So when the Proud Boys wanted to sponsor a street dance in Scotland a few years back, the city was like, “Come on down.” Until Frankie and the other towns folk said, “Get lost.”

So this garbage happened yesterday in the state capital. Should not surprise us. Our state government has ran on a racist agenda for decades, it’s just out and about and on display.

State Representative Will Mortenson commented on X, “Hearing reports about Nazis marching in Pierre. I don’t know that rock they crawled out from under, but they are not welcome here.”

Hey Will, it is the ROCK you and your fellow legislators have created over the past 60 years so don’t act all surprised when these A-Holes arrive in Pierre.

By l3wis

6 thoughts on “You have got to be kidding me!!!!”
  1. Hell, these Republicans are nominating a fascist in August for president. Let’s not forget what Trump said in Charlottesville back in ’18:

    “…. very fine people on both sides”…..

    ( and Woodstock adds: “….. And wasn’t Trump’s dad, Fred, arrested at a Klan rally back in ’27?”…. )

  2. Nazis in Pierre, but tell me something new and how come they weren’t chanting: “Justice 4 Cricket”?

  3. Nobody likes Noem. Not Native Americans, Hispanics, or White Supremacists. Maybe just hang out with Trump womanizer staff,

  4. July and not August, and those Nazis were too stupid to know that Cricket was a
    German wirehaired pointer.

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