“The darkness of liberal sickness is rising. One cannot ignore, however, that it is precisely this sickness that inevitably will strengthen the conservative delegation.”

BahahahahahahBawha! Boy those neocons will say anything for a good f’ing laugh. Well, if liberalism is a sickness, conservatism under GW Bush has been a terminal cancer. The conservatives don’t get it. Obama won this election because he campaigned to EVERYONE. This country does have a large percentage of conservative bible-bumping witch doctors, but it is hardly the majority. Most Americans are moderate couch potatoes. Period.

Apparently this jackass has a crystal ball;

Barack Obama has won the White House with nothing more than one promise after another, hollow as they might be, unattainable without question and irresponsible. Obama has made many promises to many people that a person with any common sense concludes that his promises cannot be obtained.

Though I will partially agree with Lance that a lot of campaign promises can never be kept I do think Obama wants to put as much on the table as possible and see what happens. It’s called trying different things to see what works, unlike idiot boy wonder – stay the course – GW Bush.

Liberals are only tolerant to those with like minds.

Really? Moderates and independents who voted for Obama didn’t seem to think so. I think you are talking about neo-con bigotry. Liberals believe in unity not predjudice.

I cannot compromise my intellectual integrity.

Oh, but you already have by continuing to believe the neo-conservative myth that most voting Americans are just like you. Keep the dream alive man, we could use Obama for 8 years.