Several years ago, now retired Minnehaha County Commissioner, Jeff Barth suggested that Sioux Falls City Councilors impose an ordinance that requires employers within the city limits list their salary in want ads. Not only is it a good idea, employers who do list wages usually get better and more applicants. We all know why some don’t list the salary, because it ain’t squat and most people see thru the ruse and don’t apply. Senator Reynold Nesiba is proposing such a thing statewide;

A private employer with one hundred or more employees shall disclose in each job posting the hourly or salary compensation or range of the hourly or salary compensation and a general description of all benefits and other compensation to be offered to the hired, promoted, or transferred applicant or employee. Such disclosure shall not affect the applicant’s ability to negotiate compensation or benefits.

As you can see, this would only affect larger employers. While a great idea that has proven to have beneficial opportunities to employees and employers it will likely die in committee because one of the legislators wives on the committee will cry about paying her 10 year old niece minimum wage to make goat cheese soap candles in the barn.

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  1. rufusx on January 31, 2023 at 7:54 am said:

    But making goat cheese candles in the barn is agricultural employment, so exempt from all the bureaucratic nonsense of income tax withholding and SS or Medicare contributions.

  2. Goat cheese soap candles, such a niche market.

  3. Very Stable Genius on January 31, 2023 at 2:08 pm said:

    This bill is long overdue. If an prospective employee’s credit rating can be looked at by a potential employer, then all employers should have to post their wages to the public up front.

  4. Mike Lee Zitterich on January 31, 2023 at 4:06 pm said:

    Public Laws do NOT effect “Family Businesses” where the parents pay their children to help within the business. Minimum Wage laws do NOT effect family members, the State cannot force parents to pay their children anything, let alone a wage.

    I would oppose this law change, cause it would effect, and hurt Small Businesses with 25 or less employees who cannot afford to pay the wages these larger companies would advertise. The Small businesses like my dads repair shop or my friends dealership would NOT get any applicant at all.

    And thirdly, advertising the ‘wages’ would privately harm the free market means of Wage Negociation of atracting better employees or workers.

    In the Automotive Industry, when we seek Mechanics, “WE” are not advertising wages, we are looking quality Self Marketing Individuals with experience, skill set, craftsmanship, and the means of investment in themselves. Those factors then go into deciding to pay a Mechanic a measely $10 per hour or 40% of the Labor Rate aka Straight Commission Per Job.

    There are # of issues I see with forcing employers to advertise wages, may are getting out of the employment field, and into the sub-contracting role today.

  5. Considering most are employed by small business, what’s the point other than to be anti business. If it’s good for workers it should apply to all businesses.

  6. “Automotive Industry”… I am not sure having a closed car lot qualifies you as an authority in the industry.

  7. Mike Lee Zitterich on February 1, 2023 at 9:49 am said:

    Steve, old Steve, I did not realize that my license was inactive, pretty sure I still am buying and selling used cars, and the fact remains, “WE” still have a strong Automotive Repair Shop in our location. I am not sure why you want to get negative, but lets put aside our differences shall we. I would not personally attack anyone.

    Again, for anyone who has ever operated a Small Business would see how this “Regulation” or law would harm small businesses, as they already have a tough time of competing with these large multi-national companies.

    Our family has operated a Automotive Repair Facility in Sioux Falls since 1979, and we are still going strong today.

    The challenge to any small business is competing with big businesses for quality employees, workers, customers.

    ALL regulations imposed on a business, from insurance mandates, to parking spaces, to taxation, to wages, to building concepts, to any regulation is NOT good for business.

    Talking to my dad a few weeks ago, he looked back over his past 50 years, in 1979, ‘we’ paid $400 for Rent to have a place of business, wages were $3.25 per hour minimum, gas prices were $0.89 per gallon, and we could charge customers $45 per hour for labor, while working 4 days a week.

    Today, We pay $3,000 per month in rent, insurance costs are another $500 per month, gas prices today are close to $5 per gallon, minimum wages are $10 per hour, and we have to charge $110 per hour for our labor, working 7 days a week to pay the bills.

    When I decided to go out and obtain my Dealer License to start a small car lot, effectively keeping 2-5 cars at one time, working side by side wiht my dads shop, I became more understanding of the cost on business, and I further understood the pressures of being a small business owner.

    Today, the Auto Industry is struggling to find quality individuals to hire or contract as Mechanics. some of these kiddos are just not worth their wieght in gold. “WE” have always paid our top mechanics very well, commission based (not salary), this incentives them to invest in themselves, improving their trade, but today, we struggle to find decent mechanics, that will do a good job, without comebacks, comebacks are a dentriment to a small business, cause well, obviously…

    IF you want a good wage, or salary, or commission, well, we will pay for that, but you better be able to do the job, and do it on time, well, and provide back to us QUALITY.

    I have been part of my Fathers business I was in diapers, from working around the shop early on, to learning the trade, to understanding the economics of the trade, the business itself, to understanding the accounting books, to forming relationships with customers, I think I am pretty much very knowledgable on the INdustry.

    You peeps want to place all these REGULATIONS on a business, without fully understanding the effects they may or may not have on the business owner itself.

    I provided a respectful point of view, and you, Steve, came back with a negative. I am not sure why you, or people like you wish to hate on people, but it is not a good sign of your character. It shows disrespect for your fellow neighbors, citizen, people.

    ALL businesses want good employees, all businesses want to pay their employees well, provide good benefits, but the basic economics come into play on how it all fits like a puzzle.

    I find it odd, that those who never owned a business want to tell others how to run their business, let alone attack them…

    Shows the true character of people we are dealing with. This whole institution of Social Media, Over Dramatized story telling is what is wrong with the country today.

    Love Thy Neighbor, Help Thy Neighbor, Respect Thy Neighbor


  8. Sorry Mike, but your personal opinion on regulation is just that, an opinion. Data proves otherwise;

    Heck, even the head of the department of labor in SD has advocated employers list their salary range. It works.

  9. Mike, not a personal attack, but your online presence has damaged the reputation your dad built so badly that your brother specifically doesn’t mention your last name on his rather successful car repair business.

  10. Mike Lee Zitterich on February 1, 2023 at 1:33 pm said:

    Scott, you and I agree, its only opinion, and for part I am correct that it will hurt small busienss, I know this well.

    Steve is simply just talking smack, about things he knows nothing about. Its funny, Steve, I get plenty of phone calls from people who want to do busines with me. You just want talk smack. I have two brothers by the way, Not sure which one you are referring to, and if its my actual brother, you made that up for one, cause ‘we’ work well together, let alone our other brother, well…hes another story. But I am not getting into details on private matters. YOU just want to talk crap, cause you want to talk big behind a computer screen. Like most, you will say the things you say to people face, cause you know you are incorrect. If you want to talk to me then talk to me, but making blanket statements is not good for your image.I am tired of people using social media to bash small business owners, thats all you people do on rants and raves.

    Scott, show me one regulation that has not hurt busienss over the years…Honestly, that is. I thank you for being honest.

  11. Steve,
    Just don’t read his 32 paragraph long posts and save yourself the hassle.

    Your welcome.

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