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Mayor TenHaken asking housing providers to embrace socialism

Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice sentiment on his official stationery, but there are a few issues with it. First off, while the bigger housing providers can probably float people for a few months, the little guys certainly cannot, and are in the same boat as the rest of us.

But what is even more glaring is the obvious hypocrisy. Isn’t it tragically funny how all these supposed free market conservatives are embracing socialism? Unlimited unemployment benefits, free virus testing and healthcare, deferred income taxes, deferred student loans, and sending checks to Americans (who might not even need them). Funny how socialism all of a sudden is the answer, while Dems vote for Biden over Sanders as the guy to beat Trump. What an incredible missed opportunity, TWICE! Sanders whole platform that NO ONE said he could accomplish as president is playing out before us in a matter of weeks! I watch this sometimes while imagining pig blood being splattered on me in the poor seats of the Globe Theatre.

The representation of private interests … abolishes all natural and spiritual distinctions by enthroning in their stead the immoral, irrational and soulless abstraction of a particular material object and a particular consciousness which is slavishly subordinated to this object.

Marx, On the Thefts of Wood, in Rheinische Zeitung (1842)

Like I said, I support helping my fellow brothers and sisters, but we would probably not be in this predicament if it weren’t for the greed of the few at the top. While the rich will argue they did not cause the virus or it’s spread, they are gravely mistaken. Global warming has caused disease and viruses to spread more rapidly. There is also the argument that by destroying the middle class (basically starting in 1980 by electing Ronald Reagan) most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and cannot weather an economic crisis with savings. It’s not the virus that will kill us, it’s greed folks.

Make us proud Gov’nor! (H/T – Helga)

Love all the national attention Denny is getting us on his (non) ideas for Medicaid expansion;

South Dakota is among the “hell no” states when it comes to Obamacare. No state-established insurance exchange and surely no Medicaid expansion. They don’t want no stinking federal aid to help more people have health insurance. To be clear, though, that’s the legislature and the governor talking. Not the people.

Despite a poll showing a majority of South Dakotans favor Medicaid expansion, Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s office said Wednesday he has no plans to introduce legislation to expand health care in the state.In a survey released earlier this week by the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network, 63 percent of 400 state residents favored Medicaid expansion while 31 percent opposed it.

The others polled had no opinion. Republican pollster Glen Bolger conducted the poll for Alexandria, Va.-based research firm Public Opinion Strategies. The poll’s margin of error is 4.9 percent.

Yes, that’s a small sample size, but it’s still a pretty astounding result in such a conservative state. But South Dakota has about 48,000 people who are uninsured, also quite a lot for a small state. Medicaid expansion would save about 25,000 from falling through the Medicaid gap their governor has created, and bring about $57 million to the state this year.

Oh, but wait, no-bid contracts to foster care programs in the state that adopt kids into abusive homes? That seems to be a good way to spend taxpayer money. Right? But that controversy seems to be suffering the same fate as Benda’s autopsy report. CLOSED CASE.

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Yeah, would love to hear Mike’s feelings on being ‘NICE’



Don’t think our healthcare system is broken? Well read this story.

Kids from my hometown are selling $20 glasses of lemonade to help curb medical expenses for their classmate that had to get a liver transplant;

A first-grade Parkston class raised $6,570 at a lemonade stand for a classmate who received a liver transplant earlier this week.

He’s scheduled to be in the hospital for a couple months and the entire community came out to support the boy suffering from an unknown condition.

The going rate for a cup of lemonade was around $20 in Parkston Saturday, as first graders traded donations for drinks to benefit their classmate Landon Bueber.

The seven-year-old boy’s liver started failing around Labor Day weekend and doctors can’t seem to figure out why.

I think it is commendable what these kids are doing, but how pathetic is it that 7-year old kids have to open a lemonade stand to help a family pay for a transplant? If we would have implemented the single-payer system, this family would not have to worry about losing everything because their son suddenly has liver failure. I still shutter when I think about the amount of money our healthcare industry takes in – while 7-year old kids are selling lemonade in a gravel parking lot.

Let’s vow to get rid of all socialist programs in our country . . .

A whopping 325 people showed up to Dr.(?) Unruh’s Bullshit Fest

I had to laugh, but was not surprised that event that was supposed to draw 10,000 people brought in 325. I hope Allen wokeup this morning and said to himself, “Maybe I am wrong, maybe Americans really do want socialized medicine.” – Yeah Right!

A head count showed 325 people in the grandstand for the midafternoon speeches, though organizer Dr. Allen Unruh later estimated 500 to 700 people attended at least some of the four-hour rally. Either way, the turnout was a fraction of the 4,000 at Covell Lake on April 15 to re-enact the Boston Tea Party in protest of government spending.

I see Abe Lincoln showed up . . . or was that Ironic Johnny?

Ironic Johnny ‘RATIONS’ the truth on Healthcare

I asked Thune this question online during a live interview on the Argus website;

Senator Thune, what’s so wrong with a national insurance plan as just another option. If I’m willing to pay for it thru a premium or extra taxes, how is this going bankrupt the country. A recent NY times poll said 72% of Americans support it. Why don’t you agree with it?

His (predictable) answer:

Sen. John Thune:  that poll didn’t address the question of paying for it which yields a different result, you would be the exception when it comes to a willingness to pay higher taxes, the cost is up to 2 trillion. with a government run, single payer system you would get less and pay more.     a govt plan would be the end of private insurance because no private insurer would be able to compete with the govt.   the studies show that employers would drop coverage and push everyone into the govt program where you would face govt rationing care.

Nice talking points, John. How do we know care would be rationed if we have never tried it. And whats wrong with putting insurance companies out of business?

Not sure if they will post my other questions. I said he was misleading by saying there would be no incentives for doctors is we went into a National Healthcare Plan.

Don’t miss a bunch of rich crazy doctors tell a bunch of retired rich Republicans that socialized medicine is bad


One of the many speakers at the Healthcare Rally

Funny that they are having the rally during the day when most working class people will be busting their butts trying to keep up with insurance premiums. Of course they don’t want those people to attend because 90% of them support a National Health Care insurance plan.

When will Dr.(?) Unruh and his wife just go away.

Here comes the healthcare debate crazies


Of course only in South Dakota would we have people against saving Americans, hospitals and employers billions on healthcare;

As Dean spoke, Melvin VandenTop, 53, of Sioux Falls stood to protest the hearing as a tool to squeeze certain Americans out of needed care.

“This is genocide!” he shouted.

The only thing that is genocide is the millions of Americans each year who die or suffer from the lack of having proper healthcare.

Barry Zachariahs, 55, listened to speakers at the Terrace Park rally.


Overall we have a system that has worked well,” he said. “Why do we have to go and have a virtual government takeover of it?”

Hey, Barry, can I have some of that Medical Mary Jane you are smoking? Of course, the BS gets deeper, when you have a doctor who is in private practice and owns his own clinic opposed to it. Dr. Curd who would probably lose millions in profits each year due to a National Healthcare System had this lie to spread at a kook rally yesterday;

“Do we change the entire system for 7 percent of the population?” He asked.

BAHAHAHAHA! Nice figure, “DR.” I found this story about poverty basically proving Curd is full of shit;

Sioux Falls-based Voices for Children says 33,000 people younger than 18 – or 17 percent of all children in South Dakota – live below the federal poverty line of $21,027 for a family of four.

Yeah, I suppose all of them are receiving world-class healthcare? The only thing that is leading these rallies against National Healthcare is greed.

Have you had a heaping helping of BS today?

Well I am here to serve it up. A SouthDaCola foot soldier sent me this ‘Fact Sheet’ written by the good doctor(?) Allen Unruh. After reading it, I realized that it was the script he was reading from when he was on KCPO’s Sunday Political comedy show, The Facts.

I suppose he does make a few valid points, but who knows, since he doesn’t back any of the statements up with footnotes on where he got the information. It’s kind of like saying Abstinence education works because Allen’s wife says so.

I would like to remind Allen that in a recent NY Times poll, 72% of Americans support a National insurance plan, and 57% would be willing to pay more taxes for it. If you don’t want to be a part of the plan, don’t enroll. Seems pretty simple to me. But how can we bash Obama and the congressional Democrats if we don’t lie?