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Big ‘T’ to drop the mic, live at 7 PM

Watch the meeting live here.

Stehly Report, Mayor Ten Haken gives ‘vague’ answers about public safety

You’ll see his answers to Theresa’s questions at the bottom of the column. Not only does he say there is a temporary hospital plan, he basically says they don’t need to tell anyone until it gets bad.

Usually you should share those plans before it gets ‘bad’.

He also has NO idea how much the taxpayers are giving to the Community Foundation. He says $750K, it’s actually $1 Million.

We know who the really leader is in this column, and it’s not the guy answering the questions.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly once again has the vision of a true leader

Whether it was a misguided administration building, parking ramp, secretive task force meetings or potholes, Stehly was the first, once again;

But the safety of doing so is in question amid the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why Mayor Paul TenHaken, all eight city councilors and the City Clerk are urging Gov. Kristi Noem and Secretary of State Steve Barnett to take emergency action to postpone the April 14 election.

Theresa had been asking for at least a couple of weeks to postpone the city elections across the state while her colleagues on the council (not Starr or Brekke who have bee supportive of Stehly’s idea) have been ignoring her.

So after Starr and Cameraman Bruce organize a drive-thru absentee ballot sign up over the past two days (as I understand was very safe, with no crowded lines with people remaining in their cars) all of a sudden the rest of the council has a change of heart.

Once again Stehly was ahead of the curve on this and the rest of the city council had no choice but to follow suit. Which proves once again why she needs to be reelected.

What makes this even more egregious is that this letter wasn’t supposed to go out until after Tuesday’s Health Board decision comes out, but somehow got leaked onto FB by Erickson and then to her little slimeball friend up north. Funny how that works?

Speaking of the health board, now our great leader of the city is leaving it up to them and ultimately the city council to make the difficult decision to mandate restaurants and bars be closed, which will only domino into most non-essential businesses being closed.

While I have argued for a long time that the city council doesn’t really do squat, thank GOD we have them now to make the critical decisions that the mayor’s office cannot apparently make, or willing to make.

Mayor TenHaken could make a solid legal case for shutting down the public health threat those barhoppers pose to all of us.

This will give him more time to hand out board games to the quarantined and drive around SF taking pictures of bars’ parking lots. Sorry Paul, while being ‘Positive’ during a crisis is a good suggestion and all, it doesn’t pay the rent or cure the sick. We used to have this saying in the restaurant business when a customer would give you a glowing compliment than leave NO tip; You can’t buy groceries with a compliment.

But one more thing, the City Council also needs to mandate that the Events Center, Convention Center and Arena’s floor space be dedicated for a temporary health care facility/shelter if needed. They DO have the power to do that considering the taxpayers own those facilities. We may just make the Denty useful after all.

We also need to work with the local grocers and food banks to have a safe system to hand out food to those who need it. People soon will be unable to safely go in person to the grocery stores, even if they have the money. This hysteria could lead to looting, we don’t want to go there. We need a plan NOW on how we are going to handle food shortages.

Former Sioux Falls Mayor Rick Knobe endorses Stehly and Beaudion for city council

Obviously the virus and info about it is the big story.

Like after 9/11, we are entering a new normal.

As you know I’m a local government guy. That’s where the rest of this post is going.

City Council Election Day is April 14th. No provision in State Law to postpone it.

Local government has a profound impact on the quality of your life.

Streets, the quality and quantity of your drinking water, police, fire, public health(including the Covid 19 virus) are responsibilities of local government.

The people elected to the City Council need to be visionary, intelligent, articulate, independent thinkers, and when needed leaders, which may mean disagreeing with the “pack. “

I know the two incumbents and one of the challengers.

Since we are entering a new normal I want the voice of Julian Beaudion to be on the City Council. The qualities and resume of Julian Beaudion impress me. He’s in the trenches being a state law enforcement officer and also with his family running an Independent restaurant in downtown Sioux Falls. His campaign is about diversity and inclusion. We need that on the Council. He has my vote and yes, I gave him a modest donation. The incumbent is a decent man. He has a loving family. I like him. However voting isn’t about liking someone.

It’s about putting people in a responsible position who can represent ALL of us and has the ability to deal with the complex issues facing us. To me that’s Julian Beaudion.

The At Large seat has the outspoken incumbent, Theresa Stehly being challenged by an unknown challenger. I haven’t met him. His donors have given BIG money, including $10,000 from our former Governor. The list includes the moneyed folks in town.

None of that is evil, but to me it is a sign. The power people usually don’t like outspoken people. They want somebody they can manage/handle/ control.

The incumbent, Theresa Stehly, is not automatically against the moneyed people, but she is not afraid to disagree when she thinks they are wrong.

I like that quality in an elected official.

I want, and the City Council needs, alternative ideas. Ideas and suggestions different from the administration and moneyed folks.

The challenger to Theresa Stehly has chosen to go negative in his first two presentations. First, a public challenge to Stehly’s privately funded Stehly Report, and second, a negative postcard.

I want people in office with ideas to make Sioux Falls better. So far, the challenger, and his handlers, have gone negative. Not a good sign.

He might be a nice fellow. But so far his actions are those of a negative thinker. We don’t need that.

Finally, Theresa Stehly has been right on the big issues. She has fought for, and won, more transparency from the city administration.

She was right about concerns over the now defunct hotel and parking ramp project, now in litigation.

She was right in her attempt to collect law enforcement and other expenses, from the PRIVATE fundraiser held by then governor candidate Kristi Noem, which featured President Trump.

I know she has been an irritant to some. But, I think we need people to challenge our thinking and our habits.

Theresa Stehly has my vote and will get a modest check to support her campaign.

That’s it from me.

Early voting starts March 30th.

The Bickering and Backbiting continues

While things are becoming more strange by the day with the corona virus, our local government has been reacting very well. I will commend the city, county and school district for the continued updates and staying vigilant. I will say however, the Federal government has been flailing for weeks. But one thing didn’t change at last night’s council meeting, the continued fighting between councilors, especially the riff between councilors Erickson and Stehly. When the city council was set to vote on the operations manual updates, Stehly suggested an amendment (that got the support of councilors Brekke and Starr). She asked that city council employees be respectful of citizens (FF 1:25) This was the second time in the meeting in which Stehly was attacked, and told she doesn’t know what she was talking about.

The first time was over the RFP for the sewer plant. Theresa asked for a deferral, due partially to the economic situation we are facing, but mostly because there is a ton of unknowns because of how the RFP was handled. I also question the $9.5 million in CMAR fees to the Manager of the project (6% of $159 million). While I don’t always agree with Stehly’s logic on some of her deferral ideas and amendments, I agree 100% with her on this deal. It seems like they are trying to push this thru as fast as possible with nobody’s really looking on how this deal was concocted. Remember, the last administration basically kept this expansion from the public, only mentioned it in passing a few times and never had a price tag attached to it. This, I believe was done on purpose so Bucktooth & Bowlcut could build his play palaces. If the public knew a $200 million dollar sewer plant was looming, they would have never supported these other projects. On top of that, two new jails (Minnehaha and now in Lincoln county) and $300 million in school bond debt.

I’m afraid we are not going to see a lot of things going on behind the scenes during this crisis. Greed and corruption lurks in dark spaces. If there ever is a time that we need to be open and transparent with the public, that time is now.

Also, during the meeting, two councilors chose to call into the meeting, those two were Brekke and Kiley. Even on the phone, Kiley continued to tell us how smart he was while defending the bureaucracy. I’ve have always been kind of irritated by his tone, and I finally figured out why. He is always defending government instead of citizens. It must be from all his years as a teacher. Kiley has never grasped that he is elected by citizens to represent us, that is why we have an elected council. If Kiley wants to defend the city instead of the rights of the citizens, maybe he should resign his seat and apply for a job with the city. I’m sure they could find something for that know it all to do.

The blog up North continues to make unfounded accusations about Stehly. The latest was her comment at the council meeting about the possibility of Marshall Law. This isn’t far-fetched at all. Many major cities across the nation and world have shut down. While the mayor may not have the power to declare a curfew, the Governor or the President could. While Councilor Soehl calls this ‘hysteria’ he may be eating his words in a few days. There was also a dig on Stehly for not attending last week’s emergency meeting. She informed me that she got a ‘text’ from COS Erica Beck late in the afternoon about the meeting, and couldn’t attend due to a teaching appointment. But she also told me that she could have called in if someone told her that was the option, which they did not. Trust me, Stehly wanted to attend the meeting, she didn’t just blow it off.

Theresa sent this email to the Governor today;

Dear Governor Noem,

Our Catholic Masses have been cancelled, our schools have been cancelled, our employees are being told to work from home, our restaurants are closing their eating areas,  stores in the malls are closing, and our City Council is restricting public gatherings.

In light of all the precautions we are taking to keep our beloved citizens safe, I am begging you to intervene and reschedule our upcoming April 14 City Council/school board election.  Absentee voting is slated to start on March 30 at our Minnehaha County administration Building. However,  The Argus has just reported:

 “Second Judicial Circuit Presiding Judge Robin Houwman issued an order Wednesday restricting who can enter the courthouses through April 30. “

There is rampant confusion about what is happening with this election. If you and our city officials don’t reschedule the election, 

You need to personally ensure that all voters  and election workers will be safe and protected from illness.

According to yesterday’s  Argus Leader  you were quoted as saying the following:

“She said the state is having ongoing discussions with local officials regarding the Sioux Falls election in April, but no decisions have been made to delay it at this point. “

Thank you for your consideration. Know that you are in my prayers.

Theresa Stehly

The word now is that the SOS and Governor do not have the power to postpone the Spring municipal elections across the state but she has asked the legislature to rule on it on veto day, March 30.

Also today this text message is going around;

I am not sure who sent it, but Stehly said it was NOT from her campaign. The word is this was NOT an independent survey and the Jensen campaign was behind it. IF THIS IS TRUE it could be a violation of campaign rules. More to come on that.

Puzzling mailing in Sioux Falls City Council race

As a person who has helped get FOUR Sioux Falls city councilors and a Democrat elected to the legislature in a conservative district, I often shake my head when I see things like above. While I could certainly go on a very long rant about everything wrong with this mailing, I will only say one thing. If you are running against a popular incumbent, you never, ever attack them in your introductory mailing. I am incredibly baffled as to who is giving this poor soul campaign advice (well I do know who). FAIL!

Will the big announcement be tax relief?

Doubt it, probably more pallet humper jobs at Flopdation Park. What I find odd is that in less than two days from the announcement and city councilors have not been told what it is. So much for transparency.

We do have a new innovation director, this time someone with an actual degree.

He aided Kansas City in testing innovative ways to provide public transportation, an effort being undertaken by the city of Sioux Falls. Like the on-demand pilot to be rolled out in Sioux Falls this summer, Grigsby told the Argus Leader Monday in an exclusive interview that during his tenure in Kansas City, he assisted a similar effort there.

“It was a successful failure. We did not get it to work the way we wanted to because of how vast Kansas City is, but we did get a success in our paratransit service,” he said. “Being a part of that success on the paratransit side, I’m hoping to be able to share any kind of insight and the history. Sioux Falls has a much better opportunity to have success with its microtransit service simply because of the size of its footprint.”

Aside from public transit, Grigsby also has history with providing innovative efficiencies in public safety technology and digital equity and inclusion.

Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly Meet & Greet, Sunday

Stehly will be at the Benson’s Flea Market on Sunday March 8th from 10:00-2:00 to visit with the public.

So will Mayor TenHaken and Councilor Erickson publicly endorse Jensen now?

(screenshot of Erickson’s FB page. Look, Alex has a name tag already!

So now that the ethics debacle has taken place, will this now give Paul and Christine the green light to publicly endorse (not just give money) Neitzert and Jensen, essentially saying that Julian and Stehly are not fit for office? And if so will Brekke and Starr follow suit and publicly endorse Stehly?

Neitzert said this on FB about the decision;

Yesterday the board of ethics ruled it was not only legal but ethical for Councilors to donate, endorse, and host fundraisers for other Council candidates. Same goes for the Mayor. And thus common sense and free speech won. And those using the board of ethics as a weapon during the campaign season to try to malign good people and attack their political opponents failed miserably.

I know, it reads like a line from a Shakespearean tragedy.

The issue with this kind of endorsement is the reason Brekke asked the question. Why? They are not really endorsing anyone, they are just saying that Theresa and Julian are not fit for office, so she needs to be replaced and Julian shouldn’t be able to serve.

It’s a different situation with Julian because he isn’t the incumbent, but with Stehly, she has a record. All we have from Jensen is a short rubberstamp legislative career chocked full of discrimination and higher tax votes. They are certainly not going to endorse Jensen based on his record, all they are saying is we need a rubber stamping seat warmer to replace Stehly.

This has been my biggest frustration with the race so far. We know Stehly and Neitzert’s record, we also know that Julian has had several public events saying what he stands for, he even helped with Jolene’s campaign. But with Jensen we have heard virtually nothing. NOTHING.

How can you say he would be better than Stehly when we don’t even know what that ‘better’ means? It is pretty clear to me that an endorsement of Jensen isn’t an endorsement at all, it’s just a dig on Stehly, and it’s extremely unethical, and any logical adult can see right thru the charade.

The Petty Politics continue

Now they are going after Stehly over a in-kind donation of less than $30;

Stehly, though, told the Argus Leader Monday that her 2016 campaign website was renewed on her behalf by Sioux Falls resident and political ally Bruce Danielson. She said she would file an amendment to her campaign disclosure report showing an in-kind contribution of $29.98, the price Danielson paid on Feb. 11.

But she has no intention of listing those other expenses because they weren’t related to her campaign, she said.

First off Theresa was made aware of this donation by the Argus employee and intends to file an amendment to her campaign finance report (which isn’t officially due until March 4).

As for the other expenses, anyone with common sense knows that 1) Stehly paid for those out of her own pocket and 2) they were public information mailings, etc. None of it was campaign materials. You don’t have to believe me. Read any of it, and no where in those materials does she mention to vote for her in the upcoming election or NOT to vote for her opponent. Even a dead person knows the difference between a campaign ad and public information. I guess according to them any thing Stehly has bought over the past 3 years was a campaign ad. Seriously, that is their argument. Gee, she better report that pork chop she grilled for me two years ago, must have been a nefarious attempt to buy my vote 🙂

But this is how low in the gutter Jensen’s surrogates will go to try to muddy the waters about Stehly. While they are concerned about an in-kind donation less than $30, their candidate is going to spend thousands of dollars donated to him by the well connected special interests of Sioux Falls. This is what should truly scare us, trying to buy a city council seat.

As for their argument about Stehly’s finances, what about all the PACs and LLCs with Fed Ex PO boxes that donated to her opponent? Let’s talk transparency.

I didn’t think it would hit rock bottom this soon, but I suspect by April 14th Jensen’s minions will be below the wreckage of the Titanic with their attacks. Pathetic.