By l3wis

3 thoughts on “Obama finally says something”
  1. Obama is a liberal because he is black and went to Harvard. His Kansas Republican grandparents, who helped raise him, often show-up in his approach to things. They call it “No Drama Obama”.

    He’s good at making sure his scholastic intelligence overrides his emotional intelligence, but such a cautious approach to things as a leader can leave people hanging at times. He gave us ObamaCare, but he never seemed to defend it. In fact, Biden had to remind him, that it was a “big fxxking deal”.

    Don’t get me wrong. I voted for Obama twice. I respect him and believe he is a member of a special class of presidents who have saved capitalism at given times. FDR is the only other member of that class, but Obama is the Adlai Stevenson who became president. He is not the Jesse Jackson or Bernie Sanders, who became president.

  2. Almost didn’t get the message on the hat. Almost had to use a Trump … Tweet

  3. Funny story:
    There was a group of hunters in Canada. As a prank, one of them donned a camo gilly suits (so he’d look like Bigfoot) and ran across in front of them. A hunter shot him. He survived.

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