Okay, that’s the political junkie-farter in me. Palin won on the folksy “I’m one of you” bullshit. He really shook her up a couple times – but she held her own against a giant like Joe. You have to remember, Joe wrote the violence against women act and Sarah charged rape victims for their rape kits when she was mayor of Wasilly. Big difference on women’s rights. Remember she thinks homosexuality is a choice- something that the scientific community has proven differently over the past two decades.

I think where Joe smashed her was on the role of the VP and how Cheney has been a complete Dick about abusing his powers. Joe really showed he knows the US Constituion and Palin doesn’t have an ounce of respect for that document – not good if you want to run the country. Ben Franklin is puking right now.

Of course the Republicans will say she is the bomb that ‘ramped it up’. She is the Schmaverick!

Sorry hillibillies but I want my President and VP to be smarter then me.

By l3wis

8 thoughts on “Joe Biden Kicked Ass and took names”
  1. It awesome that the Schmaverick wants the vp to have MORE power than Cheney.

    does that mean when her and that old wrinkly dude win, she will come to our fine state with her guns and shot our state bird?

    pack up the babies and grab the old ladies,
    betcha the gov’nrs hunts gonna be a blast!

  2. That woman thinks that Cheney’s worst mistake was the hunting accident? She’s ready to assume and expand more power in the VP role? Makes perfect sense for an overly confident broadcaster of other’s talking points kind of person. There’s safety when your voice is the agenda of big oil, of liars, and fellow abusers of power. Void of any real integrity, buffalo your way with some winks at America while deciding you are above the rules.

    If this is her interview, why would we want to hire someone who clearly sees herself above really following the job description written by the forefathers before her? Why should we trust her at all?

    Gah! Wake up Red States and Independent voters. This is Cheney on steroids and in heels … with a more irritating voice.

  3. Palin, time and time again, choose not to answer the questions, but launch into some preprepared talking points. You can get away with that a couple of times but she went to that well to many times. You can’t win if you can’t answer the questions.

  4. But Johnny… she has a kid with disabilities. That alone makes her qualified. She said it last night. Her family is diverse (who cares). She took on big oil (misrepresentation). She lowered taxes (uh… yeah)She helped bring about the biggest infrastructure project in American history with the natural gas pipeline (pipes NG to the dirtiest oil refineries in the world). And she winked at me…. so LEAVE HER ALONE!

  5. she’s a classless bitch who acted ‘folksy’ by wanting to call biden joe in the beginning, but when he talked about losing his wife and being a single dad she showed her true colors by jumping on the ‘i’ll just talk about how great my maverick is’ bullshit.

  6. She’s a Heckava Schmaverick that is ramped up, you betcha she’ll get things done in Washington.

    I love how the only expectation from the McCain camp of her was to survive. Man, they are really in the toilet.

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