I guess some people never learn. Below Jason brags about plagiarizing Peanuts cartoons and handing them out to kids at the Pavilion. After Schulz died Disney took ownership of the cartoons copyrights. There is nothing wrong with drawing these toons for his own use and pleasure, but using them as marketing for the Pavilion, even if they are not being sold, is a No, No, unless they got consent (which they might have, but I highly doubt it).

But this isn’t Jason’s first rodeo doing this. Schulz never appreciated it when he was alive either.

Jason also took a stab at Star Wars.

I wonder if Jason knows about this handy contact list?

The troubling part is that Jason is doing this while representing the Pavilion as the Visual Arts Director for a city contractor on city property. If Disney gets wind of his plagiarism, a lot of people could be in a lot of hot water besides just Mr. Folkerts.

Jason, we both know you are talented enough to draw your own cartoons, so next time, hand out Folkert’s originals.

The Gargoyle Leader has a short memory. Apparently they didn’t remember that the reason they were not permitting Jason FolkArts to put cartoons in their rag anymore was because he had been busted twice by other local cartoonists for plagiarizing. The copying and total disregard for creative property aside, it is also apparent that he still can’t write a toon to save his life.

According to his toon yesterday voters are going to blow their heads off tommorow by sticking Looney-Toons dynamite sticks in their mouths (AL dead tree version page 10B). I don’t know about you, but the only thing I will be sticking in my mouth tommorrow night is vodka.


This was a cartoon of mine that was plagiarized and changed to support Mayor Bernard in Yankton. I guess his supporters didn’t have a problem with him being King. Normally I would complain, but it’s so bad that I really don’t care.

Did FolkArts move to Yankton?