While I’m wouldn’t call Noem ‘stupid’ I would say she is extremely ‘ignorant’ when it comes to hemp. She keeps getting hung up on the fact that if we legalize hemp in our state farmers will start growing it’s cousin pot.

It is a ludicrous notion on many levels;

• Most SD farmers wouldn’t even know how to grow pot, and the conditions wouldn’t be right anyway. Most recreational pot, at least the good stuff, is grown under highly controlled conditions. This includes greenhouses, air circulation, hydroponics, heat lamps, etc. Growing hemp requires farmers to essentially plant it, and harvest it, that’s about as complicated as it gets. I compare it to Alfalfa.

• Most SD farmers wouldn’t risk losing their farms over illegally growing pot in a hemp field. Sometimes farmers get accused of being stupid, but I don’t think they are dumb enough to risk losing the family farm over a pot infraction. That, and it is almost impossible to hide pot in a hemp field. Industrial hemp would most likely take over the illegal one, and you don’t want cross breeding going on between crops. In other words what’s good for hemp isn’t good for pot, and vice versa.

• 40,000+ products can be made from Hemp. Even if you take out the controversial ones like CBD oils, there are numerous other industrial applications. Our little inconvenience of a handful of podunk cops having to test the crops outweighs the economic impact of this product. This just isn’t about farmers, this is about manufacturing and jobs, in which ironically we will be losing to 47 other states who have figured out this is OK. Once again, SD leaders ‘choose’ to be last.

• Hemp helped to build this nation. Before fabrics and paper were made from cotton and wood pulp, hemp was the main crop used to make these things, I think all the way up until WW2. We have historical precedence when it comes to Hemp. It is harmless and beneficial at the same time.

I think I will change what I said about Noem in the first sentence. When it comes to hemp, she is dumber then a fence post.

Heck even Kentucky is enjoying the benefits of Hemp to the economy;

7 Thoughts on “Noem thinks she is smarter then 47 other states and the Feds

  1. anominous on September 10, 2019 at 12:25 pm said:

    who is gonna have to pick up Kristi’s morning “un-constitutionals”?

    i say Jolene ought to run for governor.

  2. A hempless state on September 10, 2019 at 1:08 pm said:

    I loved the “trucker hat” she wore to the South Dakota Veterans Cemetery dedication. That was real sporty of her. Just think, that hat “could” have been made from South Dakota hemp, too….. #HemplessGovernor

    – “Hun, I have to go to this cemetery dedication in Sioux Falls today, which of these trucker hats should I wear to it?” –

    ( – and Woodstock wonders: “Maybe she has a bald spot, she’s covering-up?”)

  3. D@ily Spin on September 10, 2019 at 1:43 pm said:

    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp. Hemp is a good for crop rotation. The root decay restores vital soil nutrients for other crops. ‘Mary Jane’ Noem still believes Dorian will hit Alabama and she can buy Greenland.

  4. I heard she had to wear the Trucker Hat because she wasn’t able to squeeze in her ‘private’ salon appointment before the ribbon cutting.

  5. The night before the ceremony she was wearing the same hat and jacket on a flight back to Sioux Falls from out of state.

  6. Live from a Pierre studio: "It's 'Afterhours'".... on September 10, 2019 at 3:10 pm said:

    Yah, it’s too bad she couldn’t attend a dedication during “afterhours.”

    But usually a dedication during “afterhours” involves mary jane, an impromptu interest, and an audience which will laugh at anything.

    As far as “‘Mary Jane’ Noem,” well, that sounds more like a political casualty or victim fitting for a cemetery, if you ask me.

    If she believes that Dorian was headed for Alabama, then don’t tell her that it actually headed for Canada, because we don’t want her hooking up with Frankie MacDonald and then heading to Greenland for some virgin political territory…… (“…Should we keep our hats on?….”)

  7. A hempless state on September 10, 2019 at 3:50 pm said:

    Does she fly commercial? Has no one told her that the Governor gets a plane?……( – “I don’t want a mansion or a plane”…. “All I need is Castlewood and my mary jane”….. “Uh, Mary Jane, take these notes down, won’t you?”)

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