5 Thoughts on “This video should be called ‘An open letter to Democrats and Republicans’

  1. “This video should be called ‘An open letter to Democrats and Republicans'”.

    Yes, but it wasn’t. It is obviously an overt nationalist propaganda. Goebbels and Bernays would be proud as the republicans try to distort what they and who they stand for and how they govern.

    “I think we have to be clear about how we got into this mess. And this is a mess that Bush economics created,” Hodes said, adding that it’s absurd to listen to Republicans who waged two wars while cutting taxes talk about fiscal discipline.
    “It’s like Tiger Woods talking about fidelity,” he said. – State Rep. Paul Hodes, NH.

  2. That was a waste of 3.11 minutes.

  3. No Kidding.

  4. A-fucking-mazing. It’s almost as good as Newt’s declaration that today’s Supreme Court ruling is a win for the middle class, whose voices will no longer be drowned out by the labor unions.

  5. No shit, Huh? What did Chief Justice Roberts do before he served on the SC, sucked a lot of corporate cock.

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