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Write your own caption – toilet legislation


Only in South Dakota we would be worried about this, or more importantly who is watching us urinate. This isn’t about modesty, this is about bigotry.

We like to make things sexual and we like to make things about people’s genitalia and about people’s bodies.  As far as the man in a dress theory or boy in a dress theory that’s inaccurate,” Heathscott said.

When the legislative session ends each year, we sit around and scratch our heads and ask why we are dead last in education, wages and other matters socially important to progress.

Best of DaCola

Nooki’s driving skills

Huether gets his way on Bonds by dividing and conquering

Signs say it all

The Downtown Events Center death wish

The Events Center, Secretive from the beginning, and this to, and also this

A look back on the BID Tax

Kermit’s previous support of Medical Mary Jane

Farm Subsidy Snooki Noem

Free meal

Blowing Chunks


Toon Blast from Past


Guess I will have to take it back


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Buddha says apply for a new job

What dad says

Yeah, how did this grass and rubble pile turn out?

Mike’s first quest to control the local MSM

Corn cob

Consent Agenda money transfers still pisses Huether off to this day

The Development Foundation knew about this 5 years ago . . .

So how did dissolving the SE Arts Council work out? We are getting a livestock museum

The tale of two Mikes

The secret Leprechaun?

Avera should just get their own cigarette brand

Book Reports are due

Lil’ Thurd, it’s a poop block party! Don’t cry about it.

What were these guys thinking?

How wrong was I about this dude?


I do have a price.

Cartoon Blast from the Blast


Cartoonist friend Sara Morean did this a few years back.

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Hot to Trot Noem

Kick a man when he is down

Some things never change

Birds of a feather

Kermit Disco


Code Enforcement Policies

Kermit’s T-Bagging Moment

BP Spill

The Popularity Contest

Best Buds!

The Stagger’s letter complaint


Brokeback mountain


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My final thoughts on Northside Davey, the king meets the clown

Todd, still saying stupid things

The very ‘odd’ Vern postcard (read the comments)

Stormland’s record of Deception, The real results

Staggers ‘Lettergate’

The Argus Endorsement of Mike Huether

Mike’s a Democrat? Who knew?

Beware the packaging

Mike’s very telling opinion about creating policy

MMA circa 2010

Stormland’s hate for Kermit

Internet games


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My early thoughts on the 2010 Mayoral Race

The indoor pool advocacy begins

Still true today

The place the city killed

Beauty Queen Thuney

Qualified for City Council

Because they were endorsing Huether all along!

The Unicorn Candidate for Mayor!

So stupid it is funny.

Another muni election

Mike, the fiscal conservative, LOL!

Thune has some turds in his pocket

Joel calls the 2010 mayoral race, Pat VS. Vern (not quite)

Sign harrassment

My UnEndorsement of Mike

A great and wonderful Events Center

They built the stupid thing anyway

The Vikings are losing, again

And he was elected TWICE!