UPDATE: I’ve been told from a USD alum that there are possibly two requirements Huether does not have to be the president of USD. You have to be alumni and you have to have a post graduate degree. So I guess he’s out.

Many have been ‘speculating’ for awhile what Huether’s next political move could be, with the recent kerfuffle over transparency and the secret siding settlement, Mike may have to sit out 2018.

But what if he wants to run in the future, what could he do while he waits? Someone suggested to me he could be seeking the Presidential position at USD. Jim Abbot will be retiring the same time Mike walks out of city hall, so the timing makes sense. It’s also an executive position, something Huether would desire. There is also the Sanford connection and a possibility that he would be allowed to commute from Sioux Falls.

The only thing that I think might hold him back is the fact he is a SDSU alum. Not sure if this matters in the selection process, heck it might even help his cause.

Something to ponder.

7 Thoughts on “UPDATE: Could Mike Huether be the next president of USD?

  1. Cousin Eddie on October 16, 2017 at 2:55 pm said:

    Not an ice cube’s chance in hell. Honestly, where could this rumor be coming from? Not one detail of it would make any sense other than profile and Mike is a Yankton guy which is, I guess, sort of close to Verm…

  2. To clarify, this is NOT a rumor. It’s just something someone said to me as a ‘possibility’. Neither of us heard he was being considered. I just don’t see Mike going into some low profile job after leaving city hall. If he plans to run again some day for political office he will have to keep himself in the ‘public’ eye somehow, and a state university job would be one of those options. I have joked he will probably just become a realtor and become the board president of some local high profile non-profit.

  3. Yea, not gonna happen.
    Remember MMM at the SDSU basketball game at the Arena with his fingers pointed down at some old guy?
    Yea, this would never happen.
    And, you don’t have to be an alumnus to be president.

  4. Cousin Eddie on October 17, 2017 at 3:33 pm said:

    The edits to this post are even worse than the original. This is beyond reaching for straws to save a bad post. It isn’t a “possibility.” It is a tin foil hat suggestion from somebody that doesn’t know anything.

    Sanford connection? Huh? Because he worked at First Premier he must be in Denny’s pocket? That connection is already covered (and in a better way) through Miles Beacom. I am not even sure Denny gives MMM the time of day.

    No, he couldn’t commute from Sioux Falls – there is, in fact, a President’s House in Vermillion. It is likely about to be renovated. Does Abbott commute back a forth a little since the passing of his wife in 2016? Yes. Has he earned that privilege over his 20 years? You bet. New guy? Not a chance.

    The “ONLY” thing that would hold him back? I would suggest to you that EVERYTHING about MMM would hold him back. I cannot think of one thing that would be a sufficient credential to even suggest him as a viable candidate.

    Yes, the SDSU alum thing will hold him back. Not just because he is an SDSU alum, but because there is no nexus back to USD. Nothing.

    Why would being an SDSU alum help the cause? News flash – the USD endowment is over two times the size of SDSU’s. USD has MUCH more money and is a better run institution (Sorry SDSU alums, it is). The one metric that SDSU has over USD is size; and the difference there is that SDSU is an easy feeder system to rural South Dakota and Brookings is a more attractive town than Vermillion. I promise you, nobody from USD is looking to hire a guy and thinks “oh, he has SDSU as a credential. Move him up the list…”

    Hey, I get the dislike for MMM, but this is ludicrous, hot garbage.

  5. I cannot image that the Republican Regents and/or Republican Governor are interested in helping to further the political ambitions of our current Mayor, however….

  6. Cousin Eddie on October 17, 2017 at 3:47 pm said:

    Exactly, Emoluments Clause

  7. “Image?”…. I imagine, I meant “imagine.” 😉

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