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Noem gets roasted on SNL over abortion

It was nice to have high school journalist students do the post game of the governor’s debate

They even wore ties! Surprised there wasn’t a food truck in the background.

Dakota News Now screenshot

Will Noem even show up to the debate on Friday?

I have been wagering with several people that Noem will likely not show up to the debate on Friday. I think she knows she leads in the polls and doesn’t really need to be there.

She will likely have one of her minions pen an email about her back giving her trouble or some other fake emergency.

I look at this as an opportunity for the Democratic and Libertarian candidates to pile it on her and take a double team approach to pointing out her nepotism, corruption and illegal plane trips. Instead of them attacking each other, they need to attack the failed political system we currently have in South Dakota with one-party rule.

Maybe Jamie Smith needs to run an ad like this;

Does Jamie Smith have a fighting chance?


If you would have asked me this question the day he announced, I would have fell over laughing.

Money is the name of the game, and we could easily talk the issues, etc., but that is what wins.

But we are in strange times;

• Roe vs. Wade was overturned.

• The red state of Kansas overturned it in their state . . .

• Amendment C failed in SoDak.

We could also talk about plane trips, cheating and nepotism, but we won’t go there.

Social media today was on fire that internal and external polling show Jamie Smith is closing the GAP and is within Billie Sutton territory.

My family homesteaded in SoDak on both sides of the tree, I grew up here and my families have deep roots. No one was specifically conservative or liberal in my family, just caring, patriotic and faithful. One thing South Dakotans don’t like is liars and cheaters. Ironically, Noem could lose this race, by simply being a loser (and a liar and cheater).

Does Noem even listen to what she is saying?

I have said some pretty crazy things during public input at council meetings, but I am also not running for governor or currently serving as governor. Noem really struggles with saying something logical when she is caught by surprise on the campaign trail;

“I’ve used the plane probably half as much as the previous governor, nobody has covered that, I use it very little for the exact same events the previous governor did, and the governor before that, and the governor before that, so this is just a political hit job because I was the only one who had balls enough to say this attorney general that killed a guy and left him in a ditch and lied about it and covered it up shouldn’t be the attorney general anymore,” Noem said.

Actually many in the blogosphere, media, and political realm (Dems and Repugs) were calling for Jason’s resignation. Public polling also reflected that he must go. She didn’t just suddenly ‘grow at set’, the evidence was pretty clear that Jason was fiddling on his phone, drove fully in the ditch and ran over Joe Boever.

I’m also going to ask Noem to stop participating in female rodeo competitions since she seems to have an unfair advantage hanging out in her Wranglers. C’mon Kristi, stop being a hypocrite, we need fairness in female sports 🙂

Rhoden/Noem Ad; 3 Big Fat Lies!

• Many businesses, schools, health clinics and churches closed down during Covid in South Dakota (you know, if she would spend a little time in SD she would see stuff like this).

• There are currently NO transgender athletes challenging the state for participation (I think there was ONE lawsuit in Dakota Dunes a few years ago).

• CRT does NOT exist in our schools, whether that is k-12 or higher ed. IT HAS NEVER EXISTED in SD.

So when is the media going to call her out about the continued lies she tells? She has been peddling these lies for over a year.

Noem dodges Bill Maher interview

While Bill was doing a parody of GOP books, he mentions to the panel that he had Noem booked to be on the show next week and she bailed.

Governor Noem doesn’t grasp Reality

I could certainly tell you again about how ignorant Noem is. I could also rant about her authoritarianism or how she seems to have a rotating plastic surgery schedule like it is her chiropractor. But what troubles me the most is her lack of understanding reality.

While average South Dakotans can barely afford to put gas in their cars she jet sets all over the country on our dime visiting extremist radical right events. She makes no apologies about nepotism and special treatment for her children. She lies about a 10 year old pregnant rape victim calling it fake news. She also continues to lie to national audiences saying nothing closed down in South Dakota because of Covid. Uses tax dollars to overturn a Rec MJ constitutional amendment. Thinks people can secretly carry concealed weapons while gun violence rages in South Dakota’s largest city. Ignores corrections workers concerns while lying to the media about fixing it. Sends our National Guard troops to the Texas border because apparently South Dakota is overran by illegals. Has barred transgender youth from sports even though there is NOT ONE SINGLE transgender athlete in South Dakota asking to participate. Has banned CRT from public schools even though it has NEVER been taught here and is an advanced law school class about civil rights litigation.

But I think the last straw was this week when she turned down a debate on SDPB saying;

Today (July 15, 2022), in response to an inquiry from South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) regarding why Governor Noem does not plan to participate in their gubernatorial debate, the Kristi for Governor campaign announced that they will not be participating in the debate due to extreme leftist slant from National Public Radio (NPR) and SDPB.

“For years, we have watched as NPR and SDPB both drifted further and further to the left. The final straw was NPR eliminating the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July,” said Ian Fury, Communications Director for Kristi for Governor. “In the past, Governor Noem has made clear that she will not participate in debates hosted by hyper-partisan organizations or outlets. SDPB has repeatedly promoted the radical effort to re-write American history and cancel our Founding Fathers. As Governor Noem said at Mount Rushmore, ‘To attempt to cancel the Founding generation is an attempt to cancel our own freedoms.’ Governor Noem has participated in this debate in the past, but SDPB’s extreme leftward swing precludes the possibility of a fair debate.”

I have been watching the Newshour for years, and what attracted me most is that it is non-partisan unlike cable news. During the last couple of months PBS has strived to bring in both sides of the abortion debate. Unlike the partisan garbage spilled on FOX and MSNBC, PBS has always had a fair approach to the news.

Secondly, this is a live debate, not sure how the moderator would be able to twist or edit Noem’s answers? She is really is the dullest knife in the dull knife drawer.

Here is an interview Mayor TenHaken recently did with SDPB, notice there is no left wing nuttiness, just basic questions about how city government is functioning;

After reading this statement, it is clear that Noem has lost all connection with reality and what is really going on in our country and state. Everything she says or does is opposite of what people really think or are going thru. Bizzarro Noem for Governor.

Aunt Lydia for Governor

Noem’s NRA speech full of lies

I’m not sure how someone can tell this many lies in 20 minutes, but she pulls it off including how nothing closed in SD during the pandemic. Not sure what state she was talking about, but businesses, churches and schools were closed across the state. Downtown Sioux Falls was a ghost town. She also continues to peddle the lie that the libs are going to take your guns. The 2nd amendment clearly states that with the ownership of guns comes regulation of that ownership. I am wondering when the SD MSM is going to call out her B.S.