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Open Flood Gates


Best of DaCola

Our first introduction to Noemless

Apathy allowed Bush

The push for an EC begins, Heh-Heh!

A Wipf of Tchetter

A fitting movie review

Some things never change in the GOP

City of Sioux Falls Code Enforcement Flow Chart Fiasco, and the response

Remember the Knuppe Stash?

Bill Bill’s Abe Room

Sandy’s ‘just a scratch’ incident

What Ironic Johnny Thune-Bag really does in DC

Shoe salesperson Krebs

No KANT do, smoking for me and not for you, and two others

North Dakota Gods

My Pavilion show, before my bike was stolen

Herseth should have ran for governor

Please Die

Turkey Jingles

Those were the embezzling days

Legislative Stupidity 2009

The Daily Spin

Marion Cash

Real People Die in Floods, sometimes

What did that Suleman chick do anyway?

My interview with the drummer of the MC5

Councilor Jamison’s economic forum

A very special Olympiad

The pockets of an officer

I love you to Joel


Best of DaCola

My failed tax petition

Pammy sticks it to the Gov

The McCain Rallies

The streets are finally safe

S**T Sandwich

The failure of Measure 11, and again

2009 State Legislative Goals

Leadership Johnny

The Auto Bailout


An Angry Guy article

Welcome to Iraq Mr. President, and this to!

Calendar Gate

Hospital Mega-Plex


Comparing the Presidents in Black & White

Some things never change at city hall

How we miss Vern

Burrito Birth

A million ways to increase education funding in SD without raising taxes, and here to

Always look for the exit when Clubbing

Yet we still elected him to Senate

Called out at the Council Meeting (this was when the council was allowed to interact with the public)

Remember this, It caused over a 100 properties North of Town to be in the floodplain, and when we did get repaid, we blew it on a pool we are building on land we do not own.

$50K public art, now sitting in a storage yard. Part II

SD Priorities

This is when my love affair with the Parks and Rec Department started

I think one of these wishes came true for me.


Best of DaCola

The John Edwards kefuffle

The Dykstra/Johnson debates

The five minute rule

Who let the genius out of the white house?

My Brown Bag philosophy series, and another, and another

It all started with a gift for the RR relocation project

From Kelo to the Y

Bugs NOT Drugs

My cartoonist debut in SD Magazine

Déjà vu?

Wouldn’t be the first time Pammy was in this predictament

TV Gate

Jesus and Sarah Palin

Another tax increase during a piss poor economy

Grand Falls Casino

Yeah, how did that tax increase go for arterial roads?

Governor Rounds had no bounds

Tinted Windows


Best of DaCola continues

Bush on the Pot

Master & Commander Rounds

Remembering 911, kinda

Black Babies

Sign contest

Setting the Stage for the Sports Complex, PART II

I’ll take some chicken butts and turds please

Pointing fingers and taking names

Bloggers are Nazis (but not the blogs at Gannett)

From .92 to 1 in one night

Heidi Scott pays me a visit

The State’s lack of Information Technology, PART II

Pammy and Annie, BFF’s

Only in South Dakota

Dumb Yah

And McCain wonders why he couldn’t beat Obama

Preggo Steph

Another event Pitty Patt couldn’t make

Full house

Take Out

The good old days of the County Commission

Another one of Shantel’s really bad ideas, car monitors to track mileage for taxes

I think this was Kermit Staggers . . .

The early days of the EC debate

Paris Hilton for President

Save pennies on elections to spend dollars on fun palaces

Free lunches and wide waists

KISS my Rounds

Thank God the Gorilla died

A T-Shirt every South Dakotan should have

Another fine Steve Hickey moment, PART II


BID Tax Bugs


More Best of DaCola

Leslee teaches chastity

Arts Night lack of transparency

Muslims and cartoons

Vandalized Art

Hospital TV

Ear twister Litz

Crooks and Councilors

Clueless on Peace

Brown beats Stehly

The Adventures of Bob and Bob

The failure of vote centers

Out with the Oil in with the wind

The Pavilion’s ‘Window-Gate’

And we still haven’t learned anything from the failed experiment

A little R & R

(F)Arts Night

My sculpturewalk idea

Bush’s sacrifice

Marion lies

Better check Fawick Park or here

Dr. No gets his stamp on

Lewis & Clark funding

The Games Mike Cooper played as Park Director

Great Comic Book Doc

YouTube Preview Image

The Best of DaCola

Here is round two of the Best of DaCola

More Babies!

Oh how I miss the Beckster!

Saint Denny.

I miss Pukey.

There’s a tear in my beer . . .

Another Lost and Found city website idea.

Just another plagiarist sent to the curb.

Are you qualified to legislate in South Dakota?

Boy Scout Badge Bob Litz.


Tit for Tat.

And it isn’t even FALL yet.

The war on Christmas.

Marion Rounds, such a kindhearted governor.

Christmas in Sioux Falls.

Gee, who thought of Snowgates?

What’s that sucking sound?

The Best of DaCola

I decided I would start looking at the significant posts and toons over the past 8 years (since 2007) and share with you.

This was one of my favorite toons I did before I even started the blog. It published in the Argus Leader around the same time in art news they were claiming that the Mona Lisa was probably pregnant when she posed for her famous portrait.

This toon is about our wonderful Legislature, seems nothing has changed in 9 years.

This toon is about Former Super Homan’s ‘transparency’ issues.

Somethings never change at the corner of 13th & Phillips.

Well, Vern, your wish finally came true.

Shotgun Cheney.

When this toon printed in the Argus, some readers actually thought it was real.

American Gothic.

I did this toon after the Argus cynically accused me of being an infamous graffiti artist in town. He was never caught, and after he moved away, I arranged an interview with him at the Top Hat when he was visiting. He chickened out and I never did get his name.

Oh, XL, you are at it again.

Sioux Falls Plaque-Gate.

Can you believe these two clowns are working in Washington together?

Janklow, Dan Scott and Satire-Gate.

We still don’t know who Roger laundered this money for.

Some things never change. I think they turned in the barrel for grain bin though.

Sin taxes.

One mayor vetoed increasing the police, another wants to hire more.

Smoking ban.

Don’t know if anyone remembers the adventures of ‘Verle’ the guy who would masturbate in snow banks, have sex with his closet door and eventually got busted humping a street sign.

My thoughts on building an East/West corridor.

Larry Craig, the gift that kept giving, and giving, and giving.

A Janklow complex.

The politics of polling, and east/west route and the events center.

Behind the Heads!

Stay tuned for more!