6 Thoughts on “Dr. Cheese Curds to run against the Blue Dog Princess

  1. redhatterb on October 1, 2009 at 6:38 pm said:

    Maybe he is so sure he will win and that is why his house is up for sale. I am disappointed in his attitude, he seems to be a good doctor from the dealings I have had with him and he did successful hand surgery on my daughter in the spring of 2007. I was impressed a year later when I went to him for a broken arm and he still remembered my daughter by name. However, my impression of him is his bedside manner stinks. My older daughter wasn’t real impressed with him either, she was going with to my appointments so that she would know what was going on with the healing of my arm. He would carry on converstations with the daughter that had the hand surgery. He just didn’t seem real caring about my situation, he would come in with the new x-rays put them up to the light and look at them, then say it looked like I was coming along OK and that would be it.


  3. 3 months, or whatever it is, in Pierre and he is ready for the big House in DC. From what I have read he just wants to pass a bill for doctors to own hospitals. Believe that means more $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for him and a bigger castle. His is still for sale $2.8 million, for you today.

  4. It blows me away how and why gubermint haters want to be part of the gubermint. Then they predictably do a lousy job when they are the gubermint.

  5. I’m better with sending a rich guy to DC any day of the week.

    At least they won’t be like Daschle and use every possible chip they acquire to enrich themselves.

    True fact: That house up in Riverview used to be a brothel way back when.

  6. I see he’s grandstanding as usual trying to act conservative spreading more lies about terrorists and Al-CIA’da.
    Well he’s also good at something else – takling away liberties. Total anti-constitution. Don’t forget he read a script to aid in the bill to make midwifing a crime in South Dak. Doesnt want competition with the hospitals but would love your child to take the mercury vaccines.

    I doubt he’s ever read the constitution as I don’t hear him saying much if anything on monetary policy.

    Let’s get someone in there who campaigns to defend our rights and liberties not grandstanding with more foolish ideas on what the gov’t monster should do to administer synthetic healthcare. Hey Blake how about get rid of the GMO crops, Rumsfield’s Aspartame and MSG in the food so IQ’s go back up and we don’t have to suck down your synthetic drug monopoly healthcare ideas.. How about natural care and laws to protect the food supply bonehead.

    How about a holistic Dr. Or heck – where’s Dr. Ben Rall? That’s one doctor worthy of congress.

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