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Don’t look under the bed


Cat Fight?


It’s cold in here


Project NICE? More Like Project Nosey.


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Asleep at the Wheel


Babe Ruth would be ashamed


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Write your own caption – toilet legislation


Only in South Dakota we would be worried about this, or more importantly who is watching us urinate. This isn’t about modesty, this is about bigotry.

We like to make things sexual and we like to make things about people’s genitalia and about people’s bodies.  As far as the man in a dress theory or boy in a dress theory that’s inaccurate,” Heathscott said.

When the legislative session ends each year, we sit around and scratch our heads and ask why we are dead last in education, wages and other matters socially important to progress.

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Nooki’s driving skills

Huether gets his way on Bonds by dividing and conquering

Signs say it all

The Downtown Events Center death wish

The Events Center, Secretive from the beginning, and this to, and also this

A look back on the BID Tax

Kermit’s previous support of Medical Mary Jane

Farm Subsidy Snooki Noem

Free meal

Blowing Chunks