I laugh at short angry people jokes all of the time, but apparently the Repugs can’t laugh at themselves, and they prove it once again with their bitch session over Colbert’s recent (sarcastic) testimony.

THE VID (Hilarious)

THE SOB SESSION (Pretty funny)

8 Thoughts on “Once again, wingnuts prove they don’t have a sense of humor

  1. Buzz Evenrude on September 24, 2010 at 10:05 pm said:

    “apparently the Repugs can’t laugh at themselves, and they prove it once again with their bitch session over Colbert’s recent (sarcastic) testimony”

    It was John Conyers (D) Michigan, that asked Colbert to leave immediately and submit his responses in writing. BTW, Representative Conyers is one of the most crooked reps in our Government. But, lets not let creative writing get in the way of truth

  2. I will agree, Conyers is a crooked SOB, but I was referring to the FOX news rant. AND BTW, I am an indy, for the 1000th time.

  3. But if you watched at the end you saw that Conyers understood and was agreeing with what Colbert said. Now on the other hand your neighbor to the southeast, Rep. Steve King, he doesn’t have a clue. He thought Colbert’s video looked staged, it looked like everything was backwards, he (Colbert) didn’t do any real work, it was hot and King saw no sweat. Clearly he does not know who Stephen Colbert is and what he does on his show. Perhaps if King had a clue about anything in life he would understand. But from all his remarks over the last year he lives in some other world. I would suggest he could start getting a clue by visiting the egg farms in Iowa that have made hundreds and hundreds of people sick. Or does he think the owners of those egg farms are being picked on?

  4. Do you think Megyn Kelly will have anything to say about another repug wing nut, Christine O’Donnell? She’s back with another stranger then fiction remark, “evolution is a myth.” Adding, “Well then why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?” Video here:


  5. Damn right it was ‘staged’ it is comedy!


  6. I get what he was doing, it just seemed a bit unsavory and a little pretentious to do it in a hearing. I frankly don’t care though, its not like he was bringing down the dignity level of the Hill.
    O’donnell is a nutjob, and I am still shocked that 74000 people in Delaware couldn’t see that. The lights are on, but I don’t see anyone home. I don’t think that Palin will ever be forgiven by the establishment for tilting this primary away from castle. She undermined the establishment to show her muscle. Castle may have been a mook, but he was our mook, and for this sin of Pride, Palin is not ever going to Cross the Jordan to the promised land (a presidential nomination).

  7. And I don’t see how we can forgive John McCain for giving us Sarah.

  8. That was funny and scary at the same time.

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