Former Mayo-St. Marys CEO Mike Myers has accomplished a lot in his long life. Besides his work in the medical industry, he has also been a journalist, radio host, and, most notably, a Healthcare Law Professor.

At the young age of 77, Myers is now entering politics, challenging incumbent Governor Dennis Daugaard in next year’s election. Myers joins Scott Hudson and Scott Ehrisman to discuss his reasons for entering the race, and his plans for changing the economics and politics of our state. He also puts his foot to his forehead, literally.

Hudson and Ehrisman also spend some time discussing local issues, including the recent fight to keep a giant Wal-Mart out of a residential area, and the controversial use of TIF’s to help finance so many of our city’s building projects.

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Both Scott’s would like to thank Dr. Myers for appearing on our show.

Pretty excited, we are recording another episode Monday night, and we have a very special guest, with his first interview in his ‘journey’. Stay tuned, this is going to be good.

Just a few days after his impressive win for the at-large seat in the Sioux Falls City Council, Kermit Staggers returned to the Rant-a-Bit studio to discuss various local issues. Besides congratulating him on his victory, Scott and Scott peppered Staggers with questions about city finances, the Event Center, his relationship with Mayor Mike Huether, and other pressing topics.

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Social media consultant/Build It Downtown activist Andy Traub is our guest on this episode, and he gives us his expert testimony on many issues surrounding the Event Center. Unfortunately, Traub had to leave at the halfway mark, and after his departure Scott and I continued to talk about local and state issues. As with all episodes, you can download this via the iTunes store, or directly download it HERE!