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Worst foreign policy decision in America’s history finally over?

Maybe Barry will grow a brain about Afghanistan also and remove troops from there to?

I know I have ranted about this plenty, but I knew from the beginning that the war in Iraq would cost us plenty in life and treasure and not really accomplish much except help our Federal government to be more broke. I hope as Americans we have learned something from this occupation.

Former Bush official still in denial over Iraq

I think GW and his minions will never admit Iraq was a mistake. Good try though, Lawrence.

“This is what is left of hope in our country,” Daniel Ellsberg

I was opposed to the war in Iraq from the beginning, knowing only good comes from diplomacy, humanity aid and peace. And it costs a Hell of a lot less and solves more problems. But no one would listen. In fact, many called me and my close friends fools. And now it comes to this, veterans getting arrested on the front yard of the White House repeating the same message. Wake up America.


GW Bush deserves to be in jail for starting an illegal war

Are we really leaving Iraq?

Who is getting the last laugh?

In a war that forced me to change my voter registration to Indy (and I am not changing back anytime soon) it seems we are in it for the long haul. Thanks, again, GW Bush, for being the worst president evah!

Their departure leaves about 56,000 U.S. troops in the country, according to the U.S. military.

Uh, yeah, we are leaving Iraq. Kinda like we left Korea.

One more reason why we need to get the F’ck out of Iraq

This video is sickening. Don’t watch it with children.

GOP Congressmen Say that ‘Everyone’ in Congress ‘Would Agree that Iraq was a mistake’ (H/T – Helga)


I knew it was a mistake from the beginning – and all of you who called me a ‘Peacnik’ at the time of my dissent can GFY!

Moderator Grover Norquist then asked Rohrabacher to provide a “guesstimate percentage of Republicans in Congress who would share that view — not that they opposed the President at the time, but today looking back.” Rohrabacher replied that “everybody I know thinks it was a mistake to go in now”:

ROHRABACHER: Well, now that we know that it cost a trillion dollars and all of these years and all of these lives and all of this blood, uh, I don’t know many…

NORQUIST: Looking for a number. Two-thirds? One-third?

ROHRABACHER: I, I can’t. All I can say is the people, everybody I know thinks it was a mistake to go in now.

NORQUIST: That’s 100 percent.

Norquist then turned to McClintock, asking “what percentage”:

NORQUIST: Of Republicans in Congress, who would agree with the general analysis here that it was a mistake and/or we should go in.

MCCLINTOCK: I think everyone would agree Iraq was a mistake.

NORQUIST: Two hundred percents. Ok, we’re going to average these.

MCCLINTOCK: And, you know, again, I think virtually everyone would agree going into Afghanistan the way we did was a mistake. How many share my, my cynicism over this idea of a resolution of force, which I can’t find anywhere in the Constitution. And how many believe that in those rare cases where we go in, we put all of our resources behind our soldiers, I would say certainly more than half of the Republican caucus probably believe that.

Asked for a number by Norquist, Duncan refused to say, but shared an anecdote of how unpopular the war is politically in his conservative military district. Watch it:

We need to GTFO of Afghanistan and Iraq right now!


Jackass of the century, GW Bush (image, Alex Clark)

Olbermann says it best;

As the hawks circle around Obama, drowning out any pacifist voice, Keith wonders why someone like Gen. McChrystal is given so much credence, a question that the Obama administration should have spent some of that “dithering” time contemplating.

General McChrystal has doubtless served his country bravely and honorably and at great risk, but to date his lasting legacy will be as the great facilitator of the obscenity that was transmuting the greatest symbol of this nation’s true patriotism, of its actual willingness to sacrifice, into a distorted circus fun-house mirror version of such selflessness.

Friendly fire killed Pat Tillman.

Mr. McChrystal killed the truth about Pat Tillman.

And that willingness to stand truth on its head on behalf of “selling” a war — or the generic idea of America being at war — to turn a dead hero into a meaningless recruiting poster, should ring essentially relevant right now.

From the very center of a part of our nation that could lie to the public, could lie to his mother, about what really happened to Pat Tillman – from the very man who was at the operational center of that plan – comes the entire series of plans to help us supposedly find the way out of Afghanistan?

We are supposed to believe General McChrystal isn’t lying about Afghanistan?

Didn’t he blow his credibility by lying, so obviously and so painfully, about Pat Tillman?

Why are we believing the McChrystals?

I really think that if we get out of Afghanistan and Iraq as quickly as possible it will actually help the economy. Of all the stupid mistakes Bush made, these wars were at the top of the list. They threw the country into debt, they helped Al queda recruitment and they created enemies we never used to have. It is time to cut and run, while half of us still own our houses and have jobs.

Let’s talk about ‘REAL’ lies


Stay the course