Do something that actually helps the children of our state.

I would like to congratulate Kevin Killer, Martha Vanderlinde and Scott Heidepriem on their victories last night. They all are good people and will represent our state well. Kevin and Martha are very progressive minded people, and they will bring a fresh and LIBERAL perspective to the State Legislature, which we desperately need.

I would also like to thank all the people who voted NO on 11. It was an unconstitional, intrusive law. The morality police need to let this one drop. If they are concerned about children, I suggest they ADOPT a lower income family in this state and buy their groceries for a year or help serve food at the Banquet. Do something to actually help the disadvantaged kids that already born and alive in our state.

I think about all the good that $3 million dollars spent on both campaigns could have done for  the hungry children in our state, and just makes me shake my head.

I propose two new initiatives for the next election cycle.

1)      Eliminate the food tax (something that actually does more good for ALL the children of the state)

2)      Ban the Unruhs from the legislative/initiative process, or better yet, from the state (and take Janklow with you).


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#1 him on 11.05.08 at 10:50 am

I still can’t believe that Kirschman got a few more votes then Vanderlinde after she worked him in the primary. I got two calls and two postcards for Vanderlinde in the primary in contrast to the one postcard I got from Kirschman. In the election I got one postcard from Vanderlinde and nothing from Kirschman though I heard he did do mailing. What changed? Did Kirschman knock on more doors? Either way I’m happy for both of them and good for Kevin Killer and Scott Heidepriem too.