SD Republican Bobbleheads still pretending Dave Knudson does not exist

This gets funnier by the second. Pity Pants Pat over at the Wuss College posts a novel (again) about the kerfuffle over Lucas Leach’s decision to attack Scott Heidepriem over owning a Volkswagon (or something like that). In his long rant, not one mention of Dave Knudson’s almost identical resume to Scott’s, just more digging up the past that no one gives a rat’s ass about;

Geting back to the criticism, many of the same people who are howling about it in July of 2009 were doing the reverse in February and March 2008 when the South Dakota Democrats came after Steve Kirby. While Republicans did it with a press release this week, back then, people involved with the party and the Johnson campaign went so far as to not just criticize Steve Kirby’s success, but they staked out the Kirby home and stalked his family.

Well, sorry Pat, there is a difference, for one Kirby was running for a federal position not a state position, and YES he was going to announce, that’s why the Johnson camp was following him around. Rumor has it he had already filmed a TV spot in the Black Hills. I guess if I ‘wasn’t’ running for office, why would I film a TV commercial? Anyway, back to the topic at hand, when are you and the SD GOP going to discuss Scott’s twin brother, Dave Knudson?


#1 The Minuteman on 07.30.09 at 8:47 am

That librul in conservative clothing doesn’t deserve any attention.
We can only hope a real republican like Bill Napoli jumps into the race to save us all.

#2 Costner on 07.30.09 at 11:03 am

Ladies and Gentleman… pay no attention to the troll in the corner.