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UPDATE: Clay County Sheriff posts political propaganda

UPDATE: I have been made aware that this post is actually from a county out of state. Either way, it is still propaganda.

I couldn’t find the post anymore on the account, but a few days ago the below tweet appeared. It is against state law to use government resources to promote a political agenda. Besides the fact that a county sheriff is unaware he broke state law he also doesn’t seem to understand the point of having more IRS auditors and agents is to catch wealthy tax cheats which will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in uncollected taxes, which will help fund more law enforcement and training.

What a Clem.

UPDATE: Could Mike Huether be the next president of USD?

UPDATE: I’ve been told from a USD alum that there are possibly two requirements Huether does not have to be the president of USD. You have to be alumni and you have to have a post graduate degree. So I guess he’s out.

Many have been ‘speculating’ for awhile what Huether’s next political move could be, with the recent kerfuffle over transparency and the secret siding settlement, Mike may have to sit out 2018.

But what if he wants to run in the future, what could he do while he waits? Someone suggested to me he could be seeking the Presidential position at USD. Jim Abbot will be retiring the same time Mike walks out of city hall, so the timing makes sense. It’s also an executive position, something Huether would desire. There is also the Sanford connection and a possibility that he would be allowed to commute from Sioux Falls.

The only thing that I think might hold him back is the fact he is a SDSU alum. Not sure if this matters in the selection process, heck it might even help his cause.

Something to ponder.

Thumbs Up to USD

I have often argued that taxpayer subsidized birth control (free for all) is money better spent then welfare or SNAP or other issues/expenses that arise with unwanted pregnancies and health concerns with disease;

According to the most recent data from the South Dakota Department of Health, in 2016, they saw the most chlamydia cases ever in one year as well as the most gonorrhea cases since the 1980s. Because of that information, in a partnership with Sanford Health, the University of South Dakota is taking steps to make sure that their students are not only informed but practicing safe sex.

“We’ll have seven locations on campus starting in our north complex, with is largely where our freshmen student population lives as well as in Burgess and Norton halls.”

Placed in bathrooms mainly located on the first floor, explained Associate Dean of Students at the University of South Dakota, John Howe, students in these halls will soon find free condoms.

If you can’t feed em’ don’t breed em’!

SouthDacola Tours USD & the Law School with Prof Myers, Nov 8, 2015

Professor Mike Myers take us through the USD Law School in Vermillion. We have never published this video before. Mike is telling his story about his arrest on the USD campus over a legally questionable letter.

The Rest of the Story (Mike Myers experience at USD)

The part of the video that was left out from November 2015.

Persona Non Grata equals what? Retired USD is told to get the H out by an overzealous security guard, and has a little trouble finding her ‘court order’.

SDDP Rebuild, Vermillion meeting, Dec 14, 2016

Oh look, let’s see what’s behind the curtain, nothing but excuses, promises and bluster in Vermillion, SD. Try they might, the “established” SD Democratic Party continues to hold listening sessions. These sessions are comprised of mostly listening the same crap from the same people. It’s as if the Listening Tour of the party brass is being done to convince those in attendance to give them one more chance. Why?

Notice how Cameraman Bruce captured the party chairwoman blathering on about how great the leadership did. What? Where? The people who won and the winning ballot issues happened in spite of the things they did. The audience did not show up to hear central office excuses or rationalizations for continuing the crappy job being done.

Several candidates stood and talked but it appears they got little or no help in coordinating anything. Local efforts received no storefronts, no legwork, no leaving Sioux Falls office and no use of offered services they could not control. The only thing they were able to do is lose seats in the legislature in and election and cause the loss of the Democratic stronghold District 15 senate seat. Nice work and they all got raises.

The party could not even get together to build a bowel movement much less flush any corruption down a toilet. There are words for the show they are putting on and we don’t think this is the place for them.

Playing Facebook games and ignoring sage advice from people who have actually won elections is not going to bring the SD Democratic Party back to life. The only consolation to this dog and pony show is knowing the SD Republican Party is heading down the same path and they do not seem to recognize it.

The Governor needs to take the wax out of his ears

After reading the budget address story in the Gargoyle Leader, I dove into a tiny little article buried on page 9A and not available online (that’s where the Liberal media puts their important stories I guess) the article detailed how Dems have been after Marion M. Rounds for three years about limiting the growth of State Government (you know, all those unneeded no-bid contracts to friends and family he has secretly deguised as FTE’s), but as usual, Mike refuses to listen to anyone but his inner greed and arrogance;

For three years, Democrats have tried to hold state government to the 3 percent budget increases allowed schools and counties, and we couldn’t get support,” said Dem Ben Nesselhuf of Vermillion, “If we’d been doing that for three years, maybe we’d have money.”

Democratic Rep. Bernie Hunhuff of Yankton also voiced concern about the property tax increase;

It could sow the seeds for another property tax revolt, and we don’t want that.

Get out the pitchforks and torches I guess.

I think Minority leader Scott Heidepriem of Sioux Falls, District 13, where I live, said it best when he called the governor’s budget “Cynical”

I guess I wouldn’t have had a problem with expanding state government if government services have become better, in fact they are either the same or worse since Rounds has taken office. Just look at the vehicle registration fiasco. So where did the millions go? This is about helping friends out, and now that he has broken the bank, he continues his state of denial and promises more cuts to education, salaries and road construction while failing to put his hand out to our new president who vows to ramp up infrastructure and domestic spending. Once again SD Republican leaders have proven the best way to fix problems is to tax and spend instead of making cuts.

More taxpayer money wasted on consultants

I have often wondered if I am in the wrong line of business – I think I want to become a consultant in our state.

“We have quite a few communities on board, with commitments so far totaling around $130,000,”

The coalition, which includes representatives from Watertown to Elk Point, hopes to raise $200,000 for its study.

One I-29 community that has committed financial support is Madison, which has pledged $25,000 from the city and the local economic development corporation,

He also is asking the state of South Dakota to contribute $50,000 toward the study.

I do think the study is a worthy cause, but I wonder why it can’t be done by city and state employees or contracted through both of our universites that already get state money. It seems we are quick to hire outsiders all the time.

Fire up the government burn barrel.