Their latest attempt at trying to smear Starr was trotting out PUC ‘lifer’ Gary Hanson, who has NO authority over Federal Rules that apply to cell phones, and has NO legal experience saying what he did was illegal. It would be like Mayor TenHaken saying he is assisting CDC scientists to come up with a safe Corona Virus Vaccine.

It’s laughable at best.

But Danny has been busy writing more press releases that are basically flat out lies about Starr, including basically calling him stupid;

Lederman noted, “it appears that Starr didn’t know or care about federal laws against robocalling and doesn’t understand laws that clearly state if you spend money as part of a campaign you need to attach a disclaimer to your expenditure. I get the impression that he’s just too dumb to be trusted with the responsibility of the Minnehaha County Treasurer’s office.

What Iowa Dan doesn’t understand is this WAS NOT a campaign expense, and since it was NOT he does not have to disclose diddly. The rules the real dummy cites have to do with political messaging and political campaigns.

. . . ‘but he’s the one responsible to not harass & bother people on their cell phones.

As I have said already, informing voters that they can vote safely and early during a pandemic emergency is hardly ‘harassment’. It would be like me calling the FCC to complain about a tornado warning I got on my cell phone at 2 AM because I was trying to sleep. How dare they wake me up before my roof blows away! The shame!

“Failing to take responsibility for one’s actions is not a quality that voters appreciate,” 

Hmm, that’s rich. Then why do people in your party continue to get reelected with things like EB5, Gear-Up and more scandals than I can count? Maybe the ‘dummies’ are your supporters? Oh that’s right, because people like you continue to LIE about the other party and blame them for YOUR failures. Your party has been in charge for nearly 50 years in South Dakota yet when something goes wrong you blame Democrats. Huh?

If I were to just take Starr’s record on the Council (Remember he had NO challengers for his 2nd term) he has consistently stood with residents when it comes to zoning and fiscal responsibility. That $26 million dollar debacle in DTSF comes to mind, voted in by a majority of REPUBLICANS on the city council. Oh, that’s right, Pat voted against it. Why? Because it was one of the DUMBEST (and fraudulent) projects ever concocted by this city government.

Iowa Dan continues by citing a FCC law that refers to telemarketers. Dan, let’s go over this again, and read this slowly. Pat wasn’t trying to sell voters a darn thing, he was only making them aware of their rights and responsibilities during a pandemic, that is called a Public Service Announcement. Usually, those announcements come from Public officials because it is one of their elected duties. Now, I know in your strange little twisted world a PSA is when the governor pays FOX News (with taxdollars) to air a tourism ad about South Dakota. There’s a difference, I hope you understand? Should we go over it again? I know from living in Iowa for a brief time, you corn fed folks tend to be a bit slower.

Let’s face it folks, the GOP doesn’t make any calls to voters unless they are trying to sell them their version of Horsepuckey, and the real idiots here are the ones accusing someone of illegal activity while the accused was giving voting advice during an emergency. Something these clowns would never do. Let’s talk about being stuck on stupid.

By l3wis

8 thoughts on “SD GOP’s Iowan Leader continues to spread Outrageous Lies about Pat Starr”
  1. Wait a minute, the SD GOP have an Iowa leader and our red mayor depends upon Iowa law. I see a pattern, do you? What’s next? A merger with Sioux City? Then we could blame the Smithfield aroma upon them with Taupeville caught in the middle…. It’s a plan!

  2. so the Dems never lie? Clinton fabricated the whole Russian collusion debacle, the media spun it, and you clowns ate it up….talk about stupid.

    Trump is gonna win in a landslide.

  3. Trump will win because he speaks Redneck and is the guru for the rich and Wall Street. I just don’t like the man for his dealings with Putin, philandering, and tax fraud. Biden is to wishy washy with unsubstantiated claims and false promises. I think I’ll write in Opra and hope for a better choice in 2024.

  4. Perhaps Starr wasn’t aware of the infraction. However, he’s not sold out like Neitzert. Ok, a few robo calls but not an expenses paid vacation.

  5. If you don’t think that Trump has special memory form knee pads (He had the MyPillow guy design and make them for him), when it comes to Putin, then I have a bridge on 8th Street that I want to sell to you… It’s only been driven on by Grannies on their way to church on Sundays, too. I assure you.

    As far as the Clintons, yep, they due lie, that’s why November is the only month that I have ever voted for a Clinton in my life. #ChelseaIsMyFavoriteOne #Oh&TheirOnceBrownLab

  6. Be careful with Oprah. She backed Dubya in 2000 and Obama in ’08. Who does that?

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