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Credit Card Call Center to leave Boomtown

I wonder if the mayor will be holding a press conference? Because if they were hiring 750 people he would be there with bells on;

750 employees will be affected. The company says employees can apply for other jobs within the company or it will help employees find new jobs and will also offer severance packages.  At one time Capital One had 1,000 employees in the Sioux Falls.

And you thought the layoff at Raven was an issue, not sure how this will affect our unemployment rate? And how about our great education system and supposed work ethic in Sioux Falls and South Dakota, Capital One has a different view on that;

Capital One says its had too much turnover and a hard time filling open positions.

Two words: Shit Wages. I also know other call centers in town are NOT the most fun places to work at. I did hear a rumor a few years ago a major retailer based out of Minneapolis was going to build their card services division here and backed out. Why? Not enough people to fill the positions.

We can call this place a ‘Boomtown’ all we want, but let’s face it, we need to diversify the employment for the lower to middle income people, if this latest move by Capital One (who barely survived 4 years here) isn’t proof of that, I don’t know what is.

Should the City of Sioux Falls raise it’s minimum wage to $10 an hour

Commissioner Barth thinks so;

Under the Sioux Falls Charter Form of Government, the city can do anything not forbidden by state statute. Thus, Sioux Falls can and should raise the minimum wage within its municipal boundaries. There would be fewer families and kids depending on taxpayer and charitable assistance. Yes, it would cause a stir, but the free publicity would help send forth the word that “Sioux Falls has jobs” and that these jobs pay a living wage. Many employers are already paying $10 and up for entry-level-positions, so the effect on local employers would be minimal.

When Jeff first proposed this to me over a month ago, I kind of laughed to myself. But is it that far-fetched? I called Jeff the other day while driving past Mickey D’s? What did the marquee say? “Do you want to make $10 an hour?” WOW! Even the famous fast food joint is paying that as a starting wage in Sioux Falls. (for full disclosure I was making that much in 1989 at a McDonalds in Everett, WA as the summer night maintenance person – 25 years ago – and I got to wear some cool coveralls!).

It seems our city council has pulled up their boot straps lately. Wrangling in pool rates, a texting ban even free youth bus rides. Is it time for our legislative body to send a message to employers in this town? How about a message to Pierre? While we are quick to give away free things to the ‘poor kids’ how about giving them a ‘hand up’ instead.

I at least encourage the city council to look at the measure.

What kind of training is ‘Ovations’ temporary help getting?

After reading the Stormland TV story about the supposed patron of the Events Center that got drugged by a temp employee bartender, Detroit Lewis started asking a few questions, but not about the incident itself.

I have been wondering where ‘Ovations’ (the contractor the city uses for the Events Center that is also used at the Pentagon and Canaries Stadium for concessions) get’s their temp help AND what kind of training they receive, and if there is any liability of the city (the taxpayers) if one of these temps screw up.

So a couple of weeks ago I got tipped off of the temp agency being used by a very disgruntled temp. While I am NOT going to say who the temp agency is, let’s just say it wouldn’t be the first place you would think of when you are looking for people to prepare food and bartend. Let me be clear though, this agency places a lot of people for day labor on construction sites, etc., and that is wonderful. But when I found out they were being used for food service and hospitality, I got a little nervous, especially for someone who has worked in the industry on and off for 26 years.

My first issue was food safety and ADA training. According to the Ovations contract with the city training is provided;


Is everyone getting proper training? I hope city officials look into very closely.

The Washington Pavilion, with all it’s faults, I will admit when I worked there in the Great Hall, all of us had to go through CPR & ADA training, amongst other programs. Even the Part-Time, Part-timers had to go through it, as well as the volunteers. It wasn’t an option. I also never recall temps working there part-time (except for maybe show load ins for the stage shows).

One of the things we were promised at the Events Center was jobs. Not just construction and full-time jobs, but good part-time jobs. Now we are finding out instead of Ovations hiring permanent part-time help they seem to be just filling the cracks with temp workers anytime there is a big event (and hiding the tip jars).

To say I am surprised, well not really. But I am disappointed that yet again, we are receiving another broken promise about the Events Center due to the greed of a few.

Nursing pay in South Dakota ranks 48th in Nation

Should this surprise any of us? Not really, I have had at least two friends leave SD for better pay in nursing. One of them got her pay doubled when she moved to Washington State. I was also told by both of them, working conditions were not the best either in SD (one had worked at both major hospitals and the other worked for a private surgical center).

It seems while we hear places like Trail King get a bad rap for bad pay, and Denny Sanford kicking in $25 million to train better welders, he ought to be paying the nurses better that work for his name stake.

As I said at a recent city council meeting, we don’t have a ‘jobs’ issue in South Dakota, we have a ‘wage’ issue. Teachers and nurses are not the only ones at the bottom of the pay scale in SD.

South Dakota – $50,000 Rank: 48th
Average Registered Nursing salaries for job postings in South Dakota are 25% lower than average Registered Nursing salaries for job postings nationwide. The average salary ranks 48th among states in the country. There were also job openings from employers like Reflectx Staffing, Avera Health, FocusStaff, and Huron South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation Jobs.

My Voice guest column, set labels aside

This writer points out something overlooked in the Trail King worker debacle;

It is a common behavior to label things. It implies we have arrived at a conclusion. It is a common mistake that when we don’t understand the “other” we tend to label them. This limits our ability to be curious and learn more.

Am I guilty of this, sure, I tend to label ‘normal’ people as people I really don’t want to be around. They even kind of irritate me a little. The sad part is that when you are only driven by profits and greed, all you have is excuses when you fail. Blame the worker.

Is there a corporate culture when it comes to salary increases in Sioux Falls?

The Mayor likes to brag about how he runs Sioux Falls like a business. Looking at the salary packages of city employees since 2010 and you will certainly see that he is either running a corporate business model when rewarding ‘certain’ employees for what seems like loyalty or he is using public treasure to be in good graces with these employees.

The below graphic is just a sliver of the data processed. We found that many of the lower end city employees did not receive any or only COLA increases from 2010-2013 (coming out of a recession) while management and promoted workers received enormous increases. Yearly increases for some of the management/supervisor employees was between 12-15%. Remember, this is when tax revenue was down, and we were coming out of an economic downturn.

This graphic only shows the TOP 44 employess who received the largest increases over a 5 year period of time. While some of the department managers did not receive as high as increases, their wage increases were enormous when compared to the private sector (more on that later).

I left the names of the employees off of the chart, because I concluded though this is public record, it really isn’t about WHO was getting these increases it was about how they are conducted. The layman looking at this would seem to be confused at the rhyme or reason as to how these increases occurred (more on that later). I have often felt public salary increases should be based on three things;


2) Tax revenue increase percentage

3) Performance and Promotion (did the employee reach the objectives given to them by management?

4) Efficiency and Accuracy while maintaining a high level of customer service

It is also important to remember, that some of the larger increases below were due to employees moving from a temp or part-time employee to a full-time employee, but where the shocker comes in is after a small promotion the big leap in salary.

SF High Wage-Salary.xlsx

Trail King clueless about a 99.99% worker turnover

Wow, when I read this story, the first thing I thought is how things haven’t changed in 24 years, literally.

They seem to think it is an employee problem, seems to be an employer problem. Reading comments on FB, I hear the same complaints I heard 24 years ago from one of my friends that worked there, NO air conditioning or ventilation for the welders. He was hardly a slacker, he was a hard working farm kid who was a very talented welder and loved doing it, but when you can’t breathe doing your job, it’s time to hit the road. I think he lasted about 15-30 days.

I applaud the Argus and Steve Young for doing this story, it will blow up in Trail King’s face, and they might finally realize that treating your employees like oxen instead of humans will eventually catch up with you.

Remember this is the same company who took state tax dollars to recruit workers. It’s time for all former employees to speak out and tell the governor and the CEO of the company that we have had enough of this less then human treatment from employers.

Do we need to recruit workers to South Dakota & Sioux Falls?

We don’t ­ – But I will get to that in a moment.

With all this hub-bub about the lame ass marketing skills coming from our own community development office and the SD Republic party’s personal ad agency (who continues to mysteriously win all of the State’s RFPs) it has gotten me thinking about the bigger picture, or let’s at least say the bigger more important objective of workforce development.

Last week I was having a conversation about this topic with a Sioux Falls city councilor, and I asked him, “Why do we need to recruit people to Sioux Falls? Isn’t Sioux Falls large enough? Why do we need to grow?”

But more importantly we both had an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment. Why not make salaries, job training and the quality of life for the people who already live here better FIRST. Then once we have declared success on that front, we can show the rest of the country (or even the universe) how we have made South Dakota better for our existing residents with boundless opportunities to advance in your career.

Let’s face it, the first step to a better quality of life is a fatter wallet. I chuckle at these commercials where people are fishing on Bayliners, driving Harleys and recreating in the Black Hills. Guess what, all of these things take money, and with having one of the highest rates of impoverished children in the country, I don’t think too many South Dakotans are driving to the food bank on their Harleys.

Let’s face it, companies in South Dakota CAN afford to pay better, but I will also defend them by saying it is a two-way street, workers that already exist in this state are going to have to be willing to learn new things and make an effort.

We don’t need to recruit workers to our state, we need to recruit companies to make better lives for their current employees which means intensive on the job training, education, and paying above a living wage. It will take a REAL and PERSONAL investment from the companies, not just taxpayers, but hey that’s how the FREE market works. We can’t continue to depend on corporate welfare for these companies to get workers.

If we don’t try this approach, no number of idiotic TV commercials by Loser & Shister or billboards in Downtown Minneapolis of Smiling Mayor Mike are going to turnaround our (qualified) worker shortage.

I have often said “All politics are local” well the same goes for a strong workforce. Let’s cleanup our neighborhood first before inviting other neighborhoods over for a block party.

Put on a tie & get a job! Some more infinite wisdom from our Esteemed Leader

Last Sunday, Mike went to First Baptist Church in Sioux Falls for another exciting edition of his ‘Shut Up and Listen’ session. He gave advice on how to dress for an interview (if they even call you for one) and put his foot in his mouth so many times that I am guessing his breath smells like sweaty toes and shoe leather to this day!

Should teaching English be considered a part of taxpayer subsidized job training?

Around $170K of the $500K the city is awarding in workforce development is going towards immigrants and refugees.

While I am not opposed to teaching them English and using taxdollars to do it, shouldn’t our #1 focus be on actual job training, when it comes to workforce development? When I think of teaching immigrants our language, I look at that as a social service, not a workforce development service.

What do you think? I think it is a very fine line;

Workforce Development Pilot Program Recommends Funding Eight Organizations – Applications Still Being Accepted

In January, the City of Sioux Falls launched a Workforce Development Pilot Program to support and explore activities to address workforce challenges and to drive workforce growth and development. Today, the City announced its intent to award funding to eight local entities that are well-positioned to address workforce development needs in Sioux Falls. Grant awards are proposed for:

  • Employment Edge—$25,000
    Program to focus on recruiting, screening, and finding jobs for nonviolent offenders recently released from state or federal custody
  • Forward Sioux Falls—$50,000
    Creation of a comprehensive community workforce action plan
  • Globe University—$100,000
    Development of individualized training programs for businesses that incorporate on the job and academic learning
  • Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire, Associated General Contractors of South Dakota, and Sioux Empire Manufacturers—$50,000
    Creation of mobile training labs to teach construction and manufacturing skills
  • Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls—$70,020
    Workforce training program for immigrants and refugees
  • Sioux Empire Society for Human Resource Management—$34,250
    Will host a community-wide workforce development conference
  • Sioux Falls School District, Career and Technical Education Academy—$12,250
    Electrical skills program that provides post-secondary credit for high school students
  • Training Solutions Institute, a division of Southeast Technical Institute—$99,408
    English language and job skills training for immigrant and ethnic populations


The eight awards total $440,928. The City has received 38 applications requesting a total of $1,932,715. An evaluation committee and the City Attorney’s Office reviewed each application. Ten finalists were invited to make a presentation to the group and were scored by the committee according to:

  • Level of impact
  • Investment made by the proposer to execute the program
  • Proposer’s qualifications to successfully deliver the program
  • Quality of interview