Let’s just chalk it up to another failure in state government;

To refresh your memories, I am challenging two main points of state petition law: first, 2019 House Bill 1094, Rep. Jon Hansen’s (R-25/Dell Rapids) circulator badge and registry scheme now mostly encapsulated in SDCL 2-1-1.3–, and the state’s requirement that initiative petitions be submitted a full year before the election at which you would get to vote on them.

There are so many constitutional issues with the legislation, I don’t even know where to start. If I had to make a bet on this, I would put $1K down in the first Aberdeen telephone booth video lottery casino I could find that they will win, and win huge.

I sometimes wonder if SD State Legislators take there pocket US Constitutions (if they have ever had one) and burn it before the first day of session.


I still have not figured out why they decided to go for this in the biggest county in the state;

Mr. Gearman gave a briefing on the proposed amendments as follows: Article 2, Section 6 updating language to align with South Dakota law and administrative rule; Article 6 to remove the requirement of consent and a written agreement between two licensees for special events; and Article 14 updating language to align with South Dakota law and administrative rule regarding minimum personnel requirements Other minor changes were made for the purposes of consistency and formatting. Speaking in favor of the amendments, Dr. Jeff Luther, Rural Ambulance Quality Assurance Director, explained that he believes reducing the requirement from two emergency medical technicians (EMT) to one EMT would not cause a decrease in quality. Tim Haight, 3403 W 93rd Street, Sioux Falls, inquired about the proposed amendment to Article 6. Maggie Gillespie, Senior Deputy State’s Attorney, responded to Mr. Haight’s question explaining that he would need to contact his own legal counsel if he had legal questions, and that the change to Article 6 only removes the requirement to obtain consent from the existing service area ambulance service for a special event. Jay Masur, 25968 476th Ave, Sioux Falls, Med-Star Paramedic Ambulance President & CEO, spoke in opposition to lowering the number of EMTs. Dr. Luther responded to the concerns brought forward by Mr. Masur explaining that smaller ambulance services struggle to find enough people to serve. Therefore, the requirement of two EMTs made it hard to operate. Additionally, many Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Deputies are trained EMTs with impressive response times. Mr. Gearman explained that the ordinance is a minimum standard. Ambulance services may choose to set their standards at any level they want as long as the minimum is met. MOTION by Karsky, seconded by Barth, to approve Ordinance MC31-6-19, the 2019 Ground Ambulance Licensing Ordinance. By roll call vote: 5 ayes. The entire Ordinance is on file and available for inspection at the County Auditor’s Office.

I think it is a cost saving measure for the for profit ambulance services. It will be interesting to see how staffing changes.


So this was pretty cool;

The state party’s Central Committee elected Randy Seiler to serve as the chair on Saturday, according to a party announcement. Seiler, the party’s vice chair, has been serving as the interim chair since Paula Hawks resigned as chair in September. SDDP Executive Director Stacey Burnette jointly resigned with Hawks.

Isn’t it crazy that stuff is not so bad with the Dem party in SD?  I kind of wonder what kind of BS has been concocted over the past couple of years. I hope in the name of transparency the party tells us what has been going on and how they are going to fix it. This could be a great moment for them rooting out the corruption. As an Indy, I have never liked the party system. It just seems like a system that needs to go away and make government on all levels non-partisan. I had a friend tell me once that he doesn’t belong to ‘clubs’ because they seem to ‘clubby’ with lots of rules and other stupid crap. It always made me laugh, because I agree.


I just think this is weird. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure they work all year long? There are other ‘disasters’ you might want to warn citizens about in the winter besides tornados. I almost wonder if this has to do with the embarrassment of the tornado warning system failing this summer and they are trying to minimize the failure. Hey, McFly, that is over and done with, time to move on and make sure they work moving forward. Don’t people learn from their mistakes anymore?


The rumor mill has been on full cycle that the SD GOP is behind going after Nelson about blocking people of FB. They have been wanting to get Stace for his big mouth for years, and I think they want to bury him with this Federal case. I think it is funny how the SD GOP is concerned about the 1st Amendment when they want to hurt someone, but the rest of the time they are the most secretive party of all time. And corrupt. If you want to apply these rules to Nelson, which I think that is a good thing, you also have to follow them to. So if you want to make sure politicians are not blocking people on FB, maybe in the next session you should pass sweeping open meeting transparency laws . . . wait, maybe that is why Stace in trouble, he told us about the warts of the GOP.

7 Thoughts on “Weekly Tidbits

  1. "Very Stable Genius" on December 8, 2019 at 11:10 pm said:

    It’s all about a $25000 loan and you are back in business. It amazing what can happen if a good friend of yours is a banker. Just ask Trump.

    Going forward, the SDDP will continual to spin its wheels, if it thinks that marketing is the answer, however. It is not like we are at parity with Republicans in this state and all we just need to do is a better job of selling our detergent brand.

    Our partisan politics today is defined increasingly more and more by a national image, which no state party can change.

    White America continues to trend Republican and has since 1976. South Dakota is pretty white, so what is a Democrat in this state to do? Well, marketing won’t cut it alone. It’s hardly the icing on the cake. Only when the SDDP starts talking and doing something about true GOTV and voter registration will it began to be a player again, but until then, it will continue to market the idea that they are relevant.

    But what can one say, money might be able to buy you short term love, but not with the current pool of voters no matter how much your banker loves you……

    #ItsGOTVStupid…… #ItsVoterRegistrationStupid….. #SocialMediaIsNotAPanacea

  2. Unstable genius on December 9, 2019 at 2:00 pm said:

    I stopped reading when you couldn’t even get “their” right. You would think a guy who has diarrhea of the keyboard as bad as you would have passed 6th grade English.

  3. I’ll let my editor know about your concerns 🤪

  4. "Very Stable Genius" on December 9, 2019 at 4:01 pm said:

    Ouch! Did I strike a nerue? I mean nerve. You would think someone who could debate someone on point wouldn’t have to resort to character assassination. But then again, when you can’t win the argument, you then attack the messenger, right?

    As long as the SDDP obsesses with message, it will be nothing but a Shasta. But when it embraces GOTV and VR, then it might be a Pepsi someday. How’s that for branding and messaging?

    I could ask you how long you have been unstable (At least mine (or is it mind?) is in quotations), but that would be too mean. Because we already have too much hate on the “internets” already. I try to stick to facts and I encourage others to do the same…. Oh, and thanks for reading most of it, though….. And by the way, a grammar site claims I am find, I mean fine(?).

    ( and Woodstock adds: “So UG is saying that VSG should have wrote ‘their relevant?'”….’But VSG isn’t suggesting possession, rather he was suggesting a quality that third parties notice, instead”….”Oh, and have you seen the options market today for Pepto Bismol’s parent company?”…”It’s ‘running’ high!” 😉 …)

  5. Unstable genius on December 9, 2019 at 6:33 pm said:

    VSG, it’s funny that you think I was talking to you. Haven’t read a single one of your posts for as long as I can remember. Early on, it became apparent that you ha d nothing of value to say. Just read yours now since it was a response to me. Mostly just stop by this page occasionally for the comedy aspect. Other than that, not much to see here. I suspect 99% of the town isn’t aware this “blog” exists. I was talking to the author of the post. He struggles with basic grammar. I think you’re both awful angry people. I suggest if everything is as bad as you say, run for office and fix everything.

  6. The Guy From Guernsey on December 9, 2019 at 8:09 pm said:

    Thanks for stopping by again to offer your contribution to the comedy aspect then, I guess.

  7. "Very Stable Genius" on December 9, 2019 at 8:55 pm said:

    Wow, so sorry, but since you don’t use quotations for your “so most” original alias, then I understand what is really going on here with you. But done the less, I think you can understand my misunderstanding given your alias and what it might infer…. So, Merry Christmas…. Happy Hanukkah…. Happy Kwansaa…. and Happy New Year, too.

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