This is probably one the best parodies I have seen in a long time addressing some of the ridiculous things our Governor says when she leaves the Sunshine state.

By l3wis

6 thoughts on “Klepper tries to save Sparkles”
  1. Viral on Twitterverse

    Noem: The media would have us believe that the NRA is only made up of old white guys.. But there are a lot of other people. A lot of diversity in the NRA…
    *camera switches to audience*

    There’s white guys in hats, white guys not in hats, white guys with glasses, white guys with bifocals, white guys with tshirts, white guys with shirts that don’t fit. Tons of diversity.

    Just checked MAGA’s self-awareness score. (It’s still zero!)

  2. A show that’s my namesake. What’s especially troubling is Noem promotes guns at the same time a 10yo shoots an 11yo in Sioux Falls with his mother’s gun. She’s a drug dealer felon in jail that illegally owns a 14 shot pistol and an assault rifle. At least FOX can’t polish Kristi’s reputation. They’ll soon be bankrupt from litigation. Are there enough AirBNB’s for other networks news crews?

    Why does a brown bear scratch in the woods? It’s to scare Noem from becoming another Trumpet like Stormy.

  3. The new state social studies standards include owning a gun before age 2 and your father trying to lose you in the wilderness.

  4. Noem, in this video, has reaffirmed my long standing belief, that gun ownership is really not about the 2nd Amendment – which didn’t apply to Americans by the way unless they found themselves in a federal court room prior to 1867 – but rather about a persistent continual need to play both consciously and subconsciously, “Cowboys and Indians”.

  5. “It looks to me like someone has been visiting the Botox doctor again”….. (…. “Come to think of it, we’re not paying for all of that, are we?”…. (…. “I mean, she doesn’t have a Botox clinical room in the basement of the Capitol next to her FOX News command center, does she?”… ))

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