Every year the state legislature makes me so proud to be a South Dakotan 🙁

By l3wis

13 thoughts on “South Dakota State Legislator, David Omdahl, calls transgenders ‘Twisted’”
  1. Whoa! Big reaction. It’s a complex issue that doesn’t deserve his form of bigotry. I’ve known transsexuals. I’m sympathetic and relate but realize I couldn’t possibly understand complexity. Separate bathrooms but if that’s to complicated, one for all but with more private stalls.

    How about private soundproof stalls for sexual variations and liaisons so you don’t have to pay for a motel? What if it’s not twisted but crooked? Need another 4 places for which direction.

  2. all you have to do is provide unisex restrooms that would give everyone their personal space needed to go wee. We don’t need a california law that wants to allow kids to explore who they want to be, just give them all a unisex rest room to go in a public space. No big deal.

  3. I think him and others need education.A man comes from a woman.A clit is a undeveloped penis.

  4. just because someone didnt have the surgery doesnt mean that they cant play sports with there gender.If a person is going through hormone therapy and has completed it and has had a paper from the endrocronologist stated they completed hormone therapy then that person that is born male has transitioned to female and can get there gender changed on there id or license with out the surgery.
    Haing said this then this person can join the female sports cause hormones have weakend the tissue mass took away the male hormones and gave the individual female hormones there fore the once male that had all of the strength of a man has weakend due to hormone therapy

  5. If people knows how the human body works and is developed through pregnancy then you would understand that transgenders are born this way.

  6. I’m wondering if there should be a third bathroom. Everyone’s going to notice who uses transgender. High school prank will be tying up nerds in TG. Perhaps, keep it two or (like in some of Europe) one for all genders but all private stalls. No more wall mounts?

    Point is that transgender is another chromosome combination. It’s part of the sexual equation for all forms of life. I’ll accept or (at least) understand.

  7. i wish there was more people that understand like you in south dakota also i agree they need to do unisex bathrooms.

  8. im sure if the senates had to pee really bad and went to a gas station and the mens bathroom was occuoied i bet they went to the womens bathroom and locked dooor behind them to urinate

  9. Sierra: The might happen that the men’s room is busy, but more likely, a woman would have to use the men’s room. No confessions here, but I have know it to be done. Back in the ’80s in Iowa there was a big thing about “potty parity” meaning capacity of female restrooms should be larger than males in the same facility (i.e. rest stops, restaurant) because women go more often than men; or so say people who study such things. Maybe they could tack this potty problem onto the other potty problem and make this bill that is a “solution in search of a problem” an even bigger deal.

  10. I took my lil’sis and gf into mensroom veterans stadium
    david bowie +peter frampton and guarded them 1987.Dang line for Ladies was like 450 deep vs. 8 dudes in the males.
    Goodness gracious.Wonder how the sanford domes urine stream
    will fare.Sheilds that block the urinals undless you put a buck in

    Crawl under the stall unless there is crap on the flo.


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