Lame Duck President Quacks Under Pressure, Apologizes for Financial Meltdown

That’s right, president Bush said he’s sorry about the worst financial meltdown since the great depression. He’s not really responsible for it, but he’s sorry. So there’s that, which is nice. If only Herbert Hoover had thought of it in 1929. 

The whole thing reminds me of Bill Clinton apologizing to some group about slavery – as if it was his own doing. Did it help anyone with anything? No. Did it solve anything? No.

I’m waiting to see which of his two responses to problems Bush will deploy on this one: will he bomb it or throw bricks of money at it?

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#1 l3wis on 12.01.08 at 2:38 pm

I f’ing sorry the American People let this crook be president for the last 8 years.