That was nice of Mr. Eastwood to make it to little old South Dakota to announce such a big deal, Sanford putting his name on another building.

By l3wis

5 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood announces DSU donation”
  1. got them cataract extreme uv glasses
    was he trying to see the eclipse?

    its a terrible thing to lose one of your g-given senses
    i feel lucky punks
    hella storm out here in hutchinson
    basement will be flooding in 3,…2,…1,…

    glurble blurble glurble

    iaal obg

  2. what an asshole- giving away his money like he does; how come you never rag on dining places with high prices- I can’t afford to eat there so those prices should be lower; oh that’s right that’s how you make your living

  3. Matt, I like you commenting here, but I think sometimes you mis-read my sense of humor. The post was about how Daugaard looks like Clint Eastwood by being the only person at the event wearing sunglasses. I joked with someone, “Maybe he thought the eclipse was on Sunday and didn’t want to take any chances.” Sanford gives lots of money and puts his name on lots of buildings. That’s not a dig, just a fact. BTW, haven’t waited on tables in over a year and a half.

  4. But it seems that all of your “humor” is directed towards the same people you are criticizing much of the time- pretty hard to tell when it is “humor” or when it is real criticism

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