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Governor Noem doesn’t grasp Reality

I could certainly tell you again about how ignorant Noem is. I could also rant about her authoritarianism or how she seems to have a rotating plastic surgery schedule like it is her chiropractor. But what troubles me the most is her lack of understanding reality.

While average South Dakotans can barely afford to put gas in their cars she jet sets all over the country on our dime visiting extremist radical right events. She makes no apologies about nepotism and special treatment for her children. She lies about a 10 year old pregnant rape victim calling it fake news. She also continues to lie to national audiences saying nothing closed down in South Dakota because of Covid. Uses tax dollars to overturn a Rec MJ constitutional amendment. Thinks people can secretly carry concealed weapons while gun violence rages in South Dakota’s largest city. Ignores corrections workers concerns while lying to the media about fixing it. Sends our National Guard troops to the Texas border because apparently South Dakota is overran by illegals. Has barred transgender youth from sports even though there is NOT ONE SINGLE transgender athlete in South Dakota asking to participate. Has banned CRT from public schools even though it has NEVER been taught here and is an advanced law school class about civil rights litigation.

But I think the last straw was this week when she turned down a debate on SDPB saying;

Today (July 15, 2022), in response to an inquiry from South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) regarding why Governor Noem does not plan to participate in their gubernatorial debate, the Kristi for Governor campaign announced that they will not be participating in the debate due to extreme leftist slant from National Public Radio (NPR) and SDPB.

“For years, we have watched as NPR and SDPB both drifted further and further to the left. The final straw was NPR eliminating the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July,” said Ian Fury, Communications Director for Kristi for Governor. “In the past, Governor Noem has made clear that she will not participate in debates hosted by hyper-partisan organizations or outlets. SDPB has repeatedly promoted the radical effort to re-write American history and cancel our Founding Fathers. As Governor Noem said at Mount Rushmore, ‘To attempt to cancel the Founding generation is an attempt to cancel our own freedoms.’ Governor Noem has participated in this debate in the past, but SDPB’s extreme leftward swing precludes the possibility of a fair debate.”

I have been watching the Newshour for years, and what attracted me most is that it is non-partisan unlike cable news. During the last couple of months PBS has strived to bring in both sides of the abortion debate. Unlike the partisan garbage spilled on FOX and MSNBC, PBS has always had a fair approach to the news.

Secondly, this is a live debate, not sure how the moderator would be able to twist or edit Noem’s answers? She is really is the dullest knife in the dull knife drawer.

Here is an interview Mayor TenHaken recently did with SDPB, notice there is no left wing nuttiness, just basic questions about how city government is functioning;

After reading this statement, it is clear that Noem has lost all connection with reality and what is really going on in our country and state. Everything she says or does is opposite of what people really think or are going thru. Bizzarro Noem for Governor.

Aunt Lydia for Governor

Noem’s NRA speech full of lies

I’m not sure how someone can tell this many lies in 20 minutes, but she pulls it off including how nothing closed in SD during the pandemic. Not sure what state she was talking about, but businesses, churches and schools were closed across the state. Downtown Sioux Falls was a ghost town. She also continues to peddle the lie that the libs are going to take your guns. The 2nd amendment clearly states that with the ownership of guns comes regulation of that ownership. I am wondering when the SD MSM is going to call out her B.S.

More Crazy Talk from Noem’s campaign

I wonder if this letter also came with a shovel? I enjoyed this line;

But these sacred principles are now in jeopardy.

They sure are, because of you. Like when a majority of South Dakotans voted for Rec MJ and you getting the high court to strike it down. Or the AG’s office ignoring a lawsuit against Amendment C which would give power to the minority. This isn’t limited government, it is authoritarianism.

Oh, it is gets better;

Government is crushing the economy.

Yes, because of the billions in Federal Aid that flowed into the state. And when you had an opportunity to help low income peeps pay rent with some of that money, you gave that money back. Utter stupidity and callousness.

At this point I would prefer an ANTIFA rioter over you as governor.

Sioux Falls DSU Cybersecurity fails to get state funding . . . for now

As I have said ten thousand times before, when you do things in the open you have more buy in from the public. Denny Sanford, Mayor TenHaken and Governor Noem decided to cook up a deal behind closed doors and it has bit them in the butt.

Denny said he would give $50 million as long as the state ($30 million) and the city pitched in ($10 million). That didn’t happen today.

Senate Bill 54 to appropriate funds for the Dakota State University Cyber Program Expansion. House Appropriations cut the funding to $1 on a motion by Tina Mulally.  After that, they begrudgingly passed it 8-1, with Taffy Howard the lone vote no.

I have heard rumors that Mayor Poops still plans on bringing the $10 million funding forward to the council next week. The hope is if the council passes it that will get the legislature to bring back the funding at the end of session.


I have suggested that the council attach an amendment to the funding that they will only pitch in the $10 million IF the state changes their mind and decides to pitch in the $30 million. If the legislature fails to pass the funding before the end of session, the commitment would dissolve automatically.

Do I think this is a good project for Sioux Falls? YES. I just don’t see why we need to fund a private facility that will benefit Denny and his business partners. I also don’t believe the absolute BS that this will create 500, $100K a year jobs permanently in Sioux Falls. It may over a decade create that many jobs, but they will all not be in Sioux Falls.

I believe councilors must submit amendments by tomorrow before the agenda posts, I think they can also do it before 2nd reading. Hopefully at least 2 of them grow a brain and offer the amendment, or better yet, kill it all together.

House Speaker Gosch owns Noem

While I was glad to see Noem’s proposal on abortion killed (because there is already oodles of SCOTUS abortion litigation heading their way) I was more entertained by Gosch’s response to her crocodile tears;

“Look it wasn’t my intention to hurt anybody’s feelings in the way that things went but sometimes that happens in legislation right. Some people get really tied to their idea and it just doesn’t go their way,” said Gosch.

Gosch says he doesn’t dislike anyone

“But ultimately we are going we’ve got a lot of work to do and we are going to need to continue to work hard to accomplish what we need to accomplish without any sideshows or personal vendettas,” said Gosch.

“The intention wasn’t for feelings to get hurt we just have a job to do and I think we did it,” said Gosch.

In his statement Gosch said it is not the governor’s job to introduce legislation, she can only recommend language. He says the power to legislate is reserved to the legislative branch.

That last part is the best part. I often tell the city council they need to be the ones forming policy, NOT the mayor’s office. But most of them lack courage or the will to stand up to Poops. And they ain’t real hardworkers.

Speaking of abortion, this latest clip from Sam B weighs in on the possibility of having a right to an abortion using religious exemption. I loved what the Catholic said; ‘Freedom of Religion also means Freedom from Religion.’ Amen.

What the Hell is the SD Democratic Party doing?

When I first heard about the calls to impeach AG Rumblestrips, my first response was that Noem was behind it and she was using her goons to wash her hands of the bloody spot;

I don’t know. I was on the phone. I just gave him an update and the governor called. They’re going to call me back. The governor is actually involved in this so that is why it is more specific. But it is nice because this person is running for president, I don’t know if they’re running for Democrat or Republican, so they have a huge… budget for the Senate race, which is coming up in a couple months. So that is why we need to do a good job, okay? -Angel Kane, Grand Solutions Inc.

But what is more confusing is why doesn’t the Democratic Party in Sodak have a candidate for AG? The rumor going around is that it will be a throw down between Rumblestrips and Jackboots for the nomination at the convention. Yeah, a corrupt former AG vs. a killer. Shakes couldn’t write a better tragedy.

While the Dems have secured an independent Libertarian to run against Thune, they have yet to find an AG candidate, a congressional candidate or a governor candidate.

I heard today that they tried to recruit John Claussen to run against Dusty but he said he did not want to. John tried to become the Executive Director of the Party, gave great testimony on re-districting, and has been involved with Democratic politics for decades.

But the big rumor is that Billie Sutton and Dan Ahlers MAY announce next week they are running for Governor and Lt. Governor.

I am not holding my breath.

Living Wage in South Dakota should be at $22.50 per hour

I have been advocating for a long time that living wage in South Dakota, especially Sioux Falls should probably be nipping the heels of $20.00 per hour, imagine my surprise when this report came out;

This means that of the 50 states, (Puerto Rico and D.C. are not included) South Dakota is one which costs the least to survive in. But how does a $9.95 minimum wage match up to a $45,000 living wage?

Assuming a 40-hour work week, and 50 working weeks per year, a $9.95 wage comes to $19,900 per year. To match the living wage for South Dakota, the minimum wage would need to rise to $22.50/hour.

Our cost of living adjustments are also very high (notice housing);

While we have a governor who blabs about liberty and freedom and a mayor who decries ‘wage inflation’ you can tell the reality is that we lag very far behind and don’t look to their supposed leadership to help the situation. It’s time to start electing representation that wants to make changes instead of coddle the business elites, hospital industrial complex, and welfare developers.

Three Wishes

Kassidy (Noem) Peters is ‘Angry’ because she got caught

Apparently she is going to take her ball and go home. Boo Hoo, how sorry I feel for the spoiled hick governor’s daughter. Maybe she can bounce back and become an author writing a tell all book about Lewendowski’s mistresses?

This is an interesting move by Peters considering NO investigation has been done yet in to whether she got special treatment. Wouldn’t you wait for that investigation to be final before quitting? Or could it be that she knows that she got special treatment and if the Feds follow the nepotism paper trail she might get her license revoked anyway. But I see her little trick may have worked since the committee bailed on making her testify.

And why quit because of a supposed reputable harm? I know car salesmen in town who have been fired at every single lot they worked at but continue to get jobs selling cars. If you are a good appraiser and are continuing to get jobs why do you care what the media thinks? I would think with the shortage of appraisers in the state, you would have oodles of work.

I personally think Peters did get special treatment. This is about what she did in the past not what she is going to do moving forward. You can say all you want you thought you hit a deer, but the dead man’s glasses will still be laying in your front seat . . . oh wait . . . wrong crooked politician.