“It’s okay for me to slam other politicians and bloggers while being a puppet for John Lauck, but boy, if someone does it too me, I’ll cry like a baby and block them from my site.”

Pat Powers has blocked me from commenting on his site. Maybe it was because I used a real name that was linked to my site instead of being another anon#2011.

I guess Pitty Pat is trying to clean up his act since he is running his twin brother’s campaign now. Good luck with that Pat. Your right wing ranting past will come to bite you in the ass. I remember another blogger who tried to work for a governor’s campaign. Why don’t you call him up and ask him how that turned out. He didn’t quite make it to the finish line, last I remembered.

Hypocrisy and the SD GOP, a tradition they can be proud of.

By l3wis

7 thoughts on “I joined the Bob Newland club”
  1. I am always a little interested in anyone who is even remotely connected to a lowlife like john lauck. What is the connection?

  2. Oh, I just call Lauck Pat’s hero. Because Lauck ‘posed’ as a blogger while getting paid not only by Thune, but by the state of SD because he was blogging at SDSU when he was supposed to be working as a professor. PP does the same thing, slams other SD GOP governor candidates on his ‘blog’ before announcing he is working for Munsterman. They are all hypocrital weasels.

  3. Lauck has always been a weasel. First time I heard of him, he and former KSFY crack reporter Shelley Keohane were playing McMillan and Wife with a fabricated voter fraud story. The guys a loser and once the story came to light he found no problem with throwing his live-in, Keohane, under the bus.

  4. A question that came up with the late Clean Cut Kid: Lauck was blogging for and getting paid by Thune while on SDSU time and, it seems, their offices. Did he lose his professor’s job because of that? It came up but was never specifically answered.

  5. I don’t think he’s at the college anymore. Rumor has it he’s livin off the royalties of his book “Daschle v Thune”.

    Amazon.com Sales Rank: #966,164 in Books. Hope he has a huge trustfund. God knows he’ll need it if writing is his profession.

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