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Kassidy (Noem) Peters is ‘Angry’ because she got caught

Apparently she is going to take her ball and go home. Boo Hoo, how sorry I feel for the spoiled hick governor’s daughter. Maybe she can bounce back and become an author writing a tell all book about Lewendowski’s mistresses?

This is an interesting move by Peters considering NO investigation has been done yet in to whether she got special treatment. Wouldn’t you wait for that investigation to be final before quitting? Or could it be that she knows that she got special treatment and if the Feds follow the nepotism paper trail she might get her license revoked anyway. But I see her little trick may have worked since the committee bailed on making her testify.

And why quit because of a supposed reputable harm? I know car salesmen in town who have been fired at every single lot they worked at but continue to get jobs selling cars. If you are a good appraiser and are continuing to get jobs why do you care what the media thinks? I would think with the shortage of appraisers in the state, you would have oodles of work.

I personally think Peters did get special treatment. This is about what she did in the past not what she is going to do moving forward. You can say all you want you thought you hit a deer, but the dead man’s glasses will still be laying in your front seat . . . oh wait . . . wrong crooked politician. 

Genius Satire for an Idiot Governor

Cory posted this fabulous cartoon today and I just had to share. Comparing Noem’s policies to the words/warnings of a French Cleric from over 800 years ago was a comic masterpiece.

Interesting Governor Race Polling

A South Dacola Foot Soldier sent me this today;

I just got a call from a polling firm based out of N Sioux City SD (based on my caller ID).  It asked if I would support Noem or one of the following Dem opponents, either Sutton, Huether, or Seiler.

I had heard about a week ago that there was going to be polling out there in an effort to push Sutton into the race. But what I find interesting is they would include someone who I thought was now a registered Indy (MMM) and someone who lost to Rumblestrips. While they were at it, why didn’t they also mention Michelle Erpenbach 🙁

More on Trusts in South Dakota

I will admit, it was refreshing to read this humorous article about South Dakota Trusts. It all starts with some digs on Noem, EB-5, Gear-Up, etc.;

Corey Lewandowski. Read it all here: (The BulwarkThe Daily Beast) BTW, Ian Fury, Noem’s official spokesperson, said “Corey was always a volunteer, never paid a dime (campaign or official).” To which I instantly responded, “So, you are saying that he did it for love.”

Is that what Repugs call love? Unfortunately, YES!

Now I am proud to say that in one way, I actually broke this story, on SleuthSayers, back on June 20, 2012. It’s just that no one listened. As the once and (probably) future AG Marty Jackley once told me, “Call me when there’s a crime.”

I think Jackboots had that line disconnected after Dep SOS Pitty Pat and SOS Jason Gunt left office.

Unless you live under a rock or are dumber than* our governor (or related to her) you know that the Trusts don’t benefit average South Dakotans one iota, it doesn’t even benefit main street or the government coffers in Pierre. There is a select group of banksters, bondsters and all around scammers making money from this and the cavemen and Betty Rubbles running our state house don’t have a clue about the laws they are passing.

I can feel all that liberty and freedom making me dumber by the minute.

When will the Media poll South Dakotans on Abortion?

So we have been seeing a lot of stories about abortion these days. From our governor proposing primitive and unconstitutional laws to protests from both sides of the aisle and rallies.

I guess my question is when is our local media going to pony up and just do a poll of South Dakota voters? Heck, they could even join forces and use the Poli-Sci departments at the public universities to help conduct it.

I think the results in South Dakota would be the same as the rest of the country. Most people support legal abortion as long as it is within a reasonable window of time.

I will tell you why the media won’t touch it, they like the controversy. Even though South Dakotans have voted twice to preserve prochoice in our state there seems to be this attitude in the media that we are split 50/50 on the topic. I don’t believe it for a moment.

Noem & Lewandowski; Birds of a Feather

Let’s just pretend for a brief moment that the allegations of an affair did not come to light. To tell you the truth, it would not matter because the other scandals are piling up;

• Misuse of State Airplane

• Nepotism and using tax dollars to pay off a whistle blower

• Federal investigation of National Guard donation

• Paying state prisoners 50 cents per hour to build elaborate $9,000 desk

The sad part is this comes after the ‘volunteer’ advice from a guy who Trump recently fired. TRUMP FIRED HIM!!!!

You do know Kristi, just because you didn’t pay him, doesn’t mean the advice doesn’t have a price. You and mostly South Dakotans are suffering because of this scumbag Trumpian. Even your own staffers are disgusted with him.

Your leadership abilities certainly should be questioned after taking ‘volunteer’ advice from this dude. Birds of a Feather flock together, now it’s time to fire our own Dodo Bird, Kristi Noem.

Noem tries to escape her Controversies by going to California

So this popped up yesterday on a Right Winger gossipy website;

Multiple sources have informed American Greatness that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is having an extramarital affair with adviser Corey Lewandowski, who previously served as a campaign manager for Donald Trump. The alleged fling reportedly has continued for months, sources say

Trust me, I didn’t gasp when I read it. This ‘rumor’ has been floating around the statehouse and Pierre for over a year. I would just like to know who the sources were? A disgruntled former Noem employee? A state legislator(s)?

Of course Noem denies it (alright Bill Clinton);

“total garbage and a disgusting lie”

It could be a lie for all we know. So I challenge Noem to sue them for slander. If it is NOT true, prove it to a judge. Pressler won a similar suit when he was accused of being gay.

Whether it is true or not, I could care less about Noem’s sex life. This is an obvious attempt by some conservatives across the country to discount Noem as a presidential candidate, which is funny, because I thought you had to be a known cheater before you were granted the nomination in either party. If I were these wingnut dissenters, I wouldn’t be too worried.

Watching her interview on Newsmax last night was enough to prove she doesn’t have what it takes to be president. In her 50 minute interview she lied about Reagan helping farmers (he destroyed small family farms and the middle class), lied about her death taxes (she has received millions in federal farm subsidies), lied about Covid Mandates in the state (several communities across SD had mandates) lied about the Reservations smuggling drugs for the Mexican Cartel (yet uses our tax dollars to sue the voters over passing Rec MJ) and lied about all the Freedom we have in South Dakota because we believe in God and have Faith. I know, Batty stuff.

What I found ironic is that Noem probably spent tax dollars to fly to California to do a LIVE town hall. Why can’t SDPTV host a live Townhall, right here in South Dakota? Well the answer was obvious. NO ONE asked any questions that were controversial. Like why is she asking Ravnsborg to resign or why she used tax dollars to silence a whistle blower.

I don’t entirely blame Noem for all the issues in our state. This is what happens when you have one party rule for over 50 years, nothing gets done for the people because there is NO bi-partisan discussions on laws. I had to laugh this morning when people were calling into Belfrage’s show defending Noem for firing the appraiser director. Many people called about how the appraisers in South Dakota are corrupt and in cahoots with the realtors. GET OUT! They also believed that Noem could fix it. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you really think the SD GOP who consists mostly of realtors and land dealers are going to fix a system that is rigged for them? You truly are naïve.

I’ll say the same thing about Noem as I say about Trump. I knew what I was getting when both of them were elected, but what baffles me is how people consistently defend their immense stupidity and lies.

Should Noem be Impeached?

Caught Again!

It seems Cory and I were thinking the same thing when the news hit today;

Maybe the Legislature will make its impeachment Special Session a two-fer….

We will get to that in a moment.

From the AP Story (yes, folks, NO ONE in our state or local media uncovered this, it was the AP that had to break the story, so sad) there was one quote that stood out;

While Peters was applying for the certification, Noem should have recused herself from discussions on the agency, especially any that would apply to her daughter’s application, said Richard Painter, a professor at the University of Minnesota Law School who was the chief ethics lawyer for former President George W. Bush.

“It’s clearly a conflict of interest and an abuse of power for the benefit of a family member,” he said.

For a moment though, let’s move past the abuse of power, the nepotism, the corruption and the conflicts. That’s everyday business for the SD GOP, let’s focus on the possible impeachable offenses;

Bren filed her age discrimination complaint at the end of December and, three months later, received the $200,000 settlement agreement to withdraw the complaint and leave her job. When asked about Bren, Hultman declined to discuss “the specifics of personnel decisions.”

It’s the use of tax payer resources to silence a whistle-blower that makes this egregious. Forget about the spoiled brats Noem raised and the hillbilly authoritarianism that comes when dumb hicks attain power, that crap has been going on for 50 years in Pierre.

But the spending of our money to cover her tracks is faintly hypocritical considering she beat Jackboots in the primary by exposing his own cover-up and the settlement paid out to a DCI agent he tried to silence.

Yeah, we are starting to see a pattern here.

We all know Noem will walk away from this unscathed and nothing will happen and probably the reason our local media just lets out a big yawn anymore when it comes to government corruption in our state.

Is Noem doing Sanford’s Bidding?

Yeah, sadly we have to go to Yahoo News to get the real bizzo on our Governor. As I have mentioned before, we would never get a story like this out of our local media;

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is encountering heightened scrutiny over decision to reject women’s sports legislation, with many questioning the influence of a longtime advisor – Matt McCaulley – who also has ties to the state’s top employer.

You may remember Mr. McCaulley, he was Sioux Falls City Councilor Neitzert’s attorney when he gleefully avoided punishment over his ethically challenged trip to Texas with Mayor Poops.

Since Noem’s veto, her conservative credentials have come under scrutiny, including from National Review. The conservative outlet published an article last week that raised legislators’ concerns with McCaulley and highlighted the $40 million that his client, Sanford Health, directed towards its sports complex on the same day that Noem announced her veto.

Kwinky Dink? I think not.

“It’s a well-known secret in South Dakota that Matt McCaulley has a seat at the Governor’s policy table while simultaneously representing the interests of Sanford Health as one of their key lobbyists,” a person with first-hand knowledge told Fox News.

“During the Women’s Sports debate, we clearly saw this conflict of interest when the Governor came out with a style-and-form veto on the same day that Sanford Health announced their $40M donation to expand a sports complex. McCaulley not only influenced Governor Noem’s decision to derail the women’s sports bill, but he also helped write the press release and worked on the messaging.”

Hey, Kristi, you could have waited at least a couple of days . . .

Some have suggested that Noem’s policy decisions were made under heavy influence of McCaulley.

And a lot of other people. It is pretty plain to see that Noem is influenced in every thing she does by outside influence. Whether that is McCaulley, Lewandowski, Trump . . . the loser list goes on and on.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb says Noem handled Covid the worst of any Governor

Hey, Scott, we know. But hey we got Freedom! I’m just not sure what else we have 🙁 FF 9:38