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Election Funnies (H/T – Helga)

Good Stuff

Daily Show

Colbert Report


Thune; The Afrin model (H/T – Helga & Colbert)

Colbert takes his shot at Thune. While the entire skit is funny, I like how Colbert pronounces his name. Good stuff.

Once again, wingnuts prove they don’t have a sense of humor

I laugh at short angry people jokes all of the time, but apparently the Repugs can’t laugh at themselves, and they prove it once again with their bitch session over Colbert’s recent (sarcastic) testimony.

THE VID (Hilarious)

THE SOB SESSION (Pretty funny)

I think I’m falling out of love with Sarah Silverman

Kristen Schaal is my new girl. She has been on the Daily Show a few times, and I love her hokey-nervous-clumsy attitude towards comedy. I think she would work better on The Colbert Report though.

Colbert and Stewart have a little fun

A Jew dressed up as a jihadist Muslim, hmmmm, there’s a joke in this somewhere.