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SD’s chief teabagger, Howie, comes to the realization that ‘taxpayers’ are the actual people who pay ‘taxes’


I still laugh in amazement that this dill weed is running for governor;

By 2012, the state would gain an extra $54 million a year in revenue from the gas tax and excise tax on vehicle sales, while local governments would get an additional $30 million a year from the boost in registration fees.

The main opposition to the measure at Wednesday’s hearing came from Sen. Gordon Howie, R-Rapid City, a committee member who is running for governor.

“This $84 million will come straight out of the pockets of the taxpayers of this state,” Howie said.

Get outta here! You mean taxpayers pay taxes! Where did you hear such nonsense Gordo? At a tea party?

Sen. Mike Vehle, chairman of the committee, said the measure is needed to prevent South Dakota’s roads from deteriorating. He said the taxes and fees are really user fees imposed on those who use the roads.

“If you don’t want to use the roads, you don’t have to pay the fee,” Vehle said.

Exactly. While I think this is a horrible time to raise taxes I do think the gas tax, excise tax and registration fee increases are the best ways to pay for roads. Tax the people who are using the roads. Maybe Howie has a better idea? Maybe we should increase taxes on food, cut education spending in half and use that money on roads?

A gas tax makes sense if it is spent wisely

Though I am not big on raising taxes, gas taxes are the best way to pay for roads. Typically larger vehicles use more gas and cause more wear and tear to the roads, it is a tax that makes sense;

Some lawmakers think raising the tax on gas by three cents a gallon could be the solution for saving South Dakota’s roads.

There is also an effort to raise licensing fees, which I support, I think they are pretty low in South Dakota. What I don’t support is the inequality in that proposal;

The bill will also raise licensing fees for vehicles by ten dollars, and registration fees for recreational vehicles and trailers by five dollars.

If anything I think it should be $20 for recreational vehicles instead of $5. Why charge more on necessary vehicles then on luxury vehicles? Once again catering to the rich instead of the working class.

One thing we have to watch closely though is making sure this money goes towards roads and roads only. The state has a habit of saying one thing when it comes to tax dollars and doing another (Video Lottery and education funding for example). Sioux Falls pulls this crap to. The 2nd penny is supposed to be used for roads but instead the city throws it into the CIP, spending it on everything from rock and wood thingies at McKennan Park to historically correct windows on the Pavilion. If the state would spend the gas and licensing fee taxes the way it is intended we would be driving on streets and highways of gold.