Never thought I would miss Nixon’

What surprises me the most is that he isn’t sitting in a jail cell with Cheney. Not only is there plenty of evidence to charge him with war crimes and crimes against humanity, he could have been impeached on violating the 4th Amendment alone (something he admitted to in a press conference – how much  more proof do you need?).

History will judge him very poorly. There has even been rumors circulating that he will be brought up on criminal charges when he steps out of office.

He has single-handily;

– Bankrupt our country

– Destroyed the middle-class

– Tore up our Constitution

– Destroyed our standing in the world

– Increased world terrorism in the world against our allies

– Contributed to global warming by removing energy regulations

– Destroyed the reputation of his party (which isn’t all that bad). He did get some help from Tom Delay on this one, and most recently, Ted Stevens.

And this is where Barack Obama comes in. If it weren’t for Bush’s pitiful failures, Obama may still just be a Senator from Illinois. He has been able to take the high road, and prove that you can be positive in a campaign and get results – we’ll know more about that tonight.


Hello everyone. How are you?

My family and I (except for Aunt Bertha who is currently involved in an Alaskan snow-machine contest running shotgun w/taser for GOP V.P.’s hubby, Hotty Toddy Paladin) set out to paint the town red last night expecting to see the Walt Disney “WallBanger-E” late movie movie at the West Mall cinema (with its comfy, creatively angulated seats).Who would of thunk that instead, they showed us a thought-provoking drama (Factual) of heroic white Republicans who made the right decisions throughout the movie and one black Obumma look-a-like who made the wrong decisions throughout the movie. It also featured white women who were strong, coherent, and articulated. They voiced their opinions, gave meaningful advice, and stayed calm throughout the movie – even though the evil Zombies (Joe Biting-like Democrats) were terrorizing them. Thank Goodness the movie’s left-winger media was ignored, and the white military (Republican) eventually once again won the day – saving their fellow Republicans and a few weak, vulnerable bleeding-heart Democrats (literally) as the dangerous dead Democrats took bites out of whiney Democrats while the strong, gun-toting, Pro-life Republicans put a hole in their brains. Sound familiar? The McCane/Paladin ticket also emphasizes these things: (see public domain photos below of the “Night of the Living Dangerously Dead Democrats”). Of course, Uncle Rusty and Gramps Gumps just ate popcorn, laughed, and rooted for the Zombies to win – the liberal Zombie-lovers!

Dangerously Dead Democrats illegally protesting at what appears to be the GOP convention…

Same old, same old: Dead Democrats trying to feast on brains of wholesome Republicans…

Nancy Pullosi-type zombie leads the Democrat Zombie charge…

Corrupt Democrat youth eats what resembles an innocent GOP Presidential candidate…
Shotgun Woman

GOP V.P. candidate Sarah Paladin’s doppleganger takes aim at the brain of what looks like her Zombie former brother-in-law…


EggBert Tiber. Frank. Ichab. Goof.