As usual it seems Thune is getting a pass from the SD media. Even going so far as to delete a blogger’s post about it on their site. What we don’t know can’t hurt us.


By l3wis

11 thoughts on “So when is the SD MSM gonna question Thune about his rape protection vote. We are still waiting.”
  1. I love Rachel Maddow. Thune and his 29 buddies are probably all at the C Street house planning their next assault on women’s rights.

  2. “Just as soon as they are done screwing their staffer’s wives.”

    Um….we’re talking Republicans here. Don’t you mean staffer’s husbands or sons?


    For those of you who can’t take a joke… get over yourselves.

  3. Dems will never be as bad as r’s. Already wrote to Inouye. Stupid move on his part. Who gives a rats behind about contractors? They have stolen billions and billions of our tax dollars, that is what he should be worried about.

  4. Now the plot thickens, did Inouye say it or not. Dailykos has this:
    “So I contacted Sen. Inouye’s office. A couple of hours later, Lori Hamamoto called me back.

    I spoke with Lori Hamamoto, Sen. Inouye’s Press Secretary. She said that Inouye voted for the amendment and continues to support it. Lori has no idea where these rumors originated and reassured me that Sen. Inouye would not be weakening or removing Franken’s amendment. ”,-Daniel-Inouye-and-multiple-sources

  5. Yes – where’s the outrage?

    Where are the villagers? This is inexcusable!

    Just how bad a person does one have to be to vote against allowing a woman to sue when she is drugged, raped and confined in a shipping container for over 24 hours?


    …well… KELO I understand, but what about the others?!!

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