Oh, and that’s not all. Besides the bar, they also offer wood fired pizza and heated seats.

Is this New York City? London, England? Nope, less than an hour away in Sioux City.

While our city council is busy handing out beer licenses like candy to ax throwing venues, in Sioux City they feel there is NO harm in mixing old fashions with popcorn. Of course there is the fear someone might spill their drink into the popcorn. Oh my! What about the kids?!

The Sioux Falls City council has made a lot of ignoramus decisions in the past year, but denying a beer license to a discount movie theater is pretty high on that list.

I had the pleasure to see Jim Heath and crew in Sioux City last night at the Hard Rock. The Anthem is a really nice club (spendy drinks though) It is about half the size of The District, but good acoustics (I could actually hear all of the instruments). Look forward to seeing other shows there.


I guess Sioux City doesn’t have to follow the US Constitution;

An Iowa police chief says South Dakota’s drivers won’t get a free ride despite a new South Dakota law designed to protect South Dakota drivers from being ticketed by automated traffic camera systems.

The law bars South Dakota officials from providing information about the state’s registered drivers to companies such as Redflex, which operates traffic cameras in Sioux City, so Redflex can collect civil fines.

Sioux City Police Chief Doug Young says police still have ways to get the information for Redflex and says “people in South Dakota need to understand that this is not a free pass that you’ve gotten from your government.”

Young would not say how the vehicle registration information would be obtained.

Guess what Doug, the SD Supreme Court has found the red light cameras in Sioux Falls Unconstitutional, that’s why they no longer exist here. Maybe if Sioux City’s municipal government had any sense, they would dismantle their cameras also before this ends up in court again.


Ziggy Marley, spreading the love

I am usually pretty hesitant about going to music festivals alone, but as you get older (and more full of shit) you usually meet people. This time I got the pleasure of meeting ‘Marko’ from Omaha, and had a great conversation with him about prejudice and racism in America. Marko was originally from Mexico, but has lived in America since he was eleven. He is a seasoned finish carpenter that now lives in Omaha and makes custom cabinetry. He kind of laughed about the way all races treat each other, and confessed “We are all the same. We have families, and work and lives.”

Then there were the ladies who drove 6 hours from Duluth Minnesota to see the Avett Brothers. Fortunately they were wearing dresses, because I think the one was going to wet her pants before they came on.

But my favorite were the two middle-aged guys from Omaha and Kansas City that could easily be featured in Viagra ads, they pretty much follow around music festivals all summer, and I think I talked them into coming to JazzFest. I just don’t want to see them making love in a bathtub on the beach.

I like Saturday in the Park, but I have two ‘complaints’ about the festival. There needs to be a tented/shaded beer garden and I think it is bogus that only one sponsor (Budweiser) has the exclusive contract on adult beverages.