I have come to the realization that bitching about this project at this point is almost futile;

After a contentious five-year saga of fits and false starts, we’re left with something that looks more like it belongs in downtown Chernobyl post-meltdown.

Now we’re faced with setting aside our dreams of a silk purse in return for a sow’s ear.

But we find the current state of affairs unacceptable. The “finishing” touches on such a huge and visible public initiative should excite and energize the citizens of Sioux Falls. Instead, we stand disappointed and disillusioned.

TenHaken has an opportunity to begin earning back public trust in City Hall.

While the editorial makes some good points, I sometimes wonder if it is too late. I don’t think that Mayor TenHaken or his administration have ANY intention of becoming more transparent, in fact, they have been in hunker down mode for over a year, and it gets worse by the day. The super secret, hurry up and ramrod through the 5G implementation without (real) public meetings is proof of this. I said to someone the other day, “It makes you wonder all the things they are doing behind the scenes we don’t know about?”

While the previous mayor was very OPEN about his SECRECY – it was almost a badge of honor with him, this mayor pretends like it isn’t going on, but they are one in the same. I saw when Munson did this, when the next guy did it, and now our current mayor, and it is getting worse and more deceptive by the day. God help us, because I’m not sure there is much the rest of can do to stop this.

4 Thoughts on “Argus ED Board points out the obvious problems with the Bunker Ramp

  1. I applaud the AL for this hard hitting article. I would like to have seen them point more blame on the councilors who voted for it and are still in place.

    How about turning your sites on the taxpayer fraud created on the other side of the river AL?

  2. 'YES' Votes on November 18, 2019 at 9:39 am said:

    Neitzert Northwest District **up for re-election 2020

    Selberg Southwest District **up for re-election 2020

    Christine Erickson At-Large

    Rick Kiley Southeast District

    Michelle Erpenbach no longer on the Council

    Rex Rolfing no longer on the Council

  3. 'NO' Votes on November 18, 2019 at 9:44 am said:

    Theresa Stehly At-Large **up for re-election 2020

    Pat Starr Northeast District **up for re-election 2020

  4. "Very Stable Genius" on November 18, 2019 at 4:33 pm said:

    “….it belongs in downtown Chernobyl post-meltdown.”

    Bahahahaha!….. Many were hoping to turn the Bunker Ramp into some kind of trendy lofts with a Post-Saddam theme (Thanks Arcs!), or a Post-Berlin theme (Thanks painted mural wall!), but instead we are now talking about Chernobyl, which is even worst. Maybe 60 Minutes should do a story about it with political geiger counters in hand…. #RadioactivePolitics

    ( – and Woodstock adds: “That’s it!”….”‘They’re planning to blame the 5G radioactivity upon the Bunker Ramp!”….”Aren’t ‘they’?!”)

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