Is Noem doing Sanford’s Bidding?

Yeah, sadly we have to go to Yahoo News to get the real bizzo on our Governor. As I have mentioned before, we would never get a story like this out of our local media;

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is encountering heightened scrutiny over decision to reject women’s sports legislation, with many questioning the influence of a longtime advisor – Matt McCaulley – who also has ties to the state’s top employer.

You may remember Mr. McCaulley, he was Sioux Falls City Councilor Neitzert’s attorney when he gleefully avoided punishment over his ethically challenged trip to Texas with Mayor Poops.

Since Noem’s veto, her conservative credentials have come under scrutiny, including from National Review. The conservative outlet published an article last week that raised legislators’ concerns with McCaulley and highlighted the $40 million that his client, Sanford Health, directed towards its sports complex on the same day that Noem announced her veto.

Kwinky Dink? I think not.

“It’s a well-known secret in South Dakota that Matt McCaulley has a seat at the Governor’s policy table while simultaneously representing the interests of Sanford Health as one of their key lobbyists,” a person with first-hand knowledge told Fox News.

“During the Women’s Sports debate, we clearly saw this conflict of interest when the Governor came out with a style-and-form veto on the same day that Sanford Health announced their $40M donation to expand a sports complex. McCaulley not only influenced Governor Noem’s decision to derail the women’s sports bill, but he also helped write the press release and worked on the messaging.”

Hey, Kristi, you could have waited at least a couple of days . . .

Some have suggested that Noem’s policy decisions were made under heavy influence of McCaulley.

And a lot of other people. It is pretty plain to see that Noem is influenced in every thing she does by outside influence. Whether that is McCaulley, Lewandowski, Trump . . . the loser list goes on and on.


#1 Tucker Carlson on 09.25.21 at 6:10 pm

Good Lord, Scott is getting his news from Fox News now.

#2 Very Stable Genius on 09.25.21 at 7:07 pm

Sometimes politics makes for strange bedfellows. My guess is, that there are “some” people at FOX who have another preference for the 2024 GOP nomination, or VP spot.

And don’t forget McCaulley was also the lead attorney against Brendan Johnson before the state Supreme Court concerning the legalization of recreational marijuana (Which Noem doesn’t want); and he is the one back in his legislative days, who authored the Daschle Bill, which made it impossible for Daschle to possibly run for the senate and the presidency at the same time in 2004. Although, roughly ten years later, the GOP in Pierre removed that law from the books, with McCaulley’s acquiescence, so that Thune could conceivably run for both in 2016.

McCaulley’s law firm is also called Redstone. Red stone is what the natives craft into pipes and other tools. It’s a crafty business should we say.

#3 D@ily Spin on 09.26.21 at 6:13 pm

Why is this a surprise? Government in this state is used for unethical actions. Things transpire for the wishes of a few and not the masses. Many cases can be considered fraud. Monetary contributions put someone in office. The favor must be returned. Because it’s government there’s no restrictions or legal ramifications. Politicians have executive privilege. They cannot be prosecuted. Often there’s bonus consideration in the form of favors or cash. Wealthy political donors pay with untraceable dummy corporations. It’s how it is and why we’re a fly over state that could have been more developed. Noem is a feminist to the point of reverse sexual discrimination. Get her out of government. There are better female or male political leaders who haven’t become biased and corrupted.

#4 Helga on 09.27.21 at 5:15 pm

Yahoo has another story about Noem which was the same story on KELO’s web cam page. Noem played dirty politics, got caught and now she is not happy that she is being called out. Just like her BFF trump she whines about the press. Poor baby.

#5 The Guy From Guernsey on 09.27.21 at 11:00 pm

The National Review article referenced in the Yahoo link is well-sourced and very well done.
Many business interests in the state, including the state’s largest employer (Sanford Health) and its executives, some of whom are past state legislators, are portrayed as left-leaning (“far left by National Review standards).
There is one paragtraph in particular which neatly spins the incestuous web of ‘chamber of commerce liberalism’ which influences state policy – under the guise of “republicanism” in order that it be palatable in a “red state”.
Redstone Law Firm (even T.J.); Sanford Health; Sanford Health executives, one of whom is on the Executive Committee of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce; the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce; the South Dakota Board of Regents; the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations, CEO of which is a former state legislator, former Sanford Health executive and Noem appointee to the Board of Regents.
All the connections, all these players relatively devoid of any guiding ideology, excepting pursuit of mammon.
One can easily extend the incestuous web from the chamber of commerces (local and statr) to the current Mayor of Sioux Falls and most of the current City Council.
Devoid of any guiding political ideology, except pursuit of mammon.

#6 The Guy From Guernsey on 09.27.21 at 11:08 pm

Playing the role of ‘Tom Hagen’, consigliere to the Sanford Health syndicate: Matt McCaulley.