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Like. OMG! I’m campaigning with my mom in the HOBO Day parade!

Noem’s daughter was apparently so excited to be helping mom out in the parade she was taking selfie’s and sending them to the Hawks campaign. She made this comment on PAThetic’s site;
Kassidy Noem 

I would just like to say that I was in fact not texting during the parade, but taking pictures for my mom. That is why the phone is out.

Yeah, because when I’m taking photos, I always make sure I point the phone at the ground.




A Helpful guide to the SD GOP Scandals

Click HERE ( republican-graphic) to see the entire, enlarged graphic. Then download and email to your friends.


The many faces of Noem

So every one is upset because Noemless was hamming it up on the GWoC. Who cares, I was actually happy she was wasting time doing tourist crap instead of legislating.

But she seems to like to have her mouth open a lot, bizarre.

First, the ham up everyone is concerned about;



Then her as ice queen, or rodeo queen, or something;



Then her scary 4-H picture I saved from her ‘blog’ when she was running for state legislature;



Oh, and my toon about her when she was running for Congress;



Yippee-Skippy, Noem likes to take stupid pictures, and this is news. Yawn

While Noem blabbers about helping ranchers in the Farm Bill, she votes to get rid of the congressional disclosure


Her hypocrisy is almost Thune-Baggish.

Oh Snap! Snooki Noem busted again for being a hypocrite (H/T – Helga)

New analysis finds that 14 members of Congress voted to continue farm subsidies from which they personally benefit while failing to continue nutrition aid for 47 million Americans. These members of


· Are each Republicans;

· Have a total net worth of up to $124.5  million;

· Have received a total of at least $7.2 million in

farm subsidies;

· Each previously voted to gut the SNAP

program by giving states large financial incentives to kick families off SNAP.

Rep. Kristi Noem

RepublicanSouth Dakota  At-Large

Total Farm Subsidies Received: $503,751*

Net Worth: -$464,992 to  $674,999

Individuals in Noems home county,  Hamlin County,

receiving SNAP Benefits: 462  (7% of Hamlin Countys


Vote on Southerland Amendment to H.R 1947 to Gut

SNAP: Rep. Noem voted YES on an amendment to gut

the SNAP program by giving subsidies to states that cut

off familiesbenefits.

Vote on H.R. 2642: Rep. Noem voted YES  to provide

farm subsidies for himself while allowing authorization

to expire for nutrition programs including  SNAP.

*Total subsidies do not include any possible federal  payments

Noem Photo Op of the day • Write your own caption

So Dreamy . . .

Sister Aimee is that Kristi Noem waggin’ her tongues? (Guest Poster)

This older story from the Mitchell Daily Republic has been bugging us and it reminds us of a little South Dakota country church.

Noem reports a combined total of $15,833 in “salary” from 3 different sources – $6,000 from her SD legislative gig, $8,833 from something called Family Worship Center and $1,000 from Noem Family Insurance in Bryant.

There once was a little country church near Hub City called the Garfield Gospel Tabernacle.  Ever hear of it?  Probably not, the holy rovers were an interesting bunch where the locals said “If the coyotes didn’t yell they did.” Why does this little rural Vermillion church matter and what does it have to do with Noem?  Recently it began to appear Kristi is an “owner” of it present incarnation.

During the 1920’s a of Los Angeles charismatic preacher, Aimee Semple McPherson started a church called the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel broadcasting over the new-fangled radio bringing the Gospel to the isolated Dakota farmers.  This was a lively group.  It was said when they had a funeral, they had to hold on to the casket so it wouldn’t roll out of the church.  Well by the 1970’s the attending families had dwindled in number and the church was closed.  Shortly thereafter the building was moved to Beresford and reopened to serve the worship needs of the locals eventually with a preacher, Raymond Peterson.

The little country church was for many years associated with the First Assembly organization out of Mitchell.  In the late 1980’s the preacher, Raymond Peterson tried to take over the leadership of the state organization as many back to God preachers began doing at the time.  When he lost the election he convinced the member / owners of the church to sign over the property to him so he could ‘grow’ their mission.  Upon the turnover of the property to Peterson, the Gospel Tabernacle / First Assembly church members were ‘kicked out’ for not agreeing to the new ownership.  You see Raymond decided to make it a privately owned for personal gain church

Living Word Fellowship” under South Dakota’s corporate laws.  With this building “given to him” for free (he won the lawsuits), Raymond moved to Sioux Falls using the Beresford building as collateral for a ‘church’ building in Sioux Falls (Sioux Falls FWC 1).

Raymond has tried for years to build his version of a media empire with radio broadcasting and other outreaches.  His current privately owned church in Sioux Falls is now called Family Worship Center Mount of Olives Ministries.

This has created a bit of confusion with several who have confused the two churches with Raymond encouraging publicly with his adherence to Foursquare principles.  She is not a part of the Sioux Falls story but the Watertown version.  Noem’s part-time job was teaching young people how to roll around in the aisles like the old Garfield Gospel Tabernacle or as the attached link will demonstrate.

A few years ago we had a TeaBagger Alaskan Vice Presidential candidate who was a tongue ‘wagger’ who like to roll around in the aisles.  So we South Dakotans are proud to have our own, Kristi Noem is apparently a part-time employee / owner of the Watertown Foursquare Church also known as Family Worship Center. The Watertown ‘church’ is officially a Foursquare church. Our understanding is Noem has given up her seat on the board to her sister Cindy.

We non-Foursquares find their adherence to Sister Aimee’s Southern Pentecostal beliefs humorous, yet disturbing.  Sister Aimee started a church to expand her beliefs based in the post reconstruction American south where the frustrations of the poor whites needed to keep the people of other colors down.  Her fear based teachings of the church meeting broadcasts out of Los Angeles met the emotional need to blame the strife of Midwestern farm life of the 1920’s on someone.  Those who lived near the Garfield Gospel Tabernacle always found it interesting after some of the local revivals you would see the KKK cross burnings, being held in the middle of the night, atop nearby Spirit Mound. Nobody ever claimed the activity but it was interesting.

Is this what we are heading back to?  The type of ministries we are highlighting here are not limited to them.  As we learned with the half termed governor of Alaska, the churches encourage government involvement to spread their “word”.  Kristi is doing her only job.  Her only job is to operate in the official capacity she is elected to in order to push the “mission’ of her church.  Be as likeable and charismatic as necessary to get and retain power.  Their belief system requires them to force the rest of us to do as they say, but you know the rest (“not as they do”).  Privately owned officially nonprofit organizations actually being used to spread their Gospel mission of far right agenda beliefs.  These for-profit nonprofits are destroying the Constitution the rest of us rely on to survive,  Each time we vote for these aisle rollers, we are setting the bar of sanity further from our reach.

(YouTube this or this)

(here is a selection of Noem / Foursquare Ministries youth outreach for you to choose from if you wish to have a chuckle)

Megachurch pastor uses sermon to ‘endorse Jesus’ but encourages voting for Romney


What is the actual function of the PUC? The competing views… (Guest Poster)

Who is Fiegen looking out for?

Notice how Kristi Fiegen and Chris Nelson are never really talking about protecting the citizens? Kristi’s ads focus on protecting business. Does this mentality have something to do with her past positions with ALEC and the money each has received over the years from the energy companies they are to regulate? Read Fiegen’s material and listen to her ads, we’ll give you a moment, or two….  Look for these messages to let you care only about the corporation’s needs.  Nowhere in their collective messages do the say they are protecting us, the citizens, from the abuses levied upon us.  Think about it…

Hurt businesses in South Dakota versus hurt citizens of South Dakota?  Since when is more import to protect business in South Dakota than the people? Is the PUC there to protect the businesses from the wrath of the people for the abuses perpetrated by the businesses?

After Governor Frank Farrar’s disastrous decision to regulate the REA coops in 1969 the people of South Dakota understood the real need for a strong people oriented PUC.  For most of the next 40 years, Democrats had a seat at the table to keep the utilities functioning as they should, protecting the citizens.  In 1973 a young person, a single citizen, from a small South Dakota town actually was able to bring an action before the PUC against Northwestern Bell.  This action brought NW Bell to their knees.  NW Bell was not allowed to have a rate increase for about two years because the PUC agreed with the teenager.  I know this story well.  I was the teenager.  This action forced NW Bell to improve their service.  This action was accomplished because we had a PUC who could not be accused of being tied to the utilities.

Kristi and Chris are tied to the ALEC utility companies they have to regulate.  Who should we trust?

Noem got her ass kicked

Just watched this debate, Matt crushed Kristi. It’s too bad some of the ‘ignorant’ voters in our state won’t understand the finer points Matt made in this debate.