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District 9 Republican Candidate Deb Peters; Closet Pro-choicer?

I found her answer to this question interesting, considering her three opponents answered it honestly. So Deb, Anti-choice or Pro-choice?

8. Do you approve or disapprove of Initiated Measure 11, which would ban all abortions with exceptions for the mother’s life, rape or incest? My personal belief on Initiated Measure 11 doesn’t matter, as the initiated measure was put on the ballot by the citizens by collecting signatures. The South Dakota Constitution sets forth this process. This is no longer a legislative issue, and it is up to the people of South Dakota to make their decision. I will support and uphold the decision of not only my constituents in my district, but also the entire state.

Yes is does matter, because we all know that the Vote Yes on 11 people plan to strip the exceptions if they win in November, and they plan to do that with the help of the State legislature.