17 Thoughts on “What’s that saying about snowballs in Hell?

  1. If the Egg Doctor can be elected to SD legislature, anyoen can be elected

  2. Angry Guy on September 24, 2010 at 5:58 am said:

    His church and daycare employs a whopping 52 people! Holy cow! Elect that idiot RIGHT NOW!

  3. He is actually an extremely intelligent man who has his head and heart in the right place.

  4. Hey, Angry Guy,

    Do you work for a business that pays people for their value? How big is it? Does the number of employees depend on the work? Are some part time?

    So WHAT if he has a church and daycare that employs people. That’s a good thing. That means people have jobs, people are doing good. That means none of those people need state support. What a testimony to employ 52 people!

    And seriously, Angry Guy, a daycare? Please realize that there are requirements of number of employees and roles when it comes to daycares and it has to do with the kids. It has to do with caring for children–which his church has a history of doing.

  5. anominous on September 24, 2010 at 9:11 am said:

    Anything is possible in South Dakota if you have a big enough campaign sign. Dreams really do come true.

  6. hilarious on September 24, 2010 at 12:35 pm said:

    A chubby middle aged underemployed waiter thinks a guy who created 52 jobs is unelectable? Hilarious. Who’s the real fool here, Scotty? Fyi: buffalo are a South Dakota thing, not at teabagger thing.

  7. Angry Guy on September 24, 2010 at 1:21 pm said:

    Hey Susan, Who fucking cares how many people I work with and how many are worth a shit? It doesn’t matter because I’m not running for public office and putting blurbs about my life on the web for everyone to pick apart. Frankly I couldn’t give less of a shit how many people work for DooHickey. It’s irrelevant. Maybe I should have said how stupid it is that he let his retarded kid wear a shirt from the hit TV show The Office to a photo shoot. When, in all actuality, he probably forced his kid to wear it in hopes that someone on the left (only liberals think that show is funny) might think more of DooHickey if they believe he allows his son to watch prime time TV. Frankly, I’m not buying it.
    And yes, a daycare! I said it. Really. Child Care Centers! OOOOH NOOO! Don’t pick on the daycare! Anything but that. Everyone knows that only perverts and the unemployable elderly would work at a daycare. Who else would want to spend that much time with your kids? I think it would be a bigger testimony if he watched all of those kids by himself. Then I might start to think SteveO is man enough to represent us in Pierre. He needs other people to manage and staff his business? Loser.

  8. frankly, I am scared of buffalo. So thank you to who ever put his face on the buffalo. Watch out S.D. we actually might do something smart and elect a God fearing man to help run our state. That would be wonderful!!!!!

  9. You are wasting your time if you want to try and have a rational debate from those Church at the Gate folks… or even if you want to try and be sarcastic.

  10. hilarious on September 24, 2010 at 2:37 pm said:

    Kerry, you probably should leave Hickey another voicemail and apologize for what you said about his son. Not funny.

  11. Rational debate can never be had if by rational someone means accepting someone else’s ideas. I know some of these “church at the gate” folks. Hmm. Most give away ALOT of their personal time, personal finance, and use their talents for others. Not to line some church’s pockets (yea there are some big churches in sioux falls that do JUST that) not to line steve H. pockets- (seen his finances he is not a RICH pastor (plenty of THOSE in sioux falls also) )
    I’ve seen people at the Gate give to the poor, the hungry, homeless. I see ALOT of people who speak ill of those at the gate speaking out of ignorance. C’mon angry guy are there not enough words that you can not possibly speak without cursing?? You show your small mindedness in that. You prove the point against you. Grow up..

    Costner- sarcasm may be dry, may be witty but it is not rude.

    Hilarious, Ill take a that middle aged guy who may have only overseen 52 but leads a group over 800 over the community organizer who never ever had to meet any budget.

    Lets be honest both wings on our current political bird are sick. Very sick. Tea party or whatever is at least people trying withing the system to make change. More than weakly getting ANGRY or CURSING or belittling which seems to be all any of you can do. Sad, small minded, short sighted.

    What do you want?? I am amazed at the anger against someone who is honest. Face it most politicians are liars. Bold faced liars. Steve is what you get, no games, no “I meant this” no garbage.
    Perfect no- but the anointed one in office now is not either.

    rant away- curse, prove your small mindedness, one day you will answer whether you like it or not. So will I.

    I hope I am not found wanting.

  12. anominous on September 24, 2010 at 5:35 pm said:

    The whole herd is here.

  13. You are all missing the point. I just think a guy who calls our president an abortionist and berates anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus has very little chance of winning a seat to the state house. But hey, we let Janklow run our state for 16 years, so anything is possible I guess.

  14. These DooHickey groupies are scary.

  15. anominous on September 25, 2010 at 5:03 pm said:

    Can’t the catholic theocrats who run this state offer this poor honest little guy a shot at it, just for once?

  16. Scary is right. Think mirrored sunglasses, a small African country and lots of kool-aid.

  17. Circle the wagons – we must protect our own!

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