Apparently the Yankton mayor couldn’t make it.

It’s not like he casually going to be at this event on a Saturday afternoon. He is taking time away from his job as our Mayor of Sioux Falls to drive to Yankton on a Wednesday to celebrate the opening of a new business in another community.

Makes you wonder if he will also announce a run at this event?

10 Thoughts on “Why is Sioux Falls Mayor Huether celebrating a groundbreaking in Yankton?

  1. who will pay for the press bus? the tax payers of yankton or sioux falls?

  2. We will be paying dearly for the next 50 years for the decisions of mayor business acumen.

  3. He needs name recognition when he runs for Gov. or King.

  4. Answer to the question in the headline: I’m going with hometown pride.
    Answer to last question in your post: No.

  5. In other news, it seems Mike’s stepfather passed away last Tuesday. With all his talk of death and smoking, he doesn’t tell anyone his stepfather died. In fact, he is so broken up about it, he is doing a groundbreaking ceremony a day before his memorial service in Yankton.

    Could you imagine that conversation with his mom. “Yes, Michael, we are having Earl’s memorial service on Thursday night. If you could come up the day before and spend the night, that would be great.” “Mom, let me check my schedule . . . hey, you know what, that will work out great, I can make a campaign stop at a million cups on Wednesday, so that will work out great.”

  6. I would also like to be a fly on the wall at this service, I guess the Huether siblings are not exactly the tightest bunch . . .

  7. The D@ily Spin on January 11, 2017 at 10:03 am said:

    L Ron Huether can go to Yankton. Please stay. Not much damage left to do here. Give us your final year to start a healing process. Persuade your ‘Three Stooges’ councilors cult to join you.

  8. The Don on January 11, 2017 at 4:57 pm said:

    Not cool to reference the stepfather passing, much less your “analysis” of it. Good grief have some some class.

  9. Don, you are right, just as classy as the mayor referencing the death of his biological father in a press conference to shame the councilors for not passing a smoking ban, or council chair Rolfing referencing his dead son in a council meeting justifying why people should take off hats.

  10. Possum Jenkins on January 12, 2017 at 1:59 am said:

    parently his dad is not too good lives down there?
    hapnd to be walkin by the radio keeps my cats company
    thet creepy crawly mmm was on WNAX

    heard him spew “aye me old stompin grounds ” lucky no coffee in mouth lots of self-rahrahing.Keep buildin dumb stuff you ninny.
    You didn’t build that I MMM and MY TEAM did.
    PARADE OF WEAK HAS BEENs entertainment
    I wonder when foghat et al play yer EC or have they?
    How many times has the king of the world said the words
    Paul Mc Cartney?The world may never know.
    I would goolg the results of instances but I don’t

    peace OBG

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