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Noem gets bailed out by the stinky rich

As we all suspected, Noem raised gobs of money when Trump came for his (private) visit in which SF taxpayers had to dole out $29K for security;

Kristi Noem’s fundraiser featuring President Donald Trump raked in $518,780, according to a new campaign finance report.

Quite the donor list. Number one donor, a person who has made millions from government subsidies and special exemptions to sell a fuel that takes food out of hungry mouths. A very ‘small investment’ for the returns he has been granted.

The four max contributors were Jeff Broin, of Dell Rapids, who is CEO and founder of Broin LLC; Thomas Everist, of the Everist Co. in Sioux Falls (Everist and Broin actually gave $25,000 and had to be issued $2,000 refunds); Michael Dalsin, of Sioux Falls, owner of Dalsin Inc.; and Eldon Roth, of Dakota Dunes, who is CEO of Beef Products Inc.

Jeff got a refund? LOL. Oh, that’s because of this little rule;

The use of a joint fundraising committee for the event allowed contributors to write one check for up to $23,000, even though state law caps individual contributions to statewide candidates at $4,000.

Poor Kristi, she had to form a PAC so she could get more than $4,000 in individual contributions. The next time you hear Kristi, or any Republican for that matter in this state running for office say they are looking out for you, just read the donor list attached to this story. That is who they are really looking out for.

Apparently $5,000 a ticket isn’t an ‘Elitist’ Event

I used think who could possibly be so idiotic to run a political consulting/marketing business while working as the Deputy SOS. Oh that’s right THIS GUY.

His insane stupidity continues with this post;

It might be just me.. but does that invitation come off as a bit “elitist?”

While at first glance a bunch of rich Democratic (and some Republican) women getting together for cheese and wine may look a little uppity, but I don’t think anyone can outdo NOEM’s presidential fundraiser at $5,000 a ticket. But hey, she isn’t an elitist because she shops at HyVee;

I would contrast that with the fact that every once in a while I run into Kristi or her husband at HyVee in Brookings.  Of course, HyVee is very much “non-elitist,”

I know several women listed on this invitation and I run into them all over Sioux Falls all of the time. As for HyVee, I consider it the most elitist grocery store in town, I like to slum it at Aldi’s.

I’m also wondering when Kristi is going to pay back the good taxpayers of Sioux Falls $29,000 for providing the President security for a NON-PUBLIC event. While I detest Trump, I still would have liked to see him at a public event. Darn, I didn’t have the $5,000. I guess I’m not ‘Elitist’ enough. LOL.

Could Billie Sutton pull off the governor’s race?

My only interview with Sutton. Afterwards I told people, “He is one sharp cookie!”

Well, if I were a betting man, I would still give the win to Noem, but a lot can change in a month.

First the negatives. Billie has an uphill battle on several fronts;

• He’s a Democrat. Though he tries to bill himself as a conservative Republican loving moderate independent, he still has a ‘D’ behind his name, and in governor races that hasn’t worked well in almost 50 years. He also has a HUGE gap to close. I believe by last counts there are 97,000 more registered Republicans in the state than Democrats. He also will have to work with a mostly Republican majority in the legislature (even though I think the Dems will pick up more seats in the mid terms). I also think that Seilor has a good chance of winning AG (that one is tight to) if they BOTH can pull it off and Republican voters also have similar confidence in that team, it can close the gap.

• He’s a tax raising Democrat. Not true at all. While Billie did vote for the half-penny tax increase for supposed teacher pay, it wasn’t his idea at all. It was the Governor’s with the help of Republican legislators. I actually railed on Billie for supporting it because he had a better idea and should have pushed it. It would have raised sales taxes a full penny, but here’s the kicker; it would have included eliminating a lot of exemptions special interest groups now have with sales taxes, it would have included a massive property tax cut, it would have eliminated the food tax AND it would have been written into law that the money HAS to go to teacher pay and NOTHING else. While I am disappointed in Billie for voting for the Republican tax increase, it really wasn’t his plan or idea. That tax increase can only be attributed to Republicans who have slowly chipped away at it taking money from teacher pay increases. (Side note; this is why you should vote NO on IM 25, it is not dedicated to tech schools, just a suggestion.)

But let’s look at Noem’s negatives, she has quite a few, ironically NOT much of it is her fault;

• She’s a woman, and say what you will about that, there has NEVER been a woman for governor in SD. I’m not saying the fine pigs in the Republican party will vote for Sutton because of this, I just think they won’t vote at all. I also believe that to be the case of people who supported Jackley. If Sutton can garner a large majority of independents and have a lot of under votes from Republicans he could squeak by.

But let’s look at Noem’s obvious problem, she is a do nothing legislator. She did nothing in Pierre and hardly anything in DC. And by not debating Sutton at all so far she is proving she has NO record to fight on.

While I still think the ‘Republican Light’ strategy Sutton is using is silly, at the end of the day it may work. But if he does win, it won’t be because of that strategy but because a lot of Republicans really don’t care for Noem.


Lavallee helps TenHaken get elected, than he helps host a Noem fundraiser

Funny how these things go? When mayoral candidates are running for office they claim to be ‘bi-partisan’ than they go and do things like this after elected. If I was Paul I would have just quietly sent Noem a check.

What we know about Gear Up

When I hear someone like Russ Janklow say that Noem is running a negative campaign against Jackley, you just kind of scratch your head. While I don’t agree with everything Noem has said in her campaign, pointing out the truth about the DCI coverup is not negative campaigning, it’s the truth. Why doesn’t Jackley bring up the millions in farm subsidies that Noem’s family has received over the years?

Much of the same could be said about his other scandals, like EB-5, the Mette Rape case or Gear Up.

Here’s what we know for sure about Gear Up;

• Barely any Native American students benefitted from Gear Up.

According to Michael Wyland of Nonprofit Quarterly,

“Disturbingly, while the GEAR UP program reported serving several thousand low-income, predominantly Native American students prepare for success in postsecondary education, not a single student receiving special education services was served during the 2005-2011 period. We now know the original grant application stressed equitable participation in program services and even documented the percentage of special education students in each of the two dozen schools to be served.”

• When Jackley was questioned about the missing safe at the Westerhuis’s house that could have important MCEC information in it, he said, “Jackley believes it was most likely destroyed in the fire, but could have been stolen or moved somewhere else by Scott Westerhuis.”

• Gear Up started in 2005, the GEAR UP grant did not have an effective system of collecting data or consistently tracking performance. South Dakotans simply do not know, through data, whether the millions of dollars of grant funds helped Native American students prepare for or succeed in college.

• Whatever happened to the missing millions in consulting fees?

When will Jackley really investigate this mess? If ever? Just another scandal he continues to sweep under the rug. Hopefully he will have more time on his hands after June 5th.

Kristi Noem has revealed her new (retro) look

As I revealed a few weeks ago (until a GOP thumb sucker from Brookings cried) it seems the Castlewood Queen has a new look.

I took this screenshot from KELO-TV last night. I’m no expert, and it could very well be great makeup and hair, but seems a little nook and tuck took place. Maybe? Hmmmm?

Wonder what it costs these days to look like Morticia Addams? Too bad Rep. Curd wasn’t standing next to her, you’d think uncle Fester was in the room with her.


The 3 Stooges holding Town Hall meetings? Yeah right.

Ellis stuck it to our triple R’s in DC;

But sometime, between now and the end of the August recess, they’ll need to put their big-boy, big-girl pants on and hold some town halls. They need to show the state’s voters that they can stand down blubbering bounders, paid provocateurs and those who are genuinely concerned. They need to have the courage of their convictions to explain why Obamacare must go and why its replacement is better for the country. Because if there’s one thing people dislike more than a hypocrite, it’s a coward.

This is why I often tell people to get involved with local politics, DC is just full of silliness. These three could care less how the average South Dakotan lives their lives. Noem pretends to care on occasion because she wants to be governor, but Thune and Rounds have been disconnected for years. Of course the Stooge protectors say this is a setup for the left wing to attack them. First off, if there is a ‘left wing’ big enough to attack people in SD, please point them out to me, I would like to meet them, and secondly, this isn’t about just attending a left leaning town hall, it’s about having ANY town hall that is held in front of the general public.

Will the Three Stooges bother to show up?

While I like the idea, I will be shocked if any of them show up to the Lion’s den;

Sens. Mike Rounds and John Thune and Rep. Kristi Noem will return to South Dakota during a congressional recess period, but don’t plan to hold formal town hall forums. Spokespeople for the three said they hadn’t received invitations to the Thursday forum.

Kate Hayes, one of the group’s organizers, said she thought it was important that constituents remain an active check and balance system, weighing in regularly about Trump’s comments or policies that might worry them.

“We want to get back to where we’re doing our job as part of our democracy,” she said. “We need to be there to watch them and hold them accountable.”

Even if this was a grassroots Republican event, I doubt they would make an appearance, these clowns only show up to these kind of events if they can show off shooting hoops or collecting checks from rich donors.

But I’M NOT discouraging people from going to the event at Icon Lounge-Sioux Falls, Thursday, 5:30 – 7 PM. There will be a lot of other guests and speakers, should be fun, especially if NO Republicans make it.

Money, Money, Money


I better pretend I’m into this governor thing, and quick.

Ah, now the truth comes out over Noem’s early announcement, skirting the law before it comes into affect;

Attorney General Marty Jackley and Rep. Kristi Noem have both filed paperwork establishing campaign committees to run for governor in 2018, enabling them to transfer funds for the upcoming race.

Noem’s paperwork was filed at 4:59 p.m. on Monday with Secretary of State Shantel Krebs’ office shortly before she made a formal announcement saying she would not run for a fifth term to Congress and would instead seek to become governor. Noem was expected to transfer about $1.6 million from her congressional account into her account for governor.

So now she will be able to spend $1.6 million (made from mostly out of state donors) on a campaign for governor. Don’t you love the integrity of these folks.

UPDATE: Will Huether run for US Congress? Will Dusty Johnson challenge him?

After Noemless announced just minutes ago that she will run for governor, does this mean Mayor Huether will decide to run for congress? Not sure, but let’s setup the scenario. Though the 2018 race for governor won’t have an incumbent challenger, the Dems have had zero luck for almost 40 years taking that seat. Take also into account that Kristi is very, very, very popular. I am even guessing that Jackley will back out so Noem doesn’t have a Republican challenger in the primary, or some crazy weak teabagger. I also speculated days ago she would be running after Mark bowed out.

What is unfortunate is that Noem will spend the next two years running for governor instead of being a congress person, but that’s not all so bad. She can’t take her fortune from her congressional campaign purse to use for the governor’s race, so she will have to run from scratch;

Although she didn’t say it, Noem’s decision to run for governor was forced by a ballot issue that voters approved last week. Initiated Measure 22, which becomes law on Wednesday, contains a provision barring candidates for governor from collecting more than $4,000 a year from any person or political committee.

Once effective, the language would mean that Noem couldn’t transfer more than $4,000 from her congressional campaign account to an account for a governor’s run. Under current law, federal office holders can transfer all of their money into a state account.

For Noem, that would mean forfeiting a huge advantage: Prior to Tuesday’s election, her congressional campaign was reporting nearly $1.9 million in the bank, an amount that would make her a formidable candidate in the Republican primary.

UPDATE: Now let’s move to Mr. Huether. He is a determined man who likes to win, but like running for mayor instead of governor to begin with, he took the path of least resistance. Congress would be that path, maybe. I do know that there has been a strong desire for Dusty Johnson to throw his hat in the ring. A Johnson vs. Huether matchup would be interesting to watch, they have many similarities when it comes to campaigning. South Dakotans, while they lean pretty much right, they do elect moderate Democrats to Washington, Huether could easily sell himself that way with no incumbent to run against. Not to mention, he would love Washington. I have often contended that he really doesn’t like Sioux Falls because he has been so persistent to change it into other places like San Antonio.

If I was advising Huether I would recommend he run for congress instead of governor, but hey when you have a bucket list, you have a bucket list. But Noem would cream him.

I will say this though, no matter what he decides, don’t under estimate him, because that is when he bites you in the ass.