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18 thoughts on “Write the toon”
  1. My fellow Republicans, did you listen to Obama tonight?
    Look, let’s face it: we are SO screwed!

  2. We have given Mr. Obama a solid month and he has yet to resolve our nation’s problems. Isn’t that enough evidence to prove that the Republican party is the REAL party of change?

    I mean just look at me – I’m a minority and now that we have a minority President they are finally willing to let me speak in public!

    Heck just last week I was invited to a private dinner in Washington and for the first time in memory when I showed up at the table I wasn’t asked what the specials are nor was I asked to take a drink order!

    If that doesn’t spell change….I don’t know what does.


  3. As tonight’s designated republican brown person, I would like to repeat the following republican party talking points…

  4. I have more;

    “My appearance tonight has nothing to do with the popularity of Slumdog millionaire, it is pure coincidence.”


    “The Democrats are proposing a flying carpet train from Vegas to LA. I for one, can tell you they do not work.”

  5. And to add, I think it is funny how the Republicans are parading out all the young minorities, they don’t get it. You didn’t lose the last election because Obama was black, you lost because he was the smarter candidate. I suggest you put your smartest person out in front instead of your brownest. Of course, that may be difficult to find that person, you have such a promising pool . . . ahem.

  6. Actually, Jindal is also one of the smartest. The old Boehners in congress are dinosaurs with room-temperature IQs. Having watched a lot of hurricane Ike coverage (Mrs. Dude has relatives in Houston and Galveston), he seemed to really have his sh*t together – unlike his predecessor.
    I’d much prefer him as the head of the party than Gov. GILF.

  7. Gov. Bobby Jinal looked like a virgin Mombai hooker arrested by the constables an hour into her first job. Very funny.

  8. Yeah, the opposition’s response to a presidential address is almost never written by the poor schmuck who has to read it. They just picked him because he’s a “rising star” in the party.
    IIRC, Obama got to give some important speech for the dems when he was a senator – and a “rising star”.

  9. I’m the perfect minority president, black and Indian. You can’t understand me (GW), I maintain a harem (Clinton), and I know every algerian e-mail con.

  10. “It’s going to be a long time before we see another lily white President of The United States of America”.

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