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South Dakota leadership is getting dumber by the day

First, let’s go with Noem’s idiotic statement of the week;

“I was on a call with the White House today with all of the governors talking about the specifics of this package and I was shocked by how much doesn’t go into infrastructure,” Noem said. “It goes into research and development. It goes into housing and pipes and different initiatives, green energy. And it really is not an honest conversation we’re having about what this proposal is.”

In Noem’s mind, she thinks infrastructure is corporate welfare to Canadian oil companies or spending Covid relief money on go kart tracks, hunting lodges and developer bailouts. Her statement kind of reminds me of this clown from Alaska who said, “The Internet is a series of tubes,” the late Sen. Ted Stevens infamously remarked in a 2006 speech on net neutrality. Even Transportation Secretary Pete Beuttigieg made fun of her on the Sunday political shows saying that ‘Yes Governor Noem, pipes are infrastructure.’


Trust me when I heard Paul say this last week, I literally fell out of my chair laughing;

When Dykstra first met TenHaken, he was starting his business ‘Click Rain’ and became the Mayor’s first client. At the time, Dykstra was running for U.S. Senate against then South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson. While the political backgrounds have been prevalent between the two, both say their conversations revolve around life.

After I caught my breath I soon realized that it explained not only Paul’s leadership(?) style but his relationship with the SD GOP and developers in town. As many may or may not know, Dykstra was a frequent target of the blog when he was running against Tim Johnson and got his butt whooped. Joel often appeared in my toons with a bag over his head like the unknown comic, because I called him the unknown candidate.

There was also a rumor swirling around City Hall that Mayor TenHaken was out of the office last week with little explanation. I agree the mayor deserves personal time off, but strangely his Chief of Staff was also gone. Not sure if they took a family vacation together, but my guess is the trip was political in nature. Wonder who was footing the bill this time?

If the trip was political in nature, that should be disclosed to taxpayers. Of course the Hatefest on transparency is alive and well at City Hall, so we may never know.


Believe it or not, I couldn’t really find anything in the agenda that sparked my interest except item #66;


Some have questioned if the city can receive this money, and the answer is yes since the bridge crosses a federally mandated waterway (Corp of Engineers manages the Big Sioux River).

In the Planning Meeting it seems the old track on the School for the Deaf land has found an occupant. Item 2I will provide space for the new Children’s Inn Facility. Surprised it was on the consent agenda. I have heard from people in the neighborhood they have concerns. The item can be pulled if people want to comment.

Spineless South Dakota Legislature will NEVER impeach AG Jason Ravnsborg

I made a risky bet with a friend a few weeks ago, loser has to take the other one out for a night of mayhem in Downtown Sioux Falls. He actually reduced the bet to ‘a couple of drinks’ but not because he thought he would lose.

A couple of days after Noem asked Jason Rumblestrips to resign and the legislature was moving forward with impeachment I bet a Republican friend (I have a few) that it would never happen (resignation or impeachment). I know, I haven’t quite won yet, but the odds are in my favor.

The legislature wants to wait until the trial is done (whatever) and Jason will never resign while this is making it through the court process. In fact it could be 4-12 months before this even sees the inside of a courtroom. His attorney has already said he needs 60 days of discovery and may extend it after that.  I get the itching feeling that Jason, his attorney and the state legislature are just going to run out the clock, or try to. Most people will probably even forget about it in a year, or at least they are hoping.

While I agree with Noem that he should resign, why would he? It’s just misdemeanors at this point and he still has to have his day in court. Why not just hide in your office, milk the clock, and suck on the taxpayer’s teat as long as possible. Besides, even if he finishes his term, which I think he will, he will never be re-elected or even elected to dog catcher ever again. His political career starts and ends with this term. Yeah, it’s pretty disgraceful to not resign, but expected from another gutless South Dakota Republican office holder in Pierre.

Lie, Deny, Deny, Deny. Kristi does it all day long, like her famous one that the family was destitute after her father died because of a $169K estate tax bill they had to pay failing to mention the millions the family received in insurance and farm subsidies (Federal taxpayer funded welfare).

We all know the real reason Kristi is salivating over a JR resignation is because she wants to appoint a Trumper to push her agenda of dismantling abortion and Mary Jane in the state, and probably a whole host of other crap. My advice, sadly to AG Rumblestrips is to ‘Stay Golden Pony Boy’.

As for the legislature, they are even more spineless than Kristi or Jason. They make a bunch of noise about how they are going to impeach him, then once they realize they are breaking the Reagan Rule of destroying your own they chickensh!t out.

I knew they would. BACH! BACH!

While their argument of waiting for his day in court may seem honorable, it’s just a lame excuse. He has already been charged, and the preoccupation alone disqualifies him from performing his job duties. Heck, he can’t even tell us what the state has spent on trying to kill Rec Jane. His own resignation or impeachment would prove he has integrity, even if he is found not guilty – of course the evidence says otherwise. Most common folk in this same scenario would have already admitted that they may have screwed up, but these same folks are also NOT elected officials such as the top law enforcement agent for the state. I sometimes wonder if he knows that. I would ask him to google it, but he would probably do it while driving.

In the real world, most of us probably would have been arrested that night and a blood drawn done. We also probably would have been charged with reckless driving. It is pretty obvious that Jason has gotten mountains of preferential treatment in this whole deal, even when he was too stupid to have a lawyer with him while answering investigator questions, heck I wouldn’t even agreed to a sit down interview, but this is the same guy who doesn’t even have a passcode on his smart phone (hand on head right now). This F’up alone should disqualify him to be AG or even having a law license.

Sadly, no matter how this turns out, a majority of South Dakota voters will continue to elect these same Republican clowns.

Noem’s Trump Support Backlash just beginning

While I think there are more smarts between two drunk squirrels then what’s swirling around in the mostly empty cavity between Kristi’s ears I think she knew if Trump wasn’t elected for a 2nd term (he really wasn’t elected for a 1st term) that things would get pretty dark for her and South Dakota.

Within 60 days of Biden’s term he has already done this;

• Blocked Keystone pipeline (I believe this is permanent.)

• Give millions more to blue states in the newest relief bill (This really is just about math. More people live in these states and and they pay a lot more in Federal taxes. In fact South Dakota has been a federal tax welfare state for decades all under Republican rule.)

• Fireworks cancelled at Mt. Rushmore (this should have never happened to begin with in 2020, it was obviously a Trump campaign rally that endangered public and sacred lands. I knew once Deb Haaland became Interior Secretary, a Native American herself, she would put an end to it.)

I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg and I think if the Democrats put up a strong candidate to run against her you will see money pouring into the state from blue supporters.

The backlash has just begun and I think the Federal funding issues and cancellations are just the beginning of the Biden administration making it very miserable for Noem and frankly the rest of us. I actually think there will be Federal investigations into how the state has conducted business.

Thanks Kristi for dragging the rest of us along for the ride because of your sick obsession with the Orange Menace.

What is Corey Lewandowski prepping Noem for?

A lot of people have been wondering about the political relationship between Corey and Kristi. They were seen on the Trump campaign trail together quite a bit, and recently Corey was at CPAC peddling posters for Kristi. Also, you can see in the top photo what appears to be Corey hunting with Noem on her Ranch? It’s hard to see him, but in one of the takes in the video she says his name, so it could be him or someone else named Corey?

It’s pretty obvious that Kristi’s close relationship with Trump’s former campaign manager (2016) that he is prepping her for something bigger than congress or governor. At least both of them have at least one friend 🙂

Face the Nation calls out Noem on the Sanctity of Life

Margaret nailed Kristi with this, “I know you are conservative and you care about the sanctity of life, so how can you justify making decisions that put the health of your constituents at risk?” Noem’s response was to ask other governors that question, even though Margaret reminded her several times that she was asking Noem the question, right now, since she was on the show (that’s kind of how interviews work).

We know the real answer to that question, Conservatives only care about you before you are born, once you are out, you are on your own.

Noem’s lies at CPAC

Well, we all know that politicians like to fib a little to make themselves look good, it doesn’t matter what stripe they are from. But Noem really stretches the truth during her speech at CPAC today. Here are some highlights;

• She said South Dakota was the only state not to order businesses or churches to close or people wear masks. While there was NO directive from her office, cities across the state passed mandates on masks and businesses, and ironically those communities saw their cases drop.

• She said she didn’t define what an essential business is. But the CDC and Feds did, and so did several cities in South Dakota.

• She talked about keeping the schools open. While this is true, it had little to do with keeping them in the classroom it had to do with the lousy broadband and internet access across the state. Kudos to Mayor TenHaken for making this a recent priority in Sioux Falls. Once again local government has to step up to make up for her lack of leadership.

• She also took a dig at Dr. Fauci about how he was wrong about hospital capacity and how South Dakota managed it well. Quite the opposite, while we dodged a bullet, the major hospitals in the state had to transport patients out of state because of capacity issues, some dying later and many nursing homes became covid death camps. In fact one of the reasons South Dakota ranks 7th in the nation for deaths is because of the elderly deaths at nursing homes.

• She claims the media lied about how bad it got with Covid in the state. Remember because of the Smithfield outbreak due to the lack of the SD Department of Health, the Sioux Falls Department of Health and at first the CDC not mandating safe working procedures it was the number one hotspot in the nation. I also think if that outbreak didn’t happen, our Covid numbers probably would have been manageable. Her and Mayor Stoneless did eventually blame it on poor hygiene of immigrants. Noem seems to think the best way to achieve Liberty and Freedom is by doing nothing.

• She claims that our economy in South Dakota is booming. Sure, if you are rich. Instead giving the Federal Covid money to individuals or other Covid prevention and healthcare (like public vaccination sites), she handed it out to businesses, like CBD stores and Go-Kart tracks. Over 70% of South Dakotans make under a living wage and of that 70% many are living in poverty. State Government in South Dakota is booming because the Feds bailed out the state and she handed the money over to business owners that have NO intention of trickling it down to their employees. South Dakota has one of the highest number of working moms and people with more than one job.

• She continues to push the big lie about all the freedom and RIGHTS we have in South Dakota, yet Noem won’t tell us how she spends our money on things like security and plane trips, her and the legislature continue to try to overturn the will of the voters when it comes to the initiative process or the right to have an abortion, she has dismantled regulation that would keep our waterways safe from CAFO’s and runoff, we also have very few worker rights or proper safety regulation and when she had an opportunity to extend special unemployment benefits to South Dakotans she said ‘No Thank You’. As I told someone the other day, we have so much FREEDOM in South Dakota, it may just kill us.

• She also says the only way to change things in this country is by electing conservative leaders. As I pointed out before the November election, we tried a Republican Senate and President the last four years and NOTHING was accomplished, except more division, chaos, racism and a crumbling healthcare system. If this is your idea of great leadership from conservatives you really need to see a shrink. More of the same isn’t the answer, I think almost 80 million voters sent that clear message.

• She finishes by telling her famous BS story about how she took over the family business and turned it around. She never finishes the story by telling people the millions in farm subsidies she has received from you and me, the taxpayers.

Kristi may fart some lines at this get together about the greatness of conservatism, but secretly she is one of the biggest socialists in the Republican Party never missing an opportunity to handout taxpayer funded welfare to herself and her big business supporters in the state while keeping the rest of us in the gutter.

Governor Noem’s Hypocrisy is Astounding

The Radical Right Wing Fascist Authoritarian Republican’t party is alive and well in the governor’s office in Pierre. In true Trumpian style ‘Do as I say, not as I do, and when caught, lie, lie, lie.’ Noem has learned well from her mentor in releasing the videos of Ravnsborg and now a judge says No way Jose. I kind of wondered how they could be released before his hearing?

While Noem is correct Ravnsborg should resign (for multiple reasons, mostly because he is dumber than spit) I find it ironic how she enjoys throwing rocks at her glass house. Noem has refused to give TRANSPARENCY on her security costs and air travel while stumping for one of the worst modern presidents (besides Reagan) in the history of our nation. She continues to lie about her Covid response (7th highest state death rate in the nation), lie about how many actual jobs would be produced by a pipeline that hasn’t even been built yet (or ever will be), blames the Covid outbreak at Smithfield on dirty immigrants and cries about fireworks (I’m sure if Haaland is confirmed she will put a stop to that on sacred native land) and continues to overturn the will of the voters over recreational marijuana. To call her a raging hypocrite would be a monumental understatement.

She says Jason should have ‘integrity’ and face the highest level of scrutiny and transparency when it comes to his accident. Yeah, Kristi, he should, BUT SO SHOULD YOU! I think it is pretty obvious your jet setting all over the country because you dream of being Trump’s Palin in 2024 was questionably legal.

Noem has continued the divisiveness of the past 4 years and has made it worse by covering up her own indiscretions with the same old tired lies about the fictional sect they call the ‘Radical Left’. The only radical that exists lives in the Governor’s mansion and she gets nuttier by the day, I’m expecting her to turn into a jar of peanut butter here pretty soon.

Noem enjoys the Ravnsborg distraction, because if you believe the gossip hounds in Pierre, Noem may have a lot of explaining to do about her Trump Travels that have very little to do with campaign stops, airplane trips and security expenses. I take most of these rumors with a grain of salt that have been circulating for months, but if even half of them are true, Noem may be secretly hoping all of her constitutional officers were web surfing while driving in the ditch, because she is going to need one Hell of a distraction to splain this one away.

Our Fascist Governor supports Corporate Socialism

Last night at the Sioux Falls City Council Meeting when the Development Foundation was pushing the biggest boondoggle ever pulled on the taxpayers of Sioux Falls in the history of our city, State GOED director Steve Westra came to testify that the Governor was in support of the $94 million dollar TIF for Foundation Park.

I didn’t think of it until after I testified (FF: 49:00), but I found it ironic that Noem would complain about Communism and Socialism in Georgia yet support blatant corporate socialism for possible foreign communist investors.

The hypocrisy never ends with these folks.

I also made funny about the Municipal Band reach around (FF: 11:40).

Here we go again with the state airplane

‘I don’t know anyone who has gotten smarter from smoking pot.’ Noem

That may be true, but they may have become more enlightened.