It was in 2009 when Noem was in the state legislature that I coined her the ‘Sarah Palin of South Dakota’. Little did I know at the time Noem’s political career would end the same as Palin’s.

The rumor all along is Noem wants the secretary of interior job if Trump get elected. Drill baby Drill. So while her elected positions may be done, she still may have a future in DC.

If Trump doesn’t get elected (I still keep telling peeps this is strike 3 for him, lost the popular vote in 2016, the popular and electoral in 2020 and he is going to lose again in 2024) she is pretty much over with. She will be some pundit on one of those right winger stations.

palin_lipstickIt looks like the rat is saying, “Holy shit, she’s got a purse full of dildos!”

Here is a gem from the author: “In this Internet age, we need to let our kids know that it is wrong to spread rumors and lies,” DeBrecht explained. “Unfortunately, many so-called journalists have basically told children that this is permissible as long as you disagree with someone’s opinions. Our kids deserve better than the shameful example that has been set before them. What message does this send to little girls who may want to enter the political arena? Don’t you dare lest you be Palinized?”