SD Rep Erin Healy participates in abortion roundtable with VP today


#1 Very Stable Genius on 07.10.22 at 1:15 pm

If Harris is the nominee in ’24, then Trump will then be known as 47. Only Biden can beat Trump in ’24. Biden’s numbers are down right now, but his numbers strongly parallel Reagan’s at this time in his presidency (Obama’s, too, but I have always felt some fascinating parallels between Biden and Reagan even though their philosophies are different). If the GOP does very well this fall, which I think they will do, then that will help Biden in ’24 just as the GOP sweep in ’94 laid the groundwork for Clinton to be the first Democrat to be re-elected as President in 60 years.

I am shocked at how the Biden Administration seems to have been caught off guard with the reversal of Roe, however. I guess there was some hope that Roberts would save Roe, especially after Thomas’s recent public criticisms of how Roberts handles his court, but apparently not.

I was recently a part of a webinar call with the White House, which was suppose to be about classic rural issues, but then they started talking about Roe. This tells me that the WH knows it dropped the ball on a proper and steadfast response to the Roe reversal, which this roundtable reality only further speaks to and illustrates.

Let me also say that I think Harris will lose in ’28 to Liz Cheney. I want to like Harris a lot, wouldn’t have a problem voting for her in a general election, but I keep thinking about the time she chided Biden in a debate about his position on busing, then her numbers rose significantly , but then a few days later when asked what her position on busing really was by the Washington Post, she ended up having Biden’s position. (?)

As far as Cheney, it really doesn’t matter if she wins her Wyoming primary. She’s a Republican brand name. I still think she will be a force to be reckon with after the inevitable collapse of Trumpism within the GOP, which will begin to happen from ’24 forward. Well, that is if Biden is the nominee in ’24.

But what do I know? Just some thoughts.


( and Woodstock adds: “Maybe DeSantis needs to start doing some waterboarding, huh?” …. )

#2 "Woodstock" on 07.10.22 at 2:26 pm

“You know, I do have to admit that I’ve got a thing for Liz”…. #DontTellDua

#3 D@ily Spin on 07.11.22 at 2:09 pm

Suddenly, the Supreme Court upset Roe v Wade. Simply, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Abortion excites radicals. There was to be more gun control but now it’s complicated. Abortion should be a woman’s choice like vasectomy is a man’s. A baby can be incubated after 4 months. Perhaps this is the limitation.
Harris impresses me because she’s been an active VP. Not sure she’d be a good POTUS. I’d like to see 50ish candidates for the next election. The 70ish Biden/Trump types are tired and have learned to selfishly manipulate the system. Younger would have more energy and patriotism.
Don’t shoot me. I don’t play the piano.

#4 "Woodstock" on 07.12.22 at 12:33 am

“And another thing, I think it’s comical when Trump calls himself the next nonconsecutive Grover Cleveland”….. “Because, first of all, Cleveland was from New York, a drafter dodger, and he didn’t have a daughter-wife”…. “Nope, Cleveland married his niece”…. “And Cleveland never lost to a Harris”…. “Nope, Cleveland lost to a Harrison before beating him”…. ( “But wait a minute!” ….. “Holy!” …… 🙁 )