With a little help from a friend, and few dirty tricks. As Cory from Madville points out, Christina Espenscheid learned her tricks from one of the best in the business.

But what Cory did not mention was that Jenna and Christina are practically attached at the hip. I met the two neo-cons at the same time at a political party. At first I thought they were twin sisters (fraternal, of course) because of their similiar talking points, it was almost like they briefed themselves to be on message about labor and abortion. In fact I remember getting into an argument with Christina about the minimum wage.

I still think the Vanderlinde campaign should have sent out this postcard.

I still think Jenna is an extremely bright person (not just a pretty face), and one to watch in Pierre this year. Jenna was brought up around politics and knows her issues, it’s just unfortunate she let one of her friends deceive voters to win her first election, but hey, it’s the only way the neo-cons can win.

I stumbled across this forum of District 15 candidates and I can honestly tell you the only candidate that knew what they were talking about was the unopposed candidate, Angie Buhl. Thank Gawd she showed up, or this would have been a hot dog without relish and mustard.

I know I am a smartass, crass, prick sometimes, but when I watch these forums I want to cry when I see how little these dill weeds know about local and state government. My turds are more knowledgeable, without even trying, (or pushing).

. . . and BTW, Jenna needs to buy a new outfit, seriously. And Martha wins the ‘Chic’ glasses debate (and I’m not being a smartass or prick).

Honestly this debate just makes me hungry . . . or a hotdog with relish and mustard.

Because it will be a wild ride – because of this young lady, Jenna Haggar.

Jenna is running for House in District 15 as an Indy, but make no mistake, she is very conservative in her views. If I lived in District 15, she would not get my vote, BUT that doesn’t mean she won’t have a good following. As Pitty Patt Powwers points out;

She’s razor sharp, and has a winning attitude

I have had the pleasure of meeting Jenna several times (and we disagree more then we agree on several issues), but Pat is right, she will be a formidable candidate, even in a strong Democratic district. You have to remember, Kirschman is also pro-life, like Haggar, so it should make for an interesting debate.

UPDATE: I decided to update this post after a couple of Kirshman supporters set me straight in the comments area. I have found when posting ‘Rumors’ about politicians on this blog, it gets people out to set the record straight, and I appreciate that.

One fact still remains though. What is with the riff between Pat and Martha? The only thing I can think of is their views on abortion. It seems they are both life long Democrats who support labor unions, education and seniors. I hope they can kiss and makeup, I don’t think District 15 can afford to have two very talented politicians, who are in the same party, in Pierre working against each other.

If the disagreement comes down to abortion, that is unfortunate. I want to remind both of them that abortion SHOULD NOT be legislated by lawmakers or governors. It should be a non-issue this year in Pierre. Find some common ground. PLEASE! Though infighting and stupid legislation only helps editorial cartoonists like myself – I would prefer it ended for the betterment of this state.

May I suggest you two meet before the session starts, have some crumpets and tea, and strategize what is best for your district.

And people wonder why I’m a registered independent . . . geeeeezzzz!


As you may or may not know, Martha Vanderlinde won handily in the primaries, winning over 60% of the vote with Pat Kirshman in second and Madigan in third place. I knew this would have Vanderlinde sitting well for the general election, but never expected Kirshman to get more votes in the end. Since they take the top two people running in the House, Vanderlinde still gets to go to Pierre, but playing second fiddle to someone who she tromped in the primaries must sting a little.

Remember, Vanderlinde was the only pro-choice candidate running in District 15, Democrat or Republican. District 15 voted 70% against the abortion ban in 2006. Vanderlinde also wants to focus on elder care and working class issues in Pierre. Though Vanderlinde may not have the same views of the majority of the House, she definitely represents her District.