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8 thoughts on “Guns R’ Fun? (G/T-Tim Benson)”
  1. If the January 6th insurrectionists were really only “tourists”, then what happen to the 2nd Amendment remedy? A missed opportunity, I guess.

    Don’t you love it also, when gun owners claim they need their guns to protect themselves because police response times are too slow, but then they turned around and are the first to claim that blue lives matter? I guess that’s an example of standing your ground even if you can’t stand on the issue.

  2. Guns and ammo have been selling to the bare walls lately. Every time there’s pending legislation, more guns sold and being manufactured. Many guns end up in Mexico. I wonder how many. 35,000 murders in Mexico last year yet only 1 gun store in the whole country.

  3. “… police response times are too slow …” and “… blue lives matter “.
    These things are not mutually exclusive, nor are they contrary ideals.
    The former is a simple observation of distance / time, perhaps a measure the result of inadequate resourcing.
    The later is a statement of support and respect for a profession.
    Of course, the color of a life should not matter. But isn’t it interesting that it is those of the liberal persuasion who find need to interject color into every dialogue, else what they got?

  4. As far as I can tell, no guns were used at the “insurrection”? We don’t need a 2nd Amendment remedy, just upholding the constitution should do it, Komrade.

  5. Oh, they are “contrary”. If you publicly praise, but privately criticize, what are you then? A hypocrite, or an idiot?

    Also don’t forget that MLK wanted a color blind society, too, but he never suggested it would happen due to fiat.

  6. Hey Stupid, if they were only “tourists”, then how could it be an example of a 2nd Amendment remedy, potential or not and gun or not?

    As far as no “need”, you need to tell your gun owning friends that and not me.

    I love how a discussion about guns always brings people out of the woodwork with their guns loaded.

  7. VSG, an unloaded gun is useless, mine is ALWAYS loaded and within reach. If you are scared of a piece of metal, maybe you should stay away from them, hopefully someone close to you has one and knows how to use it when BLM or ANTIFA come to your hood.

  8. I don’t live in the hood and your comment is demonstrative of an earlier quote of mine:

    “I love how a discussion about guns always brings people out of the woodwork with their guns loaded.”

    Oh, I am not afraid either, and I also live in the 21st century and do not want for Dodge City like some obvious- ly do.

    ( and Woodstock adds: “Constantly having a loaded gun around must be nerve-racking if you have kids around all of the time”…. “Well, if you have a conscience, that is”…)

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